Avoye nou imper la neigeeeeeee!


While the thermometer’s reading is heading towards the negative end in some countries, countries like Mauritius are going through a terribly hot weather.  People are complaining everywhere, either because of the cold (and much snow) or because of the burning sun!

If only we could exchange some rays of sunlight for a few hours of snow, wouldn’t that be nice?

Are you with meeeeeeeeeee?

Do you think that God will listen to my prayers? *cough* *cough*

Images from here and here too.

13 thoughts on “Avoye nou imper la neigeeeeeee!

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  1. Here we’re having some 60cms of snow around my in laws’ place. But as Namrata said, once you’re in it, mari problem. Ok, the first time its exciting and cool and all. Second time too. Then, when you can’t go to work or do anything but sit down at home for hours because you’re hindered by snow or have a car accident because of that, its no longer that cool. 😀


  2. yash honestly martire sa la neige la dont wish for it lol mo soeur ie namrata ine bien dire :p zis zoli pou gueter not when u bloody have to drive in it….pa besoin ski nanier pou patiner lol :p


  3. seriously,i wudnt mind snow 4 a few mins… or at least 1 hour!!! fer mega chaud!!! pfff. yashvin,tone deja gagn envi rent dan frigo pou dormi???? haha


  4. No thanks, had my share of the cold weather. I appreciate the warmth. However, when you start talking about my old working conditions in the Emirates with 45c in the desert then maybe I would appreciate cool snow!


  5. Eutaaaa pa fr nanier al rest vacoas forcer forcer to kapav gagne ene ti peu la grele :-p (pa coner si comme sa mem ekrir) :-p I wud vry much rather be on the sunny beaches of momo right nw 😦 so envious of u lot in mtius :p me sings 3 idiots so santer “bring me some sunshine” 😉


    1. @Archu : lol. yeah, mo comprend toi et lezotte. mo ti p dir sa for the fun. Seems mo bisin atttane kant mo cpv al promener parla alors lol.

      btw, nice song… Bring me some snow sunshine, oops!
      Thnks for ur comment dear 🙂


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