Aucune photo de la rencontre du PM et Obama?

Ceci est une réponse à l’article apparu dans l’express d’aujourd’hui, 27 septembre 2009.

Express extract

Le journaliste écrit (je cite):

Le Premier ministre a déjeuné cette semaine avec le président américain Barack Obama. Aucune photo n’a immortalisé la rencontre.

Plus loin dans ce même article :

Navin Ramgoolam ne rentrera pas au pays avec une photo souvenir le montrant en compagnie du président américain Barack Obama.

Contrairement à ce qui a été écrit, La Maison Blanche a publié une photo officiel du President Obama et notre Premier Ministre, le Dr Navin Ramgoolam.

A voir ici sur flickr.

obama navin pic

Comme vous le voyez, cette article induit les mauriciens en erreur et je pense que les mauriciens ne doivent jamais se fier à tous les articles des journalistes 😛

A bon entendeur, salut!

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  1. Happens when you write articles without checking your facts!

    Good that you have pointed it out. Maybe in the future, authors will check their sources first, before writing stuff.

    BTW! You commented on the US Department of State asking for permission to put up the photo! Wonder if you will get a reply… 😀


    1. lol! I love this phrase 😛

      I am impatient to hear what the journalist has to say. And as Fadil mentioned, the picture was shown on MBC news!
      As a news organisation, they have a right to publish it, unlike me (as written in the flickr picture).
      I don’t think that the authorities may consider us as a news organisation yet, waiting to see if The White House replies to my comment on their flickr 😛


  2. I sense another war coming between the PM and the press. That press article is like provocation = no photo with President Obama but we have a nice one of you with that lovable character from Zimbabwe.


  3. @Rabin :

    Alors, voici ton explication…
    La photo sur flickr date de Septembre 23, 2009.
    Et comme tu le mentionnes, t’as essayé jusqu’a le 26. Définitivement, c’est une erreur, que t’as assumé les responsabilités.
    Ceci dit, cela montre a quel point les journalistes ne font pas leur boulot correctement. Cet article a complètement attiré mon attention car j’ai vu la photo sur flickr ce matin (dimanche) et tard dans l’après-midi, j’ai lu ton article.

    De toute façon, cette article ne m’étonnes point, surtout d’un journal qui subit le boycotte de l’état.


  4. Mise a jour :

    Les gens autours de MMM et le journaliste essaient de faire diversion.

    En effet, j’ai impression que ces gens essaient de rediriger l’attention des gens sur la photo de Mugabe, loin des mots ou le journaliste mentionne à deux reprises que Navin n’as pas de Photo avec Obama.


  5. Oublions l’express pendant un moment ici. Si la photo apparait sur le compte flickr de la maison blanche le 23 comme tu le dis, j’imagine que des tetes vont tomber dans la cellule de comm du PM… Je sais pas si vous savez comment ca marche reellement, mais le journaliste n’est pas le seul a blamer ici. Le communicant a lourdement manque dans sa tache. Une photo avec Mugabe n’etait sans doute pas la photo appropriee a envoyer a la presse.


  6. Yashvin Merci
    As Sun said yashvinblogs just pawned lexpress. LOL

    L’express toujours pou fer so campagne MMM li. ki nou kav fer? c zot mem ki p fer campagne MMM 🙂
    rapellons l’affiare M. L. Bundhoo entre autres….
    couma 1 camarade in dir :


  7. Lol je vous rassure que les sympathisants de MMM ne sont pas inquiets de la photo avec Obama. Navin n’a pas le droit de l’utiliser pour une campagne politique, c’est explicitement mentionne sur la photo sur Flick. Anyway, a storm in a tea cup … Tant mieux si un PM Mauricien a pu “rencontrer” le President Americain. On aurait prefere le voir en discussion avec Obama seulement … au lieu de sourire avec Mugabe. Enfin, le journaliste a fait son mea culpa.


  8. Hi Yahsvin

    I don’t like it when our politician brags about their visit or who they know personally, but man kudos for getting this picture.

    And yes you can use the picture. Click on “Some rights reserved” for the details.

    And please post a note on l’ and/or send an email to Rabin Bhujun to ask him to rectify what he said. As an honorable journalist I’m sure he will.

    My comment is in no way pro or against any political party in Mauritius, but I hate it when journalists do not check what they write about.

    Kudos again!!!


    1. As you have perhaps noticed, there are 2 main points in this article :

      The journalist did not write the truth, in fact, he wrote what he found true from the limited info he had in his possession
      The journalist purposely wrote the false news twice, and in an ironical way. If his aim was to show the photo of Mugabe, why making mention of this false declaration?

      Enplus, ils persistent sur le fait que le bureau du PM a envoye le photo de Mugabe. Je l’ai dis a plusieurs reprises, on ne parle pas du tout de ce photo!

