Mort akoz saleté!

There’s nothing to laugh about it, but however I wonder how some people can be so stupid. So while listening to the radio on my way back home, I heard that a 80-year old “bolom” stabbed a 40year old man in the south of the island, more exactly in L’escalier.

Why? Because the young man reproached the old man for throwing his rubbish in a river/water canal.

Despite his 80yrs, he went home and came back armed with a sharp object with which he stabbed the guy. The guy had nevertheless been able to hit the old man with a stone before his last breath.

It is really a sad story for the guy who lost his life…

This story makes me remember another story, which could have turned into a very serious verbal (and written) dispute because of another “green” initiative. I will spare you the details.

Anyways, let’s come to the moral of the main story…

Do you have one to share with us?

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  1. This story makes me LOL.

    I am really sorry for the guy who tried to protect the environment.

    Mo diman mwa ki kaliter edication ban 3eme age pe gagnier azordi zour.


  2. Never mess with old persons who have gone berserk. He must be drunk… :S I ask myself… he did not think twice before doing this? e is supposed to be an experienced and mature person… :S


  3. Dangerous being an ecologist in Mauritius! Seen this kind of thing before when people are throwing rubbish from their cars in a neighbourhood. When the local people look at them they just stare back waiting for someone to say something and then they will attack. At this rate a clean Mauritius is not for tomorrow…. sad.


  4. Really very sad! It was on L’express this morning. The victim however was able to pick and throw a stone on the old man’s head. Reaching the spot, the police had to send the old man to L’escalier’s clinic where he was transferred to Rose Belle’s hospital because the injury was rather serious.


  5. This might sound harsh, but these 3eme age people will continue doing ANYthing they were doing 50 years ago. In fact ,they are proud do to so. Throwing garbage in the river must have been a habit for the oldguy. Who has been doing it for decades ,and when somebody else told him to stop, he thinks : “WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO, TO PA TI ENCORE NEE MO TI P FER SA”.

    Loss of life in this case is very sad though, not funny at all.


  6. @ Bhooks:
    top dialog ha mo bourzwaa!

    @ Tou saki pa pe comprend kouma enn 3eme age capav faire enn zaffaire coumha:

    Enn ti zistwar: enn fois, enn l’été ki mo lisien ti pe gagne boukou parasite (puce, punaise ek carapate), ti ena enn dog-shampoo ki ziss dans prizinic gagner. Fini prend shampooing, alle kot la-caisse moins-de-10-articles, enn bolom (au passant, très bien habillé, parfumé mari fort etc) pousse so caddie plein à ras-bord divant moi pou faire passe so ban lartik. Mo dire li c’est pas la ki li capave mette so caddie, en lezott la-caisse pou bann caddie plein couma pou li. Li declare sourd. Mo tap li lor so zepol, mo dimann li fort, pres kot so zorey: “Ici la-caisse pou moinss ki 1- lartik missié, ou bizin bouz ou caddie”. Li reponn moi:
    – Je sais pas lire
    – Mo’nn traduire pou ou la, bouz ou caddie, pliss-ki 10 lartik lott la-caisse sa
    – Ou est votre probleme?
    – Mo problem, c ki ena enn reglement ki ou pas envie respecter.
    – Mo problem sa.
    Mo vire are caissière, li parett bien faire-foute, mo vire ar securité li parett inn deza gagne zaffer ar vié dimoune.
    Alors, sel solution pou bann bebett coumha, mo zett mo shampooing dans bolom so caddie, mo sorti depi la trankil…
    Pas pou remett li-pié dans prizinic enkor
    Zis pou dire zott ki enn tas bann vié zott “set in their ways” ek zott la-tett rempli ar ban kouyonad ki zot tousel comprend. Alors, quand mo trouve enn “grand dimoun” rate poubelle, mo ramasse so papier mo mette li endans sans dire nargnié: moi mo crwar dans certaine zaffer ki ve-dir nargnié pou li. Ek sa pa pou changer sa.


  7. @clive:

    Who knows who threw the first “Stone”.

    maybe the young guy attacked first and then the old man killed him…
    Anyways seems to be a good story to keep track of …

    Oh yeah.. sorry for the Ecologist who just died.

    Whatever the reason… killing someone isn’t a solution…

    Enjoy life, its short and precious…



  8. La loi pa assez severe, akoz sa mem tou dimoune penser ke tout est permis. Si 1 dimoune penser li ena droit prend la vie 1 dimoune, b ki kalité education li ena? soi disant bizin respecter bane senior citizens!! its not good to generalize but how to respect them after such an act??


  9. Peut etre ton la pa fine trouve sign “evite jette salete dan la riviere/canal” pou ki bane ramasseur d’ordures pas bizin alle ramasse so salete dan la riviere apres. pa pu nanier bane la passe devant tout la porte dimoune pu ramasse zot salete.



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