MT s*cks in customer relationship

We all know about the monopole of Mauritius Telecom over the internet connectivity in Mauritius, how the internet speed really sucks, how they increase the speed instead of making the price more accessible.

But what really pisses you off is how they handle their Customer care and their hotline. When calling the commercial customer care hotline a few minutes ago, we fell on their pre-recorded message informing us about the problem on the broadband service. That’s all they said.

And what do we say to our clients? Should we wait for them to solve the problem so that we can get back to work? Can’t they give an estimate? They really fail in Customer relationship. But at the end of the day, we can ask ourselves : do we really have a choice?

Quick quick! Internet is back. Post!


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  1. Oh, I had to take a panadol after talking to them today. 😦

    & I still don’t have Internet since Saturday…

    Note to all:
    For the 8902 hotline, if you can’t go beyond the welcome message, i.e., you press the numbers & it just keeps looping, try * +

    & also, the 8902 hotline is inaccessible via mobile, so try 8900 first & tell them to redirect you.


  2. Yes. May I comment please. Yesterday I posted on  Orange Mauritius’s facebook page, complaining about my slow connection speed. Even youtube buffers.

    I think they thought i was a noob and replied that they have 256k, 512k, and 1M offers, and that i should choose the one that suits my need. (im not even sure they 256 package still exists, yet they quoted it)

    Angry young man that I am, I replied very politely, that my 1M connection sucks to stream youtube. And i shared the recent article posted on noulakazblog about slow Orange connection.

    and *yay*

    I got blocked and my post was deleted. 🙂

    It seems that the only reply they provide are the ones that publicize their commercial packages. Just read their wall. Pathetic. Really. Pathetic.


    1. I don’t have FB, but I’d like to see hundreds / thosands of their customers posting nasty things on its walls every minute of the day until they remove their online crap… that would be so nice to see…

      yes, anyone representing the bloody eunuch authorities reading this can arrest me on the grounds of ‘complot’. Just come.


  3. LMAO. No wonder I kept on resetting/powering-on-and-off my livebox while poor me was upset thinking my ‘livebox so malad in re pren’ (Yes, mo abitier ggn sa prob la souvent)

    Internet is back, no doubt bout that but it’s fast as that of a dial-up 😀


  4. I’ve a very important question. HOW THE F do you remove your wap package? The idiots working at Orange told me to send “stop int20mb” on 8684 but it does not work. Well, YES THEY ARE IDIOTS. 

    Concerning the connection, it’s been useless and slow since the last few days. To make matters worst, it seems that the not to smart people working at the call centers are really not good at IT. They are just given a fat handbook and a phone to answer queries. PATHETIC LOSERS.


  5. What annoys me most is that they don’t even make “un semblant d’excuse” … here’s their automated msg on 8902:
    Bienvenu chez Mauritius Telecom,
    Nous vous informons quíl y a actuellement un problem technique sur
    notre reseau broadband, nos techniciens sont a l’oeuvre afin de retablir
    la situation dans les brefs delais, mauritius telecom vous remercie de
    votre comprehension…

    Basically what they’re saying is…. we know there’s a problem so suck it up while we try to fix it!



  6. Customer service, and not limited to to MT, is at its level low in Mauritius.  Remember that we Mauritians have something unique in us, our biggeest ego and this happen to stay even in people who look after customer care.

    Now forget MT, I rang 999 a week ago and no one picked up.  Maybe if you try now still no one will answer. 

    Anyway, my solution to you is ditch retail and get in touch with ADBN- network solution for everyone!


    1. is it available every where (network coverage)?
      what about speed versus price as compared to MT?
      what is your own personal experience with ADBN’s wimax?


  7. It seems not only MT Customer Service “a le monopole de la mediocrité”.
    Canal+ Maurice Customer Service are at an Abyssal mediocre in regards to provide a service which we are paying top dollar.


  8. carrotmadman6
    I’d suggest you persist – and let your emotions boil to the max – until you get someone to answer your call.