      On parle des faussete sur cette article!


  9. The picture is not from the White House Flikr stream but on that of the U.S. Department of State’s. As Mr Rabin Bhujun pointed out he did look for a picture on the White House website and didn’t find any.

    Who could have guessed that it is on the DoS’s website.

    Comeon give him a break now. Even he agrees that he made a mistake, what can be more honorable than that.

    And please, is it really a big deal that Dr Ramgoolam is talking to President Obama or Mr Mugabe. We may not agree with the latter’s policy, but that does not mean we should ignore him at a UN meeting. Remember UN is neutral ground.

    Who would buy the fact that this picture will be used for the political campaign. Whoever would have been the current Prime Minister would have met the US President. Had it been President Bush, would that make any difference.

    Let’s leave international diplomacy where it should be. Let’s not bring it into petty politics. I am sure those who are blogging have a high educational level, so I trust they are better than that.

    Cheers and God Bless!


    1. @yesyoucan : You said nice things which really make sense, including :

      1. Is it really a big deal that Dr Ramgoolam is talking to President Obama or Mr Mugabe
      2. Remember UN is neutral ground
      3. As Mr Rabin Bhujun pointed out he did look for a picture on the White House website and didn’t find any. (Yes indeed, but that doesn’t mean what he wrote)
      4. Who would buy the fact that this picture will be used for the political campaign (The US dept clearly writes that this picture cant be used for political matters. @Bruno mentioned it too)
      5. I am sure those who are blogging have a high educational level (Yeah! 😀 )

      Have a nice day 😉


  10. L’express ek so bann fot gramatikal ki zot kite la. Kitfwa ki letan zot inn fer enn search lor Ramgoolam zot inn mal type so nom. 😀


  11. there’s only one sentence which is not true! so why focus so hard on it?? do u know yashvin how many times u did write non-sense things on your blog itself without checking your info?? refering to this:

    “In Mauritius, the State Trading Corporation is responsible for reviewing the prices of different products to reflect the world price.”

    where the correct body is the APM…

    la marre p riye la boue! met serier camarad!


    1. @Vikash :

      Justement Vikash, I am not a journalist! My job is not about informing people. I write what I know.

      That’s the difference.

      Anyway, thnks for ur comment 😉


  12. Yashvin, I was not going to comment on this very very petty issue, I mean there are people dying of famine and AIDS in Africa and look what we are complaining about. But now this is getting annoying.

    Firstly, Rabin didn’t write rubbish on purpose. You are getting confused between how a journalist operates and how a blogger does. You can go on flickr or search the web here and there to put bits together. The journalist works differently. When there has been an official visit to a certain country, they get official pictures from the media unit of the Prime Minister’s Office. If the media unit effectively f*cked up and did not provide any pictures and this journalist did not effectively search the whole web,which was fine, then why are you so intent on crucifying him?? He didn’t get any pictures from the PMO, he didn’t get any picture from the White House in time before publication, then he has the right to write what he sees at the time of publication.

    You are just going on and on about him, and I haven’t heard you once talk about the ‘incredible’ work of the media unit (or whatever it’s called) of the PMO!! And ermm do you really want me to point out what is the difference between talking to Mugabe and talking to Obama? Really? I thought press advisors were meant to have degrees in media studies and stuff like that, but your PM goes to a UN summit in the Obama’s US and the picture they send is one of him talking and smiling in the company of a mad dictator? Worse, they forget to send the press the most important picture, that is, the picture of him with Obama? The job of Rabin and consequently of lexpress is not to search Flickr or, if they are provided with shit, they have to publish what they have been provided with. To be fair to Rabin, he did actually look for the pic on the web and didn’t get it. Newspapers work on tight deadlines, if the ultimate authorities, i.e, the PMO’s press office and the White House press office did not provide any pictures at the time of publication, then it’s well within Rabin’s right to publish what is on offer.

    Ok can we get back to real matters now? Like, you know, recession? For God’s sake, I think even swine flu generated less controversy.


  13. And erm, UN is not neutral ground. If you think it is, then pinch yourself and wake up.

    I searched the Flickr photostream of the US Dept of State and could not find any pics of Obama with Mugabe, maybe I did not search properly, but if the US president is nto going to appear with a mad dictator on a pic, then who the hell is Navin Ramgoolam?? A Saint?? The most powerful man on Earth???

    If Hitler came to a UN meeting, do you think Winston Churchill would have invited him for a cup of tea and cookies because it’s a neutral venue??

    Anyway, why am I still here??? lol


    1. @Yashi : Hi. perhaps you have not read my previous comments, but what I found bad abt this article is the fact that he wrote that there was no photo twice, and ironically (personal opinion of course) while his main topic title was about “L’autre rencontre de Navin”.
      This was of course done of purpose, but he may deny it. However, he assumed his resposabilities and wrote on his blog that he made an error. But what happens to the thousand of people who read the newspaper? Those who don’t read his blog?

