The time when ‘KozeKK’ was online…

This post makes me go back in time, more exactly on the 26th November 2006.

Some of you (my first blog readers) might still remember about that phpBB forum which I hosted, a forum which I named “KozeKK”. Okay, I agree that the name was not that great but personally, I had spend loads of good time laughing there and sharing jokes with others. The forum was particularly unique : we tried to post and share “creole” jokes which we heard around us. Unknowingly, we wanted to preserve those old jokes.

Sometimes they were funny and sometimes not really. That’s where the name came from.

Point to note :
The Facebook craze did not invaded Mauritius yet, so we had plenty time doing other things 🙂

It worked well until the day on which I let it down. I don’t know exactly why.

During the past months. I have been searching my whole backup cds to find that backup database of the forum. I have taken out each and every cd out of my old boxes but in vain.

And today, I needed to hibernate my windows 7 powered pc, I clicked on the Start menu, and entered “Hibernate” into the search box, and guess what?

I guess that one of the jokes contain the word “Hibernate” but anyways, that’s the first time that I am saying this :

“I love you Windows 7!”

Good news never come alone… The back up is unfortunately not the latest one! 😦


Kifer ene plongeur zette depi par derriere kant li plonger dan la mer?
B si li zette par devant, li pu tombe dan bato la meme ! kk non?

Pli Vieux Poisson

Kestion : ki pli vier poisson dan lamer??
Reponse : Poisson thon 😛

Do you have some original creole jokes to share with us?

7 thoughts on “The time when ‘KozeKK’ was online…

Add yours

  1. wawa. ki poisson pli boss dan lamer?
    – capitaine

    ki poisson travayer dan lamer?
    -poisson macro



  2. ey tne rat 1 la…
    kifer 1 tireur li ferme 1 lizier kan li viser pu tire bal??…b si li ferme tou le 2 lizier li pa pu truv narien!


  3. Wai, mo bien rappel ha!

    Enn malbarr ki ena boukou la-chance: Luckeenarain.
    Enn madrass ki content faire lĂŠ-tour lor so moto: Motooveeren

    Boukou dialog fekal ti ena la-bas…


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