And what if your kid was there?

Today, Mauritius has woken up with another shocking news reported by RadioPlus. The private radio station announced having in its possession a video showing an employee of a Crèche, slapping a small kid and later in the same video, hitting another kid.

The video is now available on youtube. Altenatively, you can watch it the original clip below :

With proof in hand, the reporters showed the fact to the director of this famous kindergarten of Quatre Bornes. The employee has immediately been sacked and it was said that appropriate actions will also be taken against the employee who recorded the video, for non-assistance to the kids.

Yashvin, pages of my life

Sheila Bappoo, the minister of Gender Equality ,Child Protection and Family Planning has announced her visit to the kindergarden early this morning while the Ombudsperson for Children, Shirin Aumeeruddy-Cziffra, has claimed the closure of this Crèche. Another news, revealed by the Ombudsperson : this nursery is not registered at the Ministry because it does not respect the standards required.

If you are hearing this news for the first time, I sincerely believe that you should think about tuning to another radio channel. So far, I believe that Radio Plus (and the defimedia group) has been doing a great job, keep it up! Of course, there are few exceptions, just like right now, a post showing up on their homepage :

The blame surely goes to the web server (which was down for 2days) and the webmaster. And perhaps the news reporter too, who published false (and unconfirmed) news since the accident happened at Tamarin…

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  1. ******”Sollicitée pour une réaction par Radio Plus, l’assistante maternelle a nié les faits qui lui sont reprochés. «C’est vrai que j’ai été remerciée par la direction de la crèche. Une fille qui travaillait là-bas allègue que je frappais les enfants. C’est complètement faux. Si vous voulez plus de détails, contactez mon avocat», a-t-elle fait comprendre.”*********

    si met li devant ban parents la, li ek “SO AVOCAT” gagne clak lor laguel..pour commencer biensure 😀


  2. I’m not sure about the non-assistance issue . What could the author of the video have done to save the kids from being beaten ? Reporting that sort of violence would probably have been dismissed as gossip or defamation .

    It seems there has been previous cases of children been hurt there that management did not investigate too much . This must not have been the first time that person has been violent with children . The surest way to put an end to it and to force action from the management and the various, often passive child protecting bodies was to have it filmed .


  3. Ou conner, c’est bien nou bann autorités ki pas compétent ditout: imagine enn coutte: mo bann camarade ki’nn émigrer vers Canada dire moi ki zott inn gagne 1 year’s parenthood leave (meaning either the mother or the father can take it, full salary paid), plus an optional additional second year parenthood leave (75% – 80% salary paid) pou occupe zott bébé. Ek sa, li valable pou enn maximum 3 z’enfants, si ou marrier civil (ena zis mariaz civil ki autorisé). Aster, si ou envie ek senti ou capav reprend travail, ena bann strictly controlled nurseries, kott ou gagne “breastfeeding leaves” pou nourri ou bébé. Mem chose dans UK (9 months parenthood leave) ek Nouvelle Zélande. Lezott mo pas conner, mais mo’nn tann dire ki la-loi européenne bien stricte dans sa issue-la. Alors, pou soigne enn bébé la-bas, bann autorité inn comprend ki zott ena tout à gagner dans assurer ki ena enn encadrement permanent pou so bann bébés ki pou vinn bann futur acteurs économiques.


    Heh, ici, ou gagne zis 3 mois maternity leave – wai, only for the mother, the father doesnt exist: he’s allowed only 2 days’ paternity leave. Mama-la tousel ki gagne sa, la-oussi quand li forcer reprend travail apré 3 mois pas surr ki li capav (bann humains femelles ki pou lire saki suive, pas tracas, c’est enn chose de la vie, pas paniker: pas tou madam capave deliver normally, la plipart bizin césarienne ou bien épisiotomie), ena doulerr ki’nn rester, sutures ki penkor bien reprend etc… Ek lorla, ti baba 3 mois à-peine pé capav tini/lev so prop la-tett!!! Enn ta baba sa lepok-la zott gagne colique, pléré boukou pou enn moindre ti-zaferr ki nou, adultes/parents, pa comprend toutt-suitt…

