Je hais la pub “La sensibilité dentaire”

Pub, encore!

A chaque diffusion de cette pub, je la déteste encore plus!

Tout simplement parce que la pub en question est nulle comme tant d’autres. Malgré ça, on ne peut l’arrêter 😛

C’est juste mon point de vue, comme d’hab. Et le votre?

24 thoughts on “Je hais la pub “La sensibilité dentaire”

Add yours

  1. Well i agreed with u cos we dnt focus on the teeth that should hav been the main objective of this ad…instead we show a dentist in his cabinet (rather ugly) explaining la sensibilté dentaire n a gal who is testifying without showin her teeth n her usin the toothpaste…well the pub is ‘nulle’


  2. i hv been on holiday 4 jst 2months n i shud say it is 1 pub dat jst piss me off!!

    da most anoyin thing is dat they dnt jst pass it 1nce or twice but everytime!!
    dnt dey hv anyting else 2 show!!
    n da canadian accent dat jst makes u wanna shoot urself!!!!


  3. “c’est très agréable pour moi…”

    L’horreur! quand la femme dit cela…c grave net cette pub..j’ai envie de foutre une baffe et au soi disant dentiste et à la patiente car cette pub me donne envie d’arracher toute mes dents! lol!


  4. Yep i agree with all of ya der… This pub is damn so irritatin! N dat goddamn thing’s quite long.. I’ve seen it so many times that i now know all spoken words by heart!!


  5. Ya it’s a sort of ‘beating around the bush ad’ Hmmm takes too much time! BTW 35 la ena n jolie smile et ça c’est très agréable pour moi!


  6. Je n’aime pas trop cette pub ek je comprends ki ena boku pa kontan sa pub la… au fait, li rode passe li PAS pou ene pub mais pou ene pseudo-realist informercial. Li ene pub ki incognito, wadirer..sameme you won’t find the usual advertisement gimmicks. Donc c pas vraiment ki li mal fait, c juste ki li p rode passe le message (aster mo dentifrice!) autrement. (mais li vrai ki li bom selman) :p


  7. Ayooooooo wai la peine sa pub laaaaa!!!!!! zot si zot in remark saaaaa! Mo gagne l’envi craz mo tv!en + each time to p guet soemthing interesting lerla meme each 5 – 10 mins p gagne sa 😦


  8. lepok sa recalm la pe diffuser dan moris!!!
    kapav mem plis ki 4 ans!!!!
    lets say that this pub is being broadcast for about 8 times a day.(especially when there are the 24hr chrono episodes or any worth to watch movie)
    ok now there are about 365 days per year!

    8 x 365 x 4= 11680!!!!!!!!!!!

    nxt time that gonna see this toothpaste in the mall i’m gonna secretly open its cap, squeeze all the paste out and leave it there as if nothing happened! seriously! i’m gonna do this!!!!!


  9. forgot to add:
    after coming out of the mall, i’m gonna shout “c’est très agréable pour moi…”!!!!!!!!!!


  10. this ad makes anyone want to puke. The frequency in which it is shown ad nauseam on TV causes RAGE !! Which reminds me of dentist joke to a patient getting treatment for his teeth: “sir, there is good news and bad news. The good news is your teeth are ok but the bad news is your gums will have to come out”!.


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