The future of media in Mauritius

Everything started with the introduction of private radios some years back. Later on, the rude competition for a better ISP lead to the explosion of blogs and growing use of social networking sites. More recently, newspapers have increased their presence on the net. While waiting for the private tv to become a reality, what are your hopes for the media in our island?

Weekend Campé/Kermesse 2008

Hello everyone!

I will try to be brief, because I am super tired after this xtremely nice weekend, which ended with a tour to the Kermesse held at Gymkhanna, Vacoas.

We hired a bungalow for 2 days at Pereybere, and got there on friday night.

The bungalow was NICE ! Too luxurious but we tried a lot not to damage anything lol!

Here are a few pics of the bungalow itself 🙂

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