    Bann jeunes parents endure bann moments bien “challenging”, entre bann biberons/tétées réguliers, manque sommeil, travail, ek pression familial etc… Dans conditions coumsa, nou bann chers autorité dire ou ki ou bizin capav alle travail. Li aussi imply: alle demmerde ou pou garde ti-baba, si missie-madam travail, alle demmerde zott avec zott parents/beau-parents mem si bann-la oussi travail, nou, nou la ziss pou donne permis, ek checker si ou rapporte enn cas officiellement, parski officiellement, si enn créche/garderie ena permis, tou bizin corek, c’est ou ki prend risque, c’est ou ki responsable officiellement.

    Enn travail ki demande quette bébé li extremement demanding en termes patience, sang-froid ek self-control. Eski ena enn moyen check ça au niveau recrutement dans bann créche/garderie? Eski ena enn moyen pou autorité check sa? Eski ena enn volonté pou check sa? Ou-bien nou bann élus zott viv dans enn cocon kott zamé zot pas faire face sa-bann réalités-la, parski zott capav afford enn nounou personnel? De toute manière, mem nou Premier Minis zamé pa pou comprend sa, parski (pas so faute sa) li pena z’enfants, ek dans so l’entouraz, personne pena enfants en bas âge ki pou faire li comprend ki kalité conditions ki l’état imposer lors so bann jeunes parents.

    Et oui Dodoland, tellement to l’ambition imite Singapour fort, to blier mettre les moyens (humains, financiers, infrastructurels) afin d’arriver à matérialiser tes ambitions, ek to léthargie pe contribuer pou torture to bann prop z’enfants…

    Increase in violence in all forms: verbal, psychological, physical, you name it, it’s there. But who takes action? Our police is like a “tabagie”: they wait and see. If you dare wake them from their slumber, they will first test your will to report by asking all sorts of silly questions before recording your complaint. They make you loose all the precious time you spend in doing your job as a responsible citizen, and tell you to go away in their own particular way. Now, if you’re really (un) lucky, you may get a “compliment” if you move too slowly away from BR22’s “cortège”. Yes sir, the policemen themselves find it normal to yell insults at people. I hope someone can film one of such incidents some day, just for the “fun” of it.


  4. @Torpedo, good you mentioned the social security system from other countries. In the EU there are strict laws regarding children welfare. In Belgium, where I worked, parents have to bring their young babies/children to a centre called ONE (Office National de l’Enfance) at least once a month. These centres check the health of the child, if properly fed, cared for, weight check etc. Files are kept on the child’s progress and if anything wrong is spotted then the social services are alerted for an agent to check conditions at the home. Apart from that you mentioned other benefits like maternity/paternity leave and there is also a grant for births as well as allocations familiales and schooling grants for certain age groups.

    I did not understand the minister’s decision about keeping that Crèche open since it was not a legally approved centre. Recruitment and qualified people (puéricultrices et auxiliaires) are also an issue here. Much still to be achieved here in the way of social services.


  5. By d way Mauritius is slowly dying…people are becoming monsters…

    In hospitals, women are “pushed” to do CS since the Dr gets more money. They are like butchers!!!

    Kids are ill treated because their parents have no other choice than leave them in nurseries for they have to work. Can you imagine that a box of cheese reaches the Rs.100???

    I insist that nurseries and Kindergartens should have cameras.

    Government is spending billions for cameras on the beaches to protect tourists…what about our kids??? The future of Mauritius????



  6. Ah, I almost forgot: I heard that the parent has filed a complaint against the sacked employee, on the basis of the contents of the video… So, I’ll be very interested to know how the courts will handle this claim: they have so far been very reluctant to admit recorded phone calls, videos, and any multimedia as a material proof: remember the Bacha case… Mais selma, quand bizin bééz automobilis so cass, lerla photo-la bon mem! État vicieux!

