Do you have 30mins to keep yourself fit?

Reaching home after 8-9pm almost daily, I am finding it more and more difficult to find some time to do some physical exercise. Missing the time when I could burn a little bit of fat while jogging on the Montagne Signaux’s “Parcours de santé’ or even a few rounds of Champs de Mars.

Meanwhile, I try my max to go for a swim at least twice a week along with some jogging on the beach. And now that the sugarcane fields are being harvested, hopefully, I will be able to do some jogging there by waking up much earlier than usual.

Some of you might say “Why don’t you go to a gym?”

Frankly, I don’t see myself paying Rs1500 monthly (and Rs3000 entry fee) for the one found in the Nexteracom tower. Sure, there are other places too but my experience in gyms usually ended when I realised that I went to the gym only once a month, to pay for the subscription fee. That’s true.

And it is also true that people working in the IT sector easily get over-weight. Sitting all day in front of the screen. Eating fast food. On top of that, no time for some *physical* activity.

What about you?
Do you really have time for some physical activity? Or gym?

To end up, I will quote this wonderful piece of text found here :

There are 1,440 minutes in every day. Schedule 30 of them for physical activity!

10 thoughts on “Do you have 30mins to keep yourself fit?

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  1. Very well said. I am just like you.
    Paid entry fee and then went to gym for only 1-2 months with a 12 months contract.
    I agree, we need to take out 30 mins at least in a day.
    Thanks for sharing this Yashvin.


  2. whenever I can, believe me or not, I go to the beach and have a swim after work. I try to avoid fast food, I’ve been able to reduce it drastically, I now go to fast foods (hard to resist the zinger at times) once a month…

    well, it’s not regular exercise per se, but I do exercise a minimum of 2 hours per week. I still suck at sports, but I definitely feel more lively for my other activities after doing it and it has become a good habit and a fun activity.

    as for food, it’s really up to you. I’m in IT too, my stomach needs its regular load of veggies and fruits. The only thing I need now is to reduce my beer intake and increase the hours of sleep (which I find pretty hard)


  3. For quite some time I have not been exercising and its reaction is quite visible now.

    I find swimming quite a good thing to do. 🙂


  4. very gud topic..personally..ive been tryng 2 take out time since i left uni..that is a yr ago..however..i never reach home b4 7pm n by dat time its already dark..wizout 4getng dat i need 2 get up early z next i cannot even afford 2 do sum exercise at nite.. really luking 4ward 2 dng sports more often nw dat i hv gt myself a cycle 🙂

    i do wish i lived near enuf dat i cud hv biked 2 my workplace..

    i do envy those europeans btw..they can go running at 11pm koz z sun is still up there at zat time..if we do z same at 8 pm here 😛 😛


  5. Guys … how come u reaching home at 8/9PM everyday … u need to have a work-life balance, dats d first thing to do to be in good health .. as far as gym is concerned it depends on u n ur volonté .. because ive been goin to d gym for 8 months now with a week break after every 2months .. manage ur time n do look 4sm mins 4sm exercises .. it helps! cheers mate


  6. WOW!! U reach home at 8-9 o’clock!!!!! To travail selmen!! Smetimes we take out some time after work to jog on the new by-pass of triolet (7th mille- Solitude-3 boutiques and back 7th mille). There are a lot of people who do this thing but we admit its not daily that we do it!!!


  7. I am a martial artist and give myself ample time to staying healthy 🙂 Throughout my life, I learned one thing “You are what you eat” 🙂


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