Got drunk? Now, the worst part : The hangover!

It felt so good to be partying with friends last night, isn’t it? Beers, Vodca, Tekilla, Whisky, Rum, Sambucca. Just name it. You tasted most of them, one after the another, without worrying about the consequences. The essential part was to have fun.

But now that the everything is over, you miraculously reached home safe and sound (How? That will remain a mystery), the worst part is yet to come : the after-effects of the party.

The Hangover! The heavy abuse of alcoholic drinks lead yourself to a pitiful state : nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, thirst among others. Vomiting becomes like hell and while going through it, you will always say the same thing : “I will not ever drink this much!”.

Gosh. Why damn did I drink so much? What was the need to ignore my limits? Why did I have a shot of everything available? Why did I start drinking with an empty stomach?

These are some of the questions that you will be asking yourselves.

Let me tell you that there is no miraculous remedy to hangovers. Plenty of water/juice, fresh air and some long hours of sleep should help you to get over it. Don’t forget to take a light meal including some fruits. I usually feel much better after consuming “la mousse noir” (Grass Jelly). The honey helps a lot.

The best cure for hangover is prevention. Stay away from alcohol, drink moderately and responsibly, eat well and do not drive when drunk.

Anyone wants to share their own ‘cure’ for hangovers?

And no, I am not drunk right now. Bon weekend!

5 thoughts on “Got drunk? Now, the worst part : The hangover!

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  1. Drink under your limit…
    If u have a hangover and headache, first thing
    U need to stop the headache…
    How? Water?not plenty of them coz alcohol has taken his place in ur system n ur stomach will reject it causing neusea..!best to take before going to bed
    Best is to drink one or two glass of syrup, really sweet
    Add sugar if needed.this will cause a rush of sugar in ur body
    N will stop ur headache.,take stomach relief pills, then eat food with loads of carbohydrate to absorb alcohol…best if eaten before u start drinking like 2 cheese burger n fries..

    It always worked for me n my mates… But no more coz i stop drinking! Lol
    Happy hangover!


  2. hangover: slow intake of – but plenty – water, rest, fresh air, food that are light with low/no-fat content

    hot soup, sugar will make you feel better but will not eliminate alcohol.

    oh, and there’s no magical way to burn the alcohol, you should give your body time to process everything and eliminate it 🙂

    if your hangover is lasting for more than a day, then you should be a little worried about your initial alcohol intake and not hurt yourself that much


  3. Here,I am going to give you 2 remedy.
    1.Wake up an hour early..Yeah I know it sounds difficult,but believe me,it’s easier than you think..Drink about half litre of water,visit the toilet and go back to sleep.
    2.If the above was not possible,when you wake up,have some food..Then get a lemon,cut it in half..Tap salt and pepper on one half..Then just chew on it.Don’t do this on empty stomach,it will cause acidity.


  4. @Yashvin: “… vodka, tequilla…”
    Hungover people:

    Best remedy: prevention is better than cure, so, first and best is to avoid drinking near to / beyond your limit. If you’re getting drunk because of peer pressure, you need to opt out more often, because these friends are getting toxic for your health. If you drink alone, ahem, you’re on highway to ‘deleryom’ my friend, time to quit, seriously.

    Second best: never, ever, ever, mix drink types. If you start with beer, end with beer. If you start with wine, end with wine, even if it means taking only one glass (remember, prevention is better than cure)

    Otherwise, on the prevention of side-effects: reduce the rate of absorption of alcohol by:
     – never ever drink while tired and/or hungry: always on a full stomach – eat well, preferably very fatty so as to ‘coat’ your digestive tract and reduce the speed at which the alcohol gets absorbed.
     – Then, take your drink ice-cold: causes inner digestive tract blood vessels to constrict, further reducing rate of absorption.
    – If you are on a long drinking spree, prefer strong ice-cold shots over long dilute beverages like wine, beer etc… that tend to warm up over time (which will cause the alcohol to be absorbed quicker than you think)
     – Every 20mins, stop drinking, take 2-3 glasses of water and down them. Wait to empty your bladder, then come back to continue: you are training your kidneys to eliminate alcohol fast.

    If ever you really have to sleep with alcohol, then when you wake up, try to have some antacid pills / gel ready: you’ll need them first thing before anything else. Drink plenty of water, vegetable juice or soup, as long as it contains vitamins and minerals to help restore what the alcohol has burnt out in your liver and reserves.

    You should be OK by noon if you stick to that re-hydration cycle. Else, I wish  you lots of fun shouting  in the WC pan the promise that you’ll never be caught drinking again… 🙂

    Ah, I almost forgot: never ever down that “last one for the road@749a5701342cc261a6a48446c67b7054:disqus  – it’s the one that you’ll always regret.



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