Controversy abt the shooting of Faltu @ UOM

Big news tonight.

As some of you are already aware, there is a film shooting at The University of Mauritius since some days. The filming crew and actors are Ritesh Deshmukh, Remo, Rakhee, Salman, Paulson, Arshad Warsi, Miss India and among others.

The film is about life in University and the film is of course being shot in the university premises at Reduit.

Students of the University, participating as “figurants” are getting paid Rs500 per day (+ breakfast and lunch). Basically, they form part of the background in the scenes, and as we say in creole : “Zotte zis bisin faire boukoup lo lecran”. No offense.

As the past few days, there was the shooting again today, scheduled from 0900hrs to 17hr30. The students were going to be paid once the shooting ends at 17hr30.

However, at 1700hrs, the filming crew announced to the students that the shooting will end at 1000pm and the payment will be done ONLY at that time. Those willing to go home, can do so, without getting paid. To note that the shooting was being held in the auditorium.

From the data I gathered, all the students became angry about this announcement. Most of them have been present since early the morning and now, they have just learnt that they will not be paid at the said time.

Remo, the one whom many Mauritians actually love to see on the screen, gave the following order :


A real chaos at the University!

The Student Union was immediately called on the spot. The members of the Union met Remo urgently to discuss about this serious issue. The filming crew agreed to pay only Rs250 to those present at that time, an agreement that the students did not approve! After much discussion, the filming crew was forced to pay the whole amount of Rs500. Unfortunately, at that time (about 1830pm), many of the participating students already left the university premises without the payment.

And that’s how ended the day of loads of students of the university, frustrated and angry.

I have already got news that many of them have promised not to participate in any other shootings of this film… This film shooting will always stay in the memory of all the students, some who even preferred to bunk class in order to make some money.

Can anybody else provide more information about this incident?

Many thanks to Carrot and Rubidium11 (Flickr Twitter) for the images above.

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62 thoughts on “Controversy abt the shooting of Faltu @ UOM

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  1. 1 semaine ki pane reste online la..tou sa kitchose la fini ariV la..pheww..anyways..cmng 2 z topic of discussion..semaine avant moi mem mne ale fr payment graduation uni..n i was realy shocked 2 c z state of uni..franchement..sooo much of litter n mess..aprE kuma dire fete…

    UOM studs r educated people bane iliterate non?? ki zt lesse nimporte ki aaltu FAALTU personne humiliE zt alE.. i dunno y no1’s complaining 2 z higher ranks…or i dunno…moi mo dire..ale Radio plus do 😛


  2. li simple li, bane zeleve ena pou ale dan zot class bey zot ale dan zot class… Rs 500..hmmm 5 mins aussi boucoup pou fini li ha….

    @ Ruby bien daccord ar twa…. apres tous c’est managment UoM ki bizin donne tord… koz banla ti bizin pense tousala avant ki zot tombe daccord lor kite agreement…

    ek information ki mwa mone ggnE ar bane kam ki p ‘ale fer boukou lor lecran’ ine inform mwa ki ena boukou zeleve ine abuse ha zafer la… zot ti p met zot nom apres pas ti p ale dan shooting

    afin, c’est tous…. mE mw mo dir ki UniversitE c’est pas ene place pou fer tournage film ha..



  3. Well, if this is the situations, people coming in our area and think they are the boss, kick them out….
    let’s see how the movies become hit…..
    Will make it become super flop…
    Arrogant people who dn’t knw how to behave and want to become actors..
    Even don’t knw how to do business, are there how to cheat people…


  4. UPDATE: Faltu ti enkor bon comparé ar bann célébrations ki ti ena apré elections Student Council. Ena bann bebett ki’nn contigne crier couma lou-garou pendant 2hrs apré proclamation. Eski sa gathering la ek so-bann manifestations-la ti permis par commissaire de police sa? Si non, eski c’est pas enn illegal gathering, d’apré Public Gathering Act? Alors, ki-faire administration université pa’nn ramenn zot à l’ordre? Merde, tou etudiant gagne droit, d’abor et avant tou, etudier. Manifestation ou la-zwa divant enn coterie de puissants temporaire pas donne ou droit bafouer droit lezott. Student Council inn fini donn enn bien move l’exemp!


  5. I know it’s late to post about the discussion now…but just came across this blog now! LOL.
    Well i wanted to add that not only Remo behaved arrogantly and misbehaved…there was another one that probably many did not noticed. The one that behaves as a good guy and is every girls heart-throb: salman. Pa ggn cmpren ki li ti p fou lor sa set la..but on the last day of shooting, i was walking along the path in front of cafeteria to go to x-common at around past 4.30 p.m. They were to shoot in the “crater” near the cafeteria. At one point in time, i just saw salman charging into the crater, come near the path with his mic and ask non-figurative student with an angry tone resembling a “WTF u all doing here” tone: “salman: R u all xtras??..students: no…salman: then move back from here!” He said it a first time angrily to a group near the UOM map banner (where i also stood)..and another time, seconds after to a group of 3 or 4 uni girls near the cross-here…1st: harshly but corrected himself and talked a bit softer to z girls with pleaded hands, which sounded like “oops wat have i done..its gona impact on my image”.
    Maybe the uni girls who took a snap with him should judge more about the type of person they are posing and not behave lke 13yrs old! 🙂
    Well i leave judgments to u all..i accounted here wat i saw n heard.
    Thnx! 😉


  6. it turned out to be a not so bad movie, lol .. btw do you guys know that the story isn’t original but drawn from Accepted (2006) as you guess, indian are the masters in copying 😉


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