Price of Petrol Jan 2010

Sorry for being late to post the first price update for the year 2010.

I just learnt that price of L’essence has dropped while that of diesel remained the same.

They are as follows :

L’essence : Rs 41.65/L – > Rs 40.40/L.
Diesel : Rs 32.65/L

Good nite everyone!

I will never be able to understand the logic used by the APM ;

While the price of petrol is on the rise worldwide, they are decreasing it in Mauritius. And its true the other way round too!

Enfin, pas p plaigner 😛 Just a small comment!

11 thoughts on “Price of Petrol Jan 2010

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  1. neither do i.

    in december it dropped to 33 dollars a barrel november it was above 70 ..

    there ain’t any depreciation of local currency..the dollar is a stable rate..enfin!


  2. hehe, my point of view…. APM li baisse prix lesence moris, kan lot pays augmente pu zot…. vis versa !! sa ki apel moriss !! 😀 XD XD


  3. we do the contrary of what happens in the other parts of the world. just to show mauritians(who are supposedly stupid) that policy-makers are better by being different.
    the thing is that this pricing is political. it refers to a theory of a game by backward induction.(for those who study game theory in economics and maths). so the game is to win the election by planning a favourable price for petrol at the time near the election dates. so the yo-yo will continue. by this time we dont have any explanation why petrol and diesel have to move as they are. iS it god’s work( i mean mauritian gods).


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