Croyez-vous aux extraterrestres?

Sont-ils la?

Le nombre d’articles consacrés à ce sujet s’élève à des milliers. Il y a tant de films dans lesquelles des êtres venus d’ailleurs figurent sur les affiches, sans parler des documentaires produit avec des images (ou preuves) recueillis a travers le monde.
Tout récemment, Transformers 2 nous montre comment des robots vivent en harmonie avec les humains, prêts à intervenir pour sauver la terre.

Transformers 2

Ce genre de film peut parfois attirer notre curiosité ou même nous laisser stupéfait quand on réalise les dizaines de mystères rester inexplicables sur terre.

Et s’ils existaient vraiment?

Cachées par les militaires sur des sites hautement sécurisée ou même, si ils sont déjà  parmi nous… mon ordinateur, mon portable, ou peut être ma voiture, ma chienne Pif (qui sourit) ou ma copine? 😛

Qu’en pensez-vous?

21 thoughts on “Croyez-vous aux extraterrestres?

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  1. I could believe in extra-terrestrial presence, but not the ones that are in transformers! No way man..not could possibly be true!


  2. Not a question of belief like in religion but more of a probability. The reports on UFOs have continued throughout the years and many governments take it seriously enough to do some investigations. After you eliminate all the natural phenomena you are still left with an important number of unexplained situations. However, after that you still need research into the origins and so far nothing is proven. So human imagination on this subject is being displayed in books and films.


  3. ahem u never no kest ki trame sur cette terre ou dans lespace!si ban creature bizare comme les humains sont la ben pq pa les extra-terreste!


  4. @ Sun: hyper LOL!

    Oh yes I do! I believe that like Mauritius is a dot on the Earth, the Earth itself is a small ‘ping-pong’ ball in the universe. Maybe the Aliens won’t look like us nor the way they are shown in movies but they do exist…

    Would be a waste if we are the only ones non??? Such an immense Universe, only us? Nah!

    When we shall finish the Earth, some beings from other galaxies will come to take us to their place where we shall be slaves for the rest of our lives…lol!


  5. The first contact with extraterestial beings may solve many problems in this world… many problems related to religions or races..

    Law of probability says that there’ll be one day when this will happen..



  6. I’ve seen it on many websites where people affirm that many things related to aliens are kept as secrets by the military in highly guarded places….. one example is the area 51…


  7. Suis franchement trop penché sur ma terrestre misère pour y penser. Je ne crois plus aux étoiles par contre, elles brillent d’une lumière suspecte, qui me fait penser aux bioniques surveillants qui surplombent nos têtes dans le supermarché.
    Si ET existait je renouerais peut-être un peu plus avec l’humanité et la beauté. Étrange, autrefois on pensait que des êtres vivaient sous terre, aujourd’hui on se moque des morts vivants.
    Alors, la pensée virtuelle aidant, on peuple le ciel d’OVNIs (religions à part).
    S’ils existent, pourquoi restent-ils si discrets? Peur des taxes? Peur de quelqu’un?
    Je ne me souviens plus, mais il me semble que Jane Fonda a incarné une extra terrestre (Barbarella).
    Il faut peut-être interroger le collège des ondes, pour savoir si elles sont brouillées.


  8. forget about transformers lol :p

    remember Roswell? you should have added this to your article. would have been great 🙂

    but anyway i have always wonder what if there was a planet on the opposite side of the sun going round the sun @ the same speed of the earth.

    would we ever know lol 😛

    and anyway there has been many sighting of UFO’s during the 60s but none now..

    its like going on the moon.nobody cares about it anymore and just like for aliens, c plus a la mode :p


  9. Its interesting that this topic should come up right after i finished reading Sidney Sheldon’s Doomsday Conspiracy. At the end of the novel, there are a number of highly disturbing facts which Mr Sheldon came across while doing research for his book. For example, between 1982 and 1988, 23 scientists working on different aspects of UFO research died in very suspicious circumstances: car or glider accidents, suicide by strangulation, suicide by hanging, suicide by jumping off buildings or bridges, suicide by crawling under a car…

    Someone mentioned Roswell. My Dad, ever the sceptic, reckons that was just some diversions tactics employed by the government. I dunno…It seems pretty expensive to me, building the “disc-shaped object” seen by eyewitnesses, having it crash somewhere, send military personnel there and having it replaced by a weather balloon, then setting up a highly secret panel to investigate the incident…

    When the ex-president of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam came to Mauritius a few years ago, i attended the interactive session he conducted with students, and i got the occasion of asking him a question. He explained that the reason he believes there might be life “out there” is because its impossible that the conditions that are favourable for life on Earth are found only on our planet. The Universe is beyond immense, we cannot be the only ones living in it. So if thats good enough for him, its definitely good enough for me!

    SETI, the search for extra terrestrial intelligence, has always fascinated me, so the bottom line is: oui, je crois aux extra-terrestres!


  10. Disclosure will probably be made at the end of Obama’s second mandate. We have many credible witnesses; pilots, airforce who have made several bizarre sightings during flightn during the last decaded. We also have several cases of crashed ufos, the most popular one being roswell. Many countries such as UK , Australia and new zealand have recently de-classified their ufo files from the past 50 years.Makes you wonder why the US won’t follow suit.


  11. Anything is possible in this life. However it is not necessary that it’s exactly how we view it today or as viewed in the cinemas.

    Let our imagination wander even to what seems impossible. Maybe there we find the truth! 😉


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