Cement : 7.1% more expensive

That sounds bad, especially when there are some renovation works going on at my place.

Lafarge (Mauritius) Cement Ltd has decided to increase the prices of their 50kg cement pocket (Baobab) by 7.1%, effective as from today, Monday 15th August 2011. The only competitor on the market, Holcim, said that they will maintain their prices as long as their current stock is not exhausted(till the end of the year, as per their estimates). Holcim also announced that they will soon offer a different product, more suitable for the Mauritian use and also, more cheaper.

So, a Baobab 50kg pocket goes from Rs162.80 to Rs 175.00 (Price at their plant, Port Louis)

Points to note :

  • This market has been liberalised on the 8th April 2011, allowing producers to impose their own prices without any control on behalf of authorities. Contraly to the belief, prices did not go down to encourage a more competitive market, at least, not for the time being.
  • Prices vary in different regions of the island because of transport costs involved
  • Lafarge holds a 55% share of the market and the rest goes to Holcim

Finally, it is not advisable to buy cement in bulk and store it for long period of times.

4 thoughts on “Cement : 7.1% more expensive

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  1. Mo’nn déza predirr ki li pou augmenté: 9 (neuf) ans de cela, mo ti alle enn interview kot Holcim, ek interviewer-la ti pé plaingné ki dans Dodoland, zott perdi 3USD lor sak tonne ciment ki zott vendé lor marsé local lakoz prix ti fixer, ek ki zott ti vinn dans Dodoland ziss lakoz zott inn aprann ki zott concurrent direk (pou pa dirr ennemi mortel, ça kantité barblé ki éna entt zott dé hangar-la) Lafarge ti fini implanté ici.
    Asterr, prix de vente pa’nn bouz boukou, mais bann événnments mondial (guerre dan Afghanistan, crise pétrolière, alimentaire, pirates, etc) inn boulverse nou bann system durablement, ki arrivé? Asterr ou cwar bolom nwel vinn realité?
    Kouma prix pou baissé?
    Eh oula, arett révé camarad… 🙂


  2. pas dire moi prix ciment la ine reste pareil depuis 9 ans..!!  si depuis 9 ans zotte pe fer la perte.. mo demane moi kifer zotte continiE ek business la.. 
    pirate cokin ciment?  crize alimentaire ki liason ciment? petrol pas ine baiC..


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