Loto lo 4 blocks!

No words can really describe the scene this morning…

As you can guess, thieves have removed all the 4 tyres during this night…

Sure, it was a bit funny, but pfff, the owner has to spend quite a large sum to be able to drive his car again!

25 thoughts on “Loto lo 4 blocks!

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  1. my god, if feel sorry for the owner of the car! I know this car very well as it’s parked by the road every night… En passant, ivon pane dire li tire loto depi laba:)?


  2. Ena baizer la! So sad for this guy… Mo croir bizin met camera dan sa ban regions la! Ben la c election ki important la…


  3. when i read the title first thought was LOTO GAMES
    what a misery for the car owner ,its not easy to run a car nowadays, i know what’s it mean i have to take loan not to buy car but to buy petrol to run it , now to buy spare parts whats a sadness may the King of the Universe help him


  4. seriously wat kinda of thieves man u wanna steal n u steal only tires!!
    lousy thieves!
    ba feel sorry 4 da owner anywayz!!
    lucky it aint a BMW!

    p.s: pran courage mr owner!


  5. @ Tarana : It appears that wheels are are easier to steal. If they can get some bucks with them, why would they bother to take the whole vehicle (and risk getting caught).

    La plupart du temps, les voleurs sont malins mais pas trรƒยจs intelligents. Dans ce cas, c’est une combinaison des deux :p


  6. classic mauritian story!

    always heard of it.. now i got to see it.

    dapres lorde loto la ti ena ban zoli ti zante cosmic, aster la line gagne zante comic ๐Ÿ™‚


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