Price of Petrol (October 2010)

Good morning everyone.

New monthly price update, here it goes :

As you have noticed, the price of diesel has been unchanged exceptionally. Else, “Essence” has gone up again by Rs2.05, following the yoyo theory, lol.

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4 thoughts on “Price of Petrol (October 2010)

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  1. Thank God u r here Yashvin. Ech month I check your blog to see the prices as I don’t listen to radio nor watch tv 🙂

    Thnx!!! KEEP IT UP!


  2. Taaa, to kav louer 1 sms gateway, tou bloggers met so phone num, kuma to blog apropo lessence, gagne update lor mobile lol

    Radio+/TopFM/MBC tou fermer lerla, deza to p blog lor “mo ene bon poisson” 😀


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