Price of Petrol (Jan 2011)

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The long announced increase in the price of petroleum products is finally here, unfortunately. Here are the prices, effective as from tomorrow, the 22nd January 2011 :

Essence : Rs 48.50/L (previously Rs44.70/L)
Diesel : Rs 39.90/L (previously Rs35.50/L)

Yashvin, pages of my life

As you already know, the Petroleum Pricing Committee (PPC) now replaces the Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM).

Unlike the APM, the PPC will update the prices at an interval of 4 months. On various occasions, the Minister Showkutally Soodhun has announced that this price update exercise will be totally transparent but I feel that the bad has already been done and we, Mauritians have been paying for the errors made by others.

Its no use crying over spilled milk, it simply does not change anything.

13 thoughts on “Price of Petrol (Jan 2011)

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  1. bisin pedal bicyclet aster…dapres to chart penser prix petrol in atteind so maximum confirm wat was the peak price of petrol in mtius over z yrs


    1. Hello @kishan.

      Effectivement, le prix de l’essence ine atteindre so maximum depi bane derniers années.
      Par contre, pour diesel, le maximum enregistré c’etait en Octobre 2008 kant prix ti Rs51.20


  2. m dakor ek kishan nu bisin pedal bicyclet astr…dan p rod fr lekonomi lor lessence, p roule machine ti cylindre..ala fin po facile :/
    Li apliK pu ban jeune ki fec rentre lor marché travai ek ena n ti loto 😀

    mai kumen banla pu determine sa prix lessence sa from now on??
    et kan sa ban fluctuation la pu ena lieux?? dan ki gap letem??
    sryy m po lire zournal ni get news (A)


  3. Have you noticed how, in general, prices have jumped up since the end of last year. Inflation gripping the country. Not a good sign, purchasing power of the working people going down.


  4. Finne monte prix lessence et finne augmente tariff. c’est juste ene facon pou recompense banne proprietaire bus et taxi pou campagne qui zotte finne faire pou dernier election.
    Ou cone ki parfois dans Angleterre ek Canada l’essence plis bon marche ki Maurice.
    Mo penser servi bicyclet la li ene bon alternative pour banne ti parcours mais ou risquer laisse ou la vie lors la route.


  5. inflation is not playing a great role, its all about the supply of oil, petrol!! the reserve of petrol is said to be over after 25 yrs. this is why prices are rising. people will buy lesser cars, and since petrol and car are complement products, hence petrol consuming will fall in long run!!


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