Where are you on a friday night?

The “Friday Nite” happy hour fever is now part of ย the Mauritian lifestyle, part of the “social life”…

Le Suffren

Since a few years, Le Suffren had been The Place to go to have a nice time among friends or colleagues.


Parking : Free.

You find it a bit too crowdy?

Get into the free “Taxi” boat to go to the other side, i.e. Le Caudan Waterfront…

Le Caudan Waterfront

Le Caudan Waterfront

Once you are at Le Caudan, you got to take a decision, quite difficult for a first time :

Would you like to enjoy the cool atmosphere of Shooters Pub & Resto?


Wanna live music? Keg & Marlin will definitely a nice place to hang out with friends…

Or perhaps you would you like to have a HUGE beer mug of Phoenix in Sunset Cafe at only Rs 100?

Parking : Rs30 for first 4 hours and Rs30 for each additional hour.

Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points By Sheraton
Four Points By Sheraton

For those working in Ebene and the surroundings, it can be quite tiresome to drive down to the Grand Bay, Port Louis or to Flic en Flac, especially on a Friday night.

Four points

Four Points by Sheraton is the new 4 star hotel right in the heart of the Ebene Cybercity. Great atmosphere and I think its much easier for people to get a corner or a sofa for themselves compared to Le Suffren.

Sheraton ( G-Day Mauritius)
Sheraton ( G-Day Mauritius)

And the service is definitely much better!

Finally, if you want to have some “cacahuettes”, just ask… At Le Suffren, you might finish your beer without any sign of your “gajak”!

Parking ย : Free.

Keops Amnezia

Formerly known as Kitsch, Keops is another altenative for those around Ebene and it is located right into the Ebene Way Complex


Parking : Free.


A few months back, Lambic opened its doors.


Situated near the police headquarters in Port Louis, it has a huge variety of beers from different parts of the world! Indeed, you will be amazed when you will see yourself in the middle of a room with thousands of bottles of beer!

Boire fini, bouteille rester!


That’s the place to go if you want to taste that beer you had in London or Belgium! And of course, you can even have The Phoenix beer!

Parking : At your own risk, i.e. on the streets of the capital.

What about your choice?

This is only part of the review since there are loads more of pubs and restos out there, especially in Grand Bay and Flic en Flac, may be I will talk about them later on.

Now, what if you tell us where you prefer to go for a drink and why?

35 thoughts on “Where are you on a friday night?

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  1. Lol, mo kone kifer nek Vendredi ena Happy Hours dan Moris —-> Pa zouer Tulsi Vendredi lol ๐Ÿ˜›
    Btw, Nice and Informative post….Will prove useful to me in some more years ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Moi sa l’heure la moi croire mo p tweet lor twitter sa !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ou p modifier kit chose lor Blog !! Dinner… satini coco, la soupe bred sousou, di riz ek gratin pomme de terre !! LOL


  3. It would be nice if you can give us an idea how much it can cost for 2 people for the respective restos u mentioned above…


  4. @Vaiizard : hmm nice question but quite difficult to answer, however, I will try to give you a rough in the near future… perhaps in a next blog post? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Keep tuned!


  5. Yeah would be nice to knw the prices… i hear that some places can hit you wallet very hard…

    it would be good to knw where to go if ur on a budget…

    but good review.:)


  6. My Ratings

    Broadway @ Club Hippique wins by a canter.

    Among those you mentioned

    On a Friday Night
    1. Sunset Cafe
    2. Keg N Marlin
    3. Suffren
    4. Four Points

    On a Saturday Night
    1. Four Points
    2. Keg N Marlin

    On any other football nights
    1. Keg N Marlin

    I dont rate Shooters & Keops at all due to their poor service.
    I have not been at Lambic yet



  7. Four Points Sheraton and Le Suffren! I don’t usually go every Friday. Just occasionally. and I agree with you, Four Points is way better and it is near work! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Shooters is a no-no! didn’t like it there! ๐Ÿ˜›


  8. Hey i have been to the Suffren Happy Hour this friday with Accenture Folks, and it was quite good.(for a 1st time)

    One Night stay at Le Suffren (including breakfast) + Catamaran on the following day.(Rs1800 only)

    I think the promotion is still on.

