Can Anerood be driven back to the post of PM?

Since the past weeks, the President of the Republic of Mauritius, Anerood Jugnauth has been showing signs which are differently interpreted by the population and political observers.

While some are pretty sure that he will step into the political arena again, others are rather pessimist about his participation in the next elections because of his advanced age. On top of that, many observers are against the fact that as a President, the latter is showing off his political colors and openly criticizing institutions of the country. To remind you, Aneerood has been lately in the news since the controversial 144 millions of the MedPoint case.

To end this post, on a rather humorous note:
[Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely intentional]

Some time back, Navin, Harish and Aneerood met in a restaurant in Paris. The waiter politely asks Navin what he would like to order. Navin : “Donnez moi un thé à la menthe svp”.

In a sweet voice, Harish said : “Et pour moi, ca va être un thé noir.  Merci. ”

Aneerood was pretty amazed by the spoken french of the 2 guys. He took a deep breath, and said in a pretty bad french accent:  “Donnez moi un thé avec dilait zinzam”.

The waiter frowned and replied back: “Un thé quoi?”.
Anerood : “Ena Tekoi? Met 2 pu moi!”

Coming back to today’s topic, do you think that former leader of the MSM, Anerood can be driven back to the PM’s seat again?


13 thoughts on “Can Anerood be driven back to the post of PM?

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  1. I believe Sir Aneerood should gracefully retire, I cannot imagine he would come back into the arena. The time has come for house cleaning and a fresh start. There are others waiting to step into the shoes!


    1. “There are others waiting to step into the shoes!”

      NOT Like me.

      I spit in their lousy, corrupt – shoes.

      I, Dictator Patriot Leader of Dodoland, have a new game to propose:

      – NO political alliances/joint ventures/partnerships/federation/whatsoever allowed
      – NO funding to any ethnic/religious group
      – Compulsory retirement at the end of 2 (consecutive or not) mandates for all elected politicians
      – An economic constitution (a maximum inflation level to protect ALL Mauritians)
      – Abolishing Best Loser System, freedom of and from religion, no obligation to state religious (non) practice
      – Compulsory declaration of family tree and assets and dividend sources when competing for a post in the civil service
      – Compulsory declaration of assets and dividends for all those aiming to become politicians
      – compulsory maintenance budget for all infrastructure/equipment to be purchased by the State
      – All lands to become property of the State (no more this heresy of sugar cane everywhere for contributing less than 1% to GDP, and no more of this folly of squatters having never paid for their land but enjoying life with CanalSat / Parabole Maurice, fully serviced utilities, and a recon’d car in the backyard, etc)
      – demolition of ALL pieds-dans-l’eau structures within 100m from the high sea water mark, same for structures (religious or not) built within 50m of rivers and canals (that’s an old 1873 law, if I may)
      – all major tenders to be according to the two-enveloppe system – technical and financial: only technically compliant offers to be considered (open for public scrutiny if need be) for eventual financial evaluation.
      – Many more to come if you want to join me…
      Do you, beautiful and courageous people of Dodoland, have guts to join me…?


    2. After discussion with some people, here are more things that would be desirable for progress of our dear country:
       – Ayo: mo’nn bliyé principal:minimum 50% fam kom candidat / miniss. Bien bizin, parksi pa plier ki ena plis ki 50% madam dan ha pays-la.
       – maternity leave abolished: parenthood (because it gives flexibility to either parents to take care of the child, like in really developed countries) leave of minimum 1 year (full pay), optional 2 years (70% of salary on second year).
       – compulsory civic education: you can’t have adolescents / young adults having the right to enjoy sexual relationships but ignoring the responsibility that accompanies the fact of being a grown-up – how to care for a baby/child, for elders, and for society at large.


  2. politically he is good nobody can deny that..what he can do is to guide young people n show them the way to success in MRU..yeah he did pave the way for the people running the country but u know n saw the consequences..agree!! default6596 {“method”:”validate”,”params”:[],”id”:1,”jsonrpc”:”2.0″}


  3. “do you think that former leader of the MSM, Anerood can be driven back to the PM’s seat again”

    Non, pena problem la-dans.

    Parski samem dimounn ti dir ‘moralite pa ranpli vantt’, ‘pou sott la-langg / le-dwa /sipaki’ ziss score political goals.

    Alorss, pa expect grand-grand prinsip ar bann ego surdimensionne.

    Tou – absoluman tou – parti politik ki’nn siez dans parleman inn fini roul dan sa la-farinn korompi-la, ek bann cinema-porno ki pe ferr zordi-zour (re-aval la-krass ki ti pou enn batiara ki zordi-zour inn vinn grand-frerr, ferr lalianss partou-koter tou positions imazinab, etc) pou re-peter tank-ki Dodoland contign vott zott.

    Solution? Vott moi.


  4. i do not fink so..his time is so gone..astr ena nuvo generation.personally i do not even knw of his y wud i vote 4 him?? 


  5. I’m not normally interested in politics. It’s too boring, soap-opera-ish in Mauritius. But here’s what I think:

    Occupy Place D’armes XD

    Enough said. We need new leaders. New ideas. And new guts.


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