      Nothing had been made to notify them (not to my knowledge).
      You went a bit out of subject when you talked on Mugabe, UN, WinstonChurchill etc, nevermind.

      btw, you are here koz u feel u need to be here to express urself. I can’t expect everyone to think just like me, but I know am not the only one 😉


  14. @Yashvin: I did not go out of subject, I was just pointing out how stupid a claim that the UN is neutral is.

    Yashvin, now you are trying all you can just to put a noose around Rabin’s neck. What difference does it make if he mentioned it twice??? Is that really what you find wrong with this? That he mentioned it twice? I think he is right to mention it twice, maybe he should have mentioned it a few times more, because at the time of publication, he was bloody provided with a picture of Navin with Mugabe!!!!!!!!! And not one with Obama. This is big news, our PM brags all week about being personally invited by Obama, who apparently texted him on his mobile phone saying ‘hi Nav,you alright mate? jst wantd to see if u wanna meet up this week, tc xxxx’, then when time comes to send pics to the press to effectively show Obama personally meeting Navin, the PM’s press office doesn’t do that, instead they send pics of Mugabe with him!! I think Lexpress should run this story AGAIN! Why the hell do we have to go all the way to the US Dept of State’s Flickr account to see a pic of our PM?? You are talking about thousands of poor Mauritians who unfortunately won’t be able to eat or might have to commit suicide this week because of this now, but you know what, you write loads of good stuff, but, I’m sorry, I pray to God those thousands of people do not read this article. All this is is shit-stirring. Shit-stirring in a teacup.

    Now it’s up to Lexpress to run a story about how the taxes paid by the thousands of people you are mentioning are used to run the PMO!


    1. @Yashi :
      You mentioned “Why the hell do we have to go all the way to the US Dept of State’s Flickr account to see a pic of our PM??”

      Because the picture was taken by the official photographer there, so simple like that 😉

      btw, this topic was discussed on different blogs as well as on facebook pages. Meaning, that I am not the only one thinking that the article had some ‘flaw’.

      Since the author recognized making an error, I can’t understand why you are still clamming that I am the one who “all you can just to put a noose around Rabin’s neck”???

      Else, he would not have written his blog article and by doing this, he also showed that he is responsible, even if he was not given the proper image by the PM’s communication cell.


  15. No Yashvin, I know why the picture is on the official a/c of the US dept on Flickr, I am not thick! But there is something which you are just no admitting, it’s that the PM’s press office made a massive mistake too. You are just not admitting it. You are saying Rabin should scour the whole web for pictures, he should go to the far reaches of civilisation to get a pic. Yet, the PM’s bloody press office, one of the tasks which they are responsible for being releasing official pics to the local press, DO NOT do their job and you have chosen to completely ignore them. Just because you, as the saviour of the people of Mauritius, are trying to take on Rabin and Lexpress.

    Rabin did not get any pics at the time of publication, that’s pretty much clear at this point, even if this wasn’t the case, I don’t think any of us knows better than him. He apologised even though he did not have to. Yeah, he went hardcore on the pic with Mugabe, because this is a big story and Lexpress would obviously want to milk it. It’s their job!! But amidst all these, where is the apology from the PM’s office? Would they admit they messed up? Would they send an apology to Lexpress and ALL other newspapers? No, because Navin would come back and use this to his advantage. Would anyone pro-Navin or pro-the-people-of-Mauritius complain then? Noopes!!!

    All I want is a bit of perspective, open-mindedness and looking at both sides of the coin.

    Erm, I didn’t say you are the ONLY one doing it. I am saying it here that you are doing it, because…this is your blog…!!

    And no, by writing his blog, he didn’t show that he is SOLELY responsible and should be sentenced to death, the keywords being ‘solely’ and ‘sentenced to death’. He just showed that he’s got big balls to come forward and take the ‘blame’ as dished out by the likes of you. He did it so that he can explain himself. And he apologised because he knows his words could be interpreted as being an intended lie, even though he was helpless. He knows he might be viewed as a biased journalist. That’s why he came forward and decided to deal with criticisms in the best and most humble way he could. But that doesn’t mean he is SOLELY responsible for this!!!!! If you are writing an article about him, then maybe you should write one about our ‘trusted’ public services who not only pushed him towards this article but would also not be writing in their blog/website to explain what happened!


  16. Bottom line, the journalist didn’t have to mention that there was no picture of Ramgoolam and Obama. The PMO may not have done his job right or whatever, but the journalist could instead have said that no picture has been provided yet….
    And yashvin is right, the journalist was ironic! so the intention was clear…shedding the PM in a bad light.