    You should check it out m8.

    Gonna try for the other places in the future.



  9. sunset garden @ flic en flac (very nice)
    Big Willy’s @ Tamarin (nice too but 99% blanc laba)

    sa ban places la ek seki zot ine mention la zis bon pu sanze inpe l’air, ene fwa dan ene pays kapav aller.. ban prix la tro chaud!

    Ban vrai friday happy hours c dan ban bar kot gagn poisson corne ek so salad lalo! perron, ti mari, montagne, etc…

    super l’ambiance, kav met short savate ek very affordable.. sel problem: ladies not admitted ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. @Mike : It seems that there has been a recent price review at Lambic, and the prices went UP!

      @Ashvindmi : Yeah, mo koner sa promo la, mone gagne sa par mail. Parait siper interessant. Good marketing, especially since the crowd at Suffren is becoming quite rare nowadays!

      @Ashvin : Sunset garden, bisin try sa ene koup ๐Ÿ˜›
      Of course, poche pu vide si to al bane baze la tous les jours, mais 1 ti drink de temps en temps pas faire dimal ๐Ÿ™‚

      btw, today was at Sunset Cafe(Caudan).

      Ene litre la bierre @Rs90+vat… pas mal du tout!!


  10. hi friends, who has ever enjoy at shooters as me and my friends are going there for happy hours this friday, i just wanna know how it is there since it is my first night party with friends


  11. This post came at the right moment! Exceptionally i have been allowed to go out with some friends tonight. So, we have planned to go to Sheraton as its near for some friends who work in Ebene. Then either to Les Enfants Terribles or to Shout in Flic en Flac. Which is better?


    1. @Preena : lol, I guess imper trop tard mo p repond ๐Ÿ˜› So, which one were you in and how was it?

      @Selven : Koter sa? donne imper details, mo add li ๐Ÿ˜› et fotos si to ena lol


  12. lol, its alright. Finally we went to sheraton, then to keops. i didnt really like it there :S. the music was ok. I prefer shout at flic en flac.


  13. Sa troi dernier semaine mo ti dan moris la monn fer boucou letour ban bon plas. Couma Ashvin dir, Sunset Garden extra net surtou samedi soir: zot ti-punch mari bon, enn l’assiette camaron grillรƒยฉ mari bon ek pa cher ek ena live music. Twins garden Flic en Flac oussi extra bon pou pass enn bon lasoirรƒยฉe manzer ek รƒยฉcoute la mizik.

    En termes restoran mo prefer ban bon ti resto bien moricien. Mo preferer c’est “Chez Rosy” a Gris-Gris, meilleur “assiette du pรƒยชcheur” ki to capav gagner dan moris, banker sec sa!


  14. huh!?!
    just one question yashvin!
    are you getting paid for the publicity?(just joking)
    man i wud prefer a good old traditional bar with a group
    friends. it cost very much less and its much more fun!!!
    had been to SHOUT once, i remembered that they were serving
    a shot of ‘i dont know what’ for rs3000 only!!!
    man i could have bought a bottle of jack daniel with that money!!!!!


  15. answer is simple,

    pou passe 1 mari bon moment trankil, sans ki to p pense soulE defoncE, et to ena kas plein:

    LAMBIC is the answer.

    To envi kass 1 poz yam 1 bon kantitE tounn, kass ok, ki to fer?

    SHERATON is the answer

    To envi kass 1 ti poz entre cam, 1 lambiance nissa, kass moderate, enfin yam un peu bann dimoune ki konn habillE?

    SUFFREN is the answer.

    Mais mais mais… asterr si ou ena rs.50 dans ou poche et ou corom si pareil,

    LABOUTIK Sinoi is the answer, you prend 1 ti goodwill, 1 ti sachet sev et baguette fromaz, al kass 1 poz dans cam ou kot lariviere … perfect moment.. a la mauriciene!!! [free parking, free music performed by yourself and natural view!]

    ps. don’t drink and drive, drink moderately.


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