[Infotech 2018] La foire Pailles, monter, monter!!!

With thousands of visitors going to SVICC every year, Infotech was the annual rendez vous for technology enthusiasts who were looking forward to have some hands-on demo of latest technologies and discover latest trends in ICT. However, since several years now, the event is more comparable to the other "Indian Expo Fair" or "Salon de la maison" type of events.

Live from Infotech 2013

First of all, let me excuse myself for being in Infotech 2013 right now. I can't stop blaming myself but I had nothing better (or worst to do) since nothing has been planned (not yet at least) for my day off today.

So, here is Infotech 2013 in some pictures and words.

infotech 2007, ur expectations?

Since some years, Infotech Exhibitions has become part of our 'culture', if we can say it as such. Every year, thousand of mauritians make a must to visit THE infotech, which is supposed to be a window over our future cyber world, where we are already lagging behind by one or two decades. It is... Continue Reading →

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