Garde carem zis pou casse li apres

Hello dear readers.

Wonderful Friday, isnt it?

The end of fasting periods is very often a much awaited period for SOME people. Do you know how many people eagerly wait for the end of the fasts? Many among them actually celebrate the ending of this fasting period “en grande pompe”, as we say in french.

Family gatherings, picnics and sometimes parties are scheduled after this period.  Some among you might deny it, but it is the truth for SOME percentage of the population. btw, did you notice how much emphasis I have put on the word “some” above?

As for me, it might perhaps be the “Friday-fish” day or just a beer somewhere.

Anyway, hope that all of you have a good time. Take care!

18 thoughts on “Garde carem zis pou casse li apres

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  1. Funny thing is that “most” people fast in the name of god/religion/whatever but are eager to break the fast and still manage to talk ill of others or do evil deeds during their fasting…
    makes me smile each time when you ask someone to eat non-veg and get the usual “non mo carem zordi” but when you listen to them talking..viper’s tongue is better in comparison…
    I have a simple question though (not meant to hurt anyone’s feeling)…if you (3rd person, not anyone in particular) are so keen to fast and treat it religiously in the name of god (or your own belief) and not eat meat or something which had life and had to be killed to be eaten…why do it for a certain period of the year and not the whole year? Does it mean you respect god only for this timeframe of the year?

    Personally I would rather not fast but come clean than the opposite…and no I don’t fast 😉


  2. Wonderful Friday, especially for you guys at work which could be termed as “Wind Down Friday”. That photo of the fish dish looks very appetizing. If you have one too many beers at casse-carême time or stuff yourself like the perivial Phacochoerus africanus, (ok the warthog for the uninitiated), then what was the point of carem in the first place? Oh well enough philosophy, I will have another beer.


  3. Fasting is one of those things religious people will do without really thinking why they do it; its just that someone told them they had to do it or else. Not eating meat for health reasons i perfectly understand, but doing it to please an invisible omniscient space god, i find a bit shamanic to say the least.


  4. hi everyone..well am talking to those who cnt understand y 1 should fast..first of ol lt me ask you a simple question…have u ever go through a ramayana a bible or a kuran or any holy book?if no zn plz do it b4 further comments….in all zes books,the only purpose of a fast is to purify our body…itsnt to please GOD…being a scientist,i can prove you zt ol zes ‘dead bodies’ we put in our mouth r quite ‘dangerous’….vegetables r better that these meats..zts y during fasting,it is encouraged to feed on green vegetables,fruits only..this help to detox the body,to purify the body hence enhancing our energy,just like doing a servicing for ur car,for it to run better,fasting also is like a servicing,for u,to run better

    ok now some of u may ask me y only in durga puja or govinden or ramadan or pacque we do so?n nt y during the rest of the year,,,,,my dr friends do u no who create us????(plz dnt gv urself nonsense answer like ur mum dad…ur parents r just medium)..think above that…GOD create us.HE knows us..HE knows us by heart.HE knows how HIS children r. HE knows our faiblesse..zts y HE arrange ‘small intervals’ for us to fast throughout the year..HE gives us breaks too because HE knows how weak we are,how we r tempted easily…for HIM its a way to discipline us..its a way for HIM to help us overcome temptation..but we,being foolish as usual we have never been able to understand HIS methods of working!

    am 22 years old and ive been fasting for nine days during the durga pooja…(consuming only fruits and milk for 9 days and 2 liters of water daily) u wnt believe me after these nine days i was and am still full of energy…i was never as energetic as i am 2D…in class level of concentration great…power to understand drastically increase…moreover ive lost 3kgs!GOD knows wat HE is doing..never doubt HIM..HIS method of sorting out things r beyond our comprehension but NEVER wrong.

    as u ol no actions speak louder than words..zn try it..ull see great positive effects…laO la koner ki li fair pou so zenfan..

    thank you


    1. Mo pas content ki n’import-ki blesse lezot. 
      Sirrtou moi.
      Alorss, keep the blessage for others who want it, merci ou-mem!


  5. garde carem ziss pou kass li apre…?

    Wai, parey couma to rode la-guerre ar to fam (35, significant other, etc) ziss pou reconciliation-la pliss…. ahem, intense!!! 😀

    Sinon, tou korek, tou korek, tou korek mem, to perdi notion ki pli bon dans la-vie. Non?
    Enfin, sa c’est mo l’opinion personnelle.


  6. Abstinence from meat actually reduces the toxin level in your body. It is said that for prayers to be heard, we need to have a clean body (our body is like a temple), clean heart and clean mind. Food affects the way we think, behave and more importantly, affects our body.

    Fasting is a period of dedication in the name of God where we have to focus in the prayers (devotee) whilst having a pure and healthy body.


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