    Mais, comme d’habitude dans Dodoland: après la mort la tisane


  7. Putting cameras everywhere (even on roads, and I read somewhere that already 120M has already been harvested from reckless drivers over 14 months at Pailles. Enough money to fit speed cameras everywhere now)does not resolve the core of the problem:
    improper planning of infrastructure and living systems (schools, day-care centres, crèches, etc), improper staffing, improper pay, improper conditions, improper performance, improper checking, etc. etc… spiralling into one whole mess we are in. We should start somewhere, anywhere, but very very quickly.

    But yes: shit country! Which keeps voting the same very liar, incompetent, racist, casteist, over-inflated ego of the same politicians at every single election… When you pay peanuts you get monkeys. You reap what you sow. Et ainsi va la vie…


    1. “But yes: shit country! Which keeps voting the same very liar, incompetent, racist, casteist, over-inflated ego of the same politicians at every single election… When you pay peanuts you get monkeys. You reap what you sow. Et ainsi va la vie…”
      EXACTLY!!!! That’s the real problem why we have these issues over and over again.


  8. this is just one .. how many are there ?? .. do you think she’s alone ?? :S .. there are so many women out there who does that .. agree with Reena DKL : Nursing home should have cameras ..


    poor babiES


  9. i am 21 today! because both my parents worked and my grand parents were too old to look after me, in 1991-1992 i was placed at garderie le nid. in mid 1992 however, my dad sent me to another ‘garderie’..he never told me why.
    i hope i wasnot beaten like that kid,LOL


  10. So, Indira Hurdowar is the lady who did it: «Mo finn batte bann piti là pou corrige zot…».
    Lorla, couma enn dimoun ki zamé pa’nn gagne z’enfant PM (enkor enn fois mo dire ki c’est pas so faute, mais ceci n’excuse pas l’ignorance entre le traitement auquel a droit un BÉBÉ et un enfant qui raisonne/comprend) dakor baté.
    Navin forgets that new child-rearing methods show that their effectiveness was not guaranteed. And this is not excusable at all especially for a doctor that he is, in that if old methods worked, it does not mean that they should be continued else, we should be continuing the widespread use of chloroform or heroin for medicinal ends…

    Wai, vaille que vaille, preferre ena caméra ki péna, parski quand malerr ki pena loderr vini, pou trop tard lerla.


  11. Ala enn analyse-kalott pou ça case-la, ki revelle le niveau de pourrissement de nou systèmes: blind-and-deaf even to illegal (no permit) day-care centres which dare advertise their ‘services’ on radios/tv without any hindrance until a ministerial visit is made after a radio-broadcast of the sound-clips emaninting from a video… Bravo Dodoland!


  12. @Torpedo:

    en passant tou dimoune koner li ena piti en dehors ek li bien bate so fam…alors pu li tou seki pas bon MARI SERYER!!!! manzer k@#$ la!!!



  13. @ReenaDKL: Mo propose rotin bazaar, apré savatte, lerla koutt-sang, riss sévé, riss karabi, koutt la-reg lor lé-dwa, riss zoreiy, apré fini en apothéose avec pinition mett a-zénou dans enn coin avec enn sapo zorey bourik lor la-tett… Ar sa, si li pas comprend…


  14. @Torpedo:

    lol…frankly, I still think that even with all this he’ll remain the A-hole he is.

    What disgusts me is that the security of tourists are more important than the kids of the country.

    I fear am repeating myself, but everyone should petition to have cameras in nurseries and kindergartens linked to a web-site where parents can have access to it all day long…

    anyone interested ???


  15. @ReenaDKL:
    Alle dire sa ça dé tabardenne / attention seeker-la: Sheila ek Shirinn. Zott nek konn decouvert tou problem dans (bien bien) tard, trouve tou pas bon, defonce la-porte ouvert, rezett tort lor zott camouade, sans nou demann zott nargnié. Apré ki arrivé quand ça dé-la fini zott coup-de-gueule respectifs?


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