Panorama Macondé

panorama macondé

It would have been so nice if the authorities did not install those stairs and security ‘handles’!

6 thoughts on “Panorama Macondé

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  1. WOW 😮 that is one amazing panorama! Really nice!

    Did you not take pictures from the top of the stairs? I’m wondering how a panorama would have looked from there


    1. Thanks Nav 🙂

      I took the picture from that location since I think that I would not have been able to capture the road so nicely if I was positioned further up the stairs.
      Part of the road would perhaps be hidden by the rocks.


  2. Yeah i see what you mean, and i think seeing both sides of the road coming round the cliff-face is a good focal point in the photo.

    I don’t think the stairs matter too much, in fact it’s a good contrast: ‘Natural scenic beauty meets urban control’ 🙂


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