    Then comes the fun part: you pester him/her (politely, but firmly, ask
    for speaking to a manager, request for personal assistance that’s not
    written in their manual, look for inconsistencies in their replies and
    rub their nose in it, if they tell you to come in person reply by
    questioning who will bear transport costs, if they tell you there is a
    problem at this time be very polite but answer by referring to services
    like water and electricity, etc, but have your contract in hand to make
    constant reference to it so as to ensure they never catch you off-guard)
    until he/she breaks down…

    I did that to Barclays – they had the guts to threaten me with legal
    redress for unpaid premiums while in actual fact, all had been paid
    years ago: you could feel the guy on the verge of insulting me for my
    persistence, when I just had the inspiration to remind him: “pe
    enrezistrer mo call la, non?”… hehehe…

    Maaari nisssa ha!

    The great thing is that you get a letter of apology within 2 days. (in
    the case of Barclays, they lacked to balls to omit “without prejudice”
    as header: their letter is not even worth wiping your bottom with… but
    some bloke has had to spend some additional minutes of his corporate
    work time to write that down, ha!)

    @ Yashvin

    From personal experience, you may add to this list of rock-bottom bad
    ‘hotline’ service: Cellplus (now Orange), CWA, CEB, Barclays and Rogers / AXA travel insurance.

    Lower than this, I think they strike oil…


  9. Forget you guys not having internet for 24hrs or more. I had to wait 6…. MONTHS (yes that right 6 MONTHS) to get my phone line installed, after which i had 4 engineer visit for my adsl line. Best part they fixed the adsl 3 weeks after installing my phone line. And guess what? i came home one day and they went and disconnected my adsl line. They fixed it came back home on Monday they went and disconnected it again.
    4 engineer visits,.. oh and best part is that the visit they do at your place to test the line, well that is absolute rubish, even the most dumbest, ignorant, IT illiterate would be able test that line and tell if its working or not. Plug a phone line in, do you have a dial tone? No. Ok its not working. That’s an engineer testing the line for you, well hang on I ALREADY KNEW THAT MORON.
    Why don’t they go straight to the exchange and work their way from their instead of making me leaving work to stand for 5 mins and telling me something i already knew in the first place. 23rd of December i got a call saying that my adsl will be fixed tomorrow i.e. 24th of December i told them i need it by 24th December. 24th comes i call the customer service, she told me the engineer is gone home now it will be only on Monday. Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh.

    And now to customer service, they are as useless as their engineer in getting info or trasmitting them. The reason why i never ever had ADSL for 3 weeks was because all this time me calling them asking them when i will get my ADSL, they never ever log the complaint. I had to go their shop, where a guy looked at my file and said “Missié ou la line p marsé ou pa fer complaint di tou?” i wanted to rip his heart out. So all this money i wasted calling 8900 to get them to get my line fixed, they never log a complaint, but kept telling me that they will send an engineer. It wasn’t until i went to orange shop that my case got pushed forward. (Well it only got push forward because i raised it as an issue with somebody i knew in their head office in PL). In all i had to wait 7 months to get my line fixed.

    I believe that they should add mauritius telecom in the dictionary, its definition would be useless.


    1. Roddy, I suggest you start a new business: selling your patience!
      Because in your place, 6 months would be largely enough to build and send MT some weapon of mass destruction (the kind that was supposedly threatening the “democratic” world)…

      Or maybe you give me a business idea: using my persuasive phone “talent” to get MT-like organisations eat their own shit… weh… Merci Roddy!


  10. Hope the monopole of MT end . As a new company Bharat Telecom will surely take all MT clients within 2 years . And the price of IP tv + internet cost only Rs280/— as compared to the FAMOUS MYT and its low connection. And if you are late in payment ( < 1month) no delay is given ,  just a disconnection letter with only 2 week for payment.


  11. Why is everyone shouting as it Bharat Telecom will save us? No. Forget having 10mb/s at Rs280 without any hidden agenda. Like most probably it will be CAPPED. Who in their right mind will use a CAPPED package? Oh sorry, I do know some idiots who will.

    Concerning the MT customer care, They know me too well. 😀 souvent banla gagne maltraiter. lerla meme zot cmprnd. 😀 Ah Nomad Customer care was fun to insult. 😀 They were amazingly stupid.


  12. Went through the orange mauritius page, scrolling and reading and realising why did i opt for this lol till i came accross your comment. Seriously, i guess the amount of complaints is increasing on a daily basis on the facebook page of orange -_-

    Mauritius 🙂


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