Washing allowed while water supply restriction maintained

Complete b*sh*t.

While listening to the radio some minutes ago, I heard that the Central Water Authority (CWA) have announced that the special restrictions concerning wastage of water have now been lifted, at least temporarily. As per their say, the heavy rainfall of the last days have been beneficial to our reservoirs as well as boreholes. It looks like the most serious drought faced by Mauritius may soon be over.

According to the regulations what were valid since the 5th January 2011 :
No person shall without reasonable excuse, use any domestic supply or non domestic supply through a hosepipe, sprinkler or any similar apparatus, or in any wasteful manner

  1. To wash any vehicle
  2. To wash any pavement, building or part of any building
  3. To water any hedge or lawn

Yashvin, pages of my life

I still can’t find the logic why they are now allowing wastage of water in the above mentioned forms while they said that water distribution in some regions will still be under control for the forthcoming days.

Isn’t constant and reliable water supply more important for our domestic use (and for drinking)? Blindly allowing people to waste water while some regions are deprived of this basic necessity for hours?

Anyways, I will finally be able to wash my car after nearly 6-7 weeks LOL. and what abt you? ūüėõ


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  1. Oh, well… The water supply was from 1am to 10am in my region. (yes, you read well: 1am)

    Now just imagine, for someone independent, how hard it is…!

    I leave the house at 6:30am, which means I have to do the dish-washing, dinner, prepare my food for work before leaving. Waking up is never easy at 4:45am! Enough ranting…

    Now with the restrictions up, I have been having water for 2 consecutive days when returning home from work in the afternoon which is actually good news for me, and which PROBABLY means that the restrictions being removed go beyond the radio announcement.

    As for the washing of vehicles, pavement, etc.. I agree with you, that this was NOT the priority. I don’t know how is the water distribution going on in other regions though.

    And most of all, how ‘They’ are going to apply measures to save water in the future – the near future – after the drought.

    Lastly, the media gives the impression that the whole Medpoint thingie is actually the most important ‘scandal’ that should be dealt with/solved at the moment. People tend to forget that the most important issues are our resources and how to ensure their fair distribution. For instance, the water issue is treated pretty lightly, in my opinion, by the authorities.


  2. @yurit0s:
    En plein dans le mille!

    Mais si ena pou tol√ɬ®re bann largesse coumsa, inn lerr pou aboli tou la-loi ki appel au sens des responsabilit√ɬ©s… Parski mo capave empess moi pense bann dimoune ki attann camion-citerne CWA pendant ki lezott pe amiser lave loto ar lance, arrose jardin, faire largesse… Merde: Dodoland ena trop boukou la-chance.


  3. Proprietaire loto ki koner ki problem enan ladan kan ene laloi fine passer kot pas gagne droit servi delo domestique pou lave loto. A moin ene dimoune ki malangue ki pas content propreter, loto reste sale, vitre la fenetre sale, la cour reste sale. Kan la sechresse pe done bale li normal pas capav faire gaspillage mais kan enan delo bizin servi delo la.
    seki vilain seki pe verbalise dimoune acoz sa.

    SI PAS TI RETIRE SA RESTRICTION LA –>Dimoune ki enan lapareille karcher ti bizin jette li dan poubel parski pas gagne droit servi delo pu laver. Get my point!!!


  4. @leomaster
    To apel 50% rempli ena delo toi.

    @yashvin. Kuma tonn dir. Decision pena okenn sens. Kestion ankor ena place pena dilo. Bann seki pran decision lor delo.. Nanye zot pann fer pu ameliore bann ressource pu kav gard plis dilo. Sel decision se coupe dilo. Nimport ki kav pran bann decision kuma. Inn ariv ler pu privatiz CWA.


  5. ¬†Let’s face it, the biggest water-storage reservoir of the country was at less than 11% of its usable capacity as at 11 July 2011.
    So, where’s that bloody regulation that the Ministry enforced for some months and then lifted because of some scattered downpours, but forgot to re-enforce again??

    Privatisation is certainly NOT the solution: this is a false issue as it actually brings more problems than it resolves for all people, as discussed thoroughly here

    By the way, have fun reading this small thing I’ve got from the CWA customer service centre, with particular attention to
     РNos Objectifs
     РNotre Engagement
    ayo, finalement, lirr tou.


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