Guess where? (November 2011)

Welcome back 🙂

I have pulled 2 more pictures for you to play a bit around. The first one has been online since some weeks on my flickr and photoblog too. No one has been able to guess it yet, so let’s see if we have at least one good answer here. As for the second one, I am pretty sure loads of you will answer correctly.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Answers will be published on Saturday 19th November 2011. Till then, please follow the few rules I have set for this monthly game :

  • Do not post answers on Facebook/Twitter/Google+
  • Answers whether good or wrong WILL NOT be published and will be viewable only when results will be proclaimed.
  • If you have any other comments/questions, do post them in a separate comment (without any answers).

Good luck!

Update (19th November 2011) :

Quite dissapointing performance this time. No winners  for both pictures. Without losing any time, let’s discover where the pictures have been shot :

Picture 1 :

The long posted picture has been shot at the Terre Rouge Bird Sanctuary (found just besides the port area, Roches Bois).  Not at Pailles as most of you answered. Google Map Link

Picture 2

The second one was shot in the South, at Pointe d’Esny. Just a few hundred meters away from Ile Aux Aigrettes. I though that this one was easier but many said Mahebourg. Wrong. Google Map Link

List of winners :

Both Pictures : NONE!
Picture 1 :

  • Priya (Answered on Photoblog some time back)
    Only winner here. Congrats Priya!
Picture 2 :
  • None
Only answers given on blog have been validated. Mails or Facebook comments have been disgarded.
Better luck next time dear readers!
Bon weekend!

7 thoughts on “Guess where? (November 2011)

Add yours

      1. non au contraire mo kontant koner et vraimeme mo envie ale la-bas ( the first comment was a joke as you notice there is a :- D there ) by the way do you have some pics of grand bassin ??


  1. pu premier foto la, i think its in pailles or camp chapelon akoz guet dan background la, ena ring road ki p aranzere…

    e 2eme foto la, bein sa bzn kit lotel parla sa,,, mo bien pa pu kv dir toi kot sa, akoz mo pa kv frekent sa ban lotel ki toi to frekenter la sa hahahaha


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