Get off that stage and keep your speeches for yourselves!

The late Anerood Gajadur did not need any special political stage set up to deliver his speech. Nor the humorous leader of the Party Malin. Both just needed a space to park their vehicle. Rumours say that Anerood Gajadur sometimes did his political gatherings with a handful of people (or just passing by persons).

However same cannot be said for the other bigger actors in the political arena. They voice out their sarcastism, criticism and frustration whenever and wherever. Be it a religious ceremony, a cultural show, an inauguration ceremony or an official diplomatic  event.

In this post, I hereby refer to Navin Ramgoolam’s speech delivered a few days ago during a religious (or cultural) ceremony in his own constituency, Pamplemousses. He fustigated against his newly made ennemy, Pravind Jugnauth and other members of MSM. Perhaps Paul Berenger was also among them. On top of that, our propaganda TV did broadcast the whole speech during peak time!

But this does not mean that Navin is the only one. The others are no good either. Any platform is good for them to disgrace their opponents or to reply back to some statement/accusation made.

It is such a waste of time for the people who attended some said event but finally find themselves in a political one. And NO. I still do not support the 15,000 group who finally showed signs of their true color.

The bigger they grow, the deeper they fall.

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  1. “The bigger they grow, the deeper they fall”I have just heard that the 15000 have launched some “Balié KK” operation… with such a smart slogan, ‘sweep sh$t” should be a definite success =/ following the progression:  15,000 –> 3,000–> next campaign should have 600 left-.-‘ i’m getting really really sick of all this sh$t


  2. “the 15,000 group who finally showed signs of their true color.”

    Well, I haven’t seen it yet, can you please give details: which colour is it actually?


      1. Which means that whatever their action was, they want to repeat the same mistake as their elders…? Or do they have a radically different way of doing things, like promised once by the MR, now-defunct/PMSD-absorbed/dissolved..?


  3. Being a most disconnected unsensitive “irresponsable” one, I still find some room to insult them. They are a screen to real issues they are either unable or not allowed to tackle. And I cannot understand how they flout so much the state. Just thinking of how some issues like water resources are managed puts me in fury. I end up hating everything. At least one thing I urge for in despair: le Parti du Lavement.  


  4. Chassez le naturel, il revient au galop:

    I think that since politicians are invited there is an inveitable expectation that he/she makes a speech. This alone should be avoided at all costs because whatever he/she says, his/her mere presence is like an approval of whatever the host is and stands for. This is how VOH – when the same Navin made a speech as main guest speaker at a pre-Maha Shivaratree gathering that was broadcasted live on MBC tv –  got a ‘semblant’ of mainstream respectability. This is why, though they can go on their own, just like any other ordinary citizen not representing any one else than their own person, I am strongly against inviting any politician to any religious ceremony / gathering or any meeting of “socio-cultural” (sectarian) groups.

    They are paid with tax money received from ALL people, and should represent and uphold a striclty neutral position when representing the people.


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