446days to download a file

A picture is worth 1000 words…

Note : The connection is not that of MyT. I prefer not to reveal the source.

4 thoughts on “446days to download a file

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  1. I can probably guess which one. In the evening I am unable to download, after sunset I might as well give up using internet! Cyberisland indeed, I am still waiting for a major technological advancement in broadband services to arrive here!


  2. 1.3 bytes second???? bytes??? i`ve never seen this even on dial up my friend!! on top of that the ISPs in mauritius have “fair usage policy” which i think is cr#p coz u shud get what u pay for!!


  3. i`m studying in india, i get 300kbps broadband and pay approx rps 450. I was talking to my friend who is in Canada and he was shocked at that speed and said the least he knows is 1mbps and that he has 100 mbps!! we are a long way off mike!


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