    L’express is sooo urrrgh!


  17. Aniisah, of course the intention was to publish a big story, which is what newspapers have been doing for ages.

    But, I think it all started when instead of providing a pic of Navin with Obama, they provided one with Mugabe… That’s what the article is all about. About his ‘other’ meeting.


    1. @Yashi :

      Well said “That’s what the article is all about. About his ‘other’ meeting.”

      So, why did he made mention of something which he was obviously not sure of and which was definitely not his subject?


  18. @yashvin, what wasn’t he sure about? He was sure about there being no picture of the PM with Obama when the story went to publication, he was sure about getting a nice picture of our PM having a nice chat with a mad dictator. That’s his story. He started with that. He said there were no pics of Obama with our PM, BUT there is one with another ‘great’ leader. That’s the gist of the story.


    1. @Yashi :
      Ok, seems you did not read what he wrote, I quote :
      Vendredi soir, j’ai essayé de faire une recherche sur le site de la Maison Blanche pour trouver une photo réunissant Ramgoolam et Obama durant l’évènement. Il n’y en avait pas. Je n’allais pas être plus royaliste que le roi. Si le site de la Maison Blanche et le service de comm’ du Premier ministre n’avaient pas encore fourni de photo, je n’allais pas persister à la chercher à 21h45 samedi soir, à l’heure du bouclage de l’express dimanche.

      Again in his post, “Mais nous ne l’avions pas

      At no moment, he said that (I quote from your text here) :
      “He was sure about there being no picture of the PM with Obama when the story went to publication”

      He mentioned that he looked for pics everywhere, but did not find one.

      How can you say that he was sure, when he personally never said that?


  19. @yashvin, does he need to say, ‘I am sure’ so that everyone knows, ok now he is sure? As he said, if the White House and the PMO have nothing, he is not going to question them and say, well maybe there is, but they are hiding it! You don’t seem to understand that if something isn’t forthcoming at the time of publication, then they go with what they have. Newspapers aren’t built on maybes and maybe nots.

    You are failing to get my point here because it seems like we will be here all day. I accept he apologised because of that line where he says there are no pictures. He apologised because it looks like an intentional lie, an inflammatory one too. But what I don’t approve of personally is this witch-hunt where this guy is being made the scapegoat and no-one seem to think the PMO did anything wrong to induce Lexpress into publishing this. I know you are a great lover of conspiracies, Yashvin, so maybe you would like this: maybe the PMO did it on purpose (of course this is rubbish!)! Because the only people to gain anything from this is the MLP. No, the population doesn’t gain anything from this, they don’t gain anything from your post, they don’t gain anything even if Lexpress apologises tomorrow. The population loses overall whatever happens, because there has been a fuss about something this trivial.


    1. @Yashi :
      You said something on which I won’t comment “maybe the PMO did it on purpose (of course this is rubbish!)

      You may believe that the population doesn’t gain everything, but the aim of my article is definitely to tell Mauritians that there was some false news. PERIOD


  20. @yashvin, fair enough, it’s your blog after all, although this article is more about Rabin’s ‘deliberate’ sin rather than false news in general, so yeah, the population doesn’t gain anything from all this mud-slinging imo. I will be looking forward to an article about govt expenditures on the salaries of press advisors to the PM, which is an issue which directly affects the population. Because I am sure they will be able to survive after reading the Lexpress article. They will be more concerned with how the taxes they pay are wasted in certain public offices.

    Yeah. you are welcome not to comment on that bit, because it was meant to be a joke, although since the NWO order episode, I half-expected you to comment on it.


  21. Welldone Yashvin.

    To ine reussi met a nu la facon de faire de ene parti de la presse mauricienne. Li vraiment dommage ki bannes la met l’emphase lor bannes faussetes. Ena fois mo laisse commentaires lor site sa zournal la pou reflecter mo point de vu lor zot l’articles mais pou ene raison obscure mo bannes commentaire pas paret.

    Li pa politik mais li plutot l’integrite de l’information qui nous p gagner ki en cause. Mo pou dire ki sa zournal ki declare li ‘libre’ la pas vaut plis ki mbc. Outil de propagande.

    Lot zours la ene chef de presse ti p dir ki li bisin assure li ki tous employees partage meme valeurs ki li avant li aller. Mo pou dir ki journaliste effectivement in demontrer ki li partage sa bannes valeurs la.

    Zournalistes bisin realiser ki l’integrite zots l’information ki donne valeur a zots zournals.. pas bannes fausettes!

    Good job again Yashvin. La verite qui primer …


  22. Another proof that the press play a sordid role in this country.They always go hysterical whenever their actions are questioned, as an attack on their profession.Freedom of press is one thing, but abuse of it should be dealt with severely. There are too many impressionable people in this country.


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