Will the authorities tolerate street hawkers?

street hawkers

You may already be aware that a few months ago, the authorities prohibited the street hawkers (aka “Marchands lor simé“) to operate some areas in Port Louis, more exactly along ex-Desforges street. However, both parties came to an agreement which enabled these hawkers to work during the month of december 2009 till 10th January 2010 (if am not mistaken).

While listening to the radio, I heard that these same persons are announcing that they will NOT move away after the expiry of the agreement because the construction of  “Pont de Paris” is not over yet. This area will be some sort of hawker’s market where the latters will be able to operate legally…

For the benefits of all (mostly street hawkers and for the sake of the forthcoming elections), I think that the authorities will try to negociate for some agreement. The next months will be crucial and the actual government will be the “Yes Man” just to please everyone.

say no

Another recent example : No increase in price of petrol (Jan 2010). I am sure that there will be much more examples to quote, but I will keep that for another post.

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12 thoughts on “Will the authorities tolerate street hawkers?

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  1. ca blier, zot pu rester la meme.
    ena gros cash la dans. ministre involve….
    ellection le maire. ellection conseiller. etc etc


  2. election.. bein mo penC zotte pou gagne resT mais seki pas bon.. pas acoz imP dimoune puni tou les reste!!!

    mais seki pli matte.. tou dimoune trouve pou protesT dan sa pays la ek tou sorti avek kitsoz..

    c’est nou ki couyon.. travay from (9hr-18hr).. paye tax.. ek ki rest trankil..

    paye declaration.. road tax reste monT mem.. mem sa simE blockE ek marchant..

    Morice nice.. c bannes politicien ki en Couyonade…


  3. moi mo contre street hawkers…zot plein dimoun! sa chemin devant hassamal rose hill la kumadir la foire avec tout sa ban marchand ambulant la! mias bon pas penCn tout dimoun contre sa.. ene tas dimoun surtout fam kntan marchand ambulants.. ena ban dire ki li inhumain empeche zot travay au lieu ki zot kokin dimoun


  4. @vicks

    You’re spot on. You said everything !
    I hate when we’re the only ones being civilized and following the law



  5. Bann Hawkers la finn surement contribuer kitchose pou Mr Mayor & Co… deza ki bann Hawkers la pa declare tout zot bann transactions pou avoid tax.


  6. en parti c’est la faute au public aussi.

    si public pas achete avec ban marchand a b zot pu bizin deplacer \ alle faire ene lot travail. mais moricien contant >> idem pu ban marchand ki van manger asoir la rue deforge.

    permis pena, bloque chemin, condition sanitaire(zero), mais dimoune contigne acheter meme.


  7. yashvin, nu p coz marchand ambulant !!!

    eski ban autoriT konai ki sa v dir “ambulant” ousa bizin aster n dictionaire pu zot :D, cado en +

    apre cki moi mo comprn marchand ambulant pa bizin ress enplass, like in portlouis, kumadir zot **** so plass sa,

    like jaz said” pena perdi, bloque chemin, gagne prob r bnla.bla bla bla”

    this is an election bribe for No 1 & 2 !!! my P.O.V



  8. Good observation Yashvin, also good to talk about it, but as I’ve always believed in ACTIONS SPEAK STRONGER THAN WORDS DO. So i sincerely feel that comments, requests n proposals don’t fall into deaf ears.

    Regards/Asha B


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