Who will win? Mac Do or Iskcon

I will try to be very brief.

For those who haven’t been reading or listening to the news very recently, Mac Donald is planning to open a branch at Phoenix, at some meters only from the Iskcon building (International Society for Krishna Consciousness).

Everything has already been done, the building, the permits, the legal notices. However, a few days back, Iskon just “discovered” about this, and they are now protesting this opening, bringing forward several reasons, a few of them are :

  • Mac Donald offers menus including beef while Iskcon devotees (and hindous in general ) pray this animal
  • The fast food resto is situated too near to this Iskon bulding and might be cause inconvenience to Iskon and the devotees.

10 years back, Mac Do had to abort the idea of opening a branch there after protestation of Iskcon, once again. Several organisations and persons have expressed themselves on this subject, typically opposing religion/culture against our freedom, as granted by our constitution.

I invite you to express yourself on this subject and tell us who will win at the end? Religion or our Constitution?

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