Mefiez vous de la grippe A (H1N1)

Virus detected

Evitez tout contacte avec des personnes infectées ou avec des touristes.

C’est la seul façon pour eviter d’etre infecté par le virus H1N1. Les campagnes de prévention et d’information sont plus fréquentes ces jours ci surtout avec une soudaine augmentation du nombre des cas confirmées à Maurice.


Quelques jours de cela, nous étions “clean”, mais hier (Samedi 07/08/09), les autorités Mauriciennes avait récence 16 cas dont 8 touristes réunionnais en vacances dans l’ile. On compte déjà  un premier mort suite aux complications indirectement lies à cette grippe. Il y a une grande probabilité que cette dernière (une vendeuse dans un magasin)  a peut être été en contacte avec quelqu’un transporte ce virus.

Pour rappel, le virus n’est pas mortel.

63 thoughts on “Mefiez vous de la grippe A (H1N1)

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  1. @mayuri – “2 days, or on the eve of presenting the symptoms (depending on the type of influenza contracted) that actually means that the parents failed to recognize that their children might have actually contracted a virus. Does not that ring a bell?”

    What are you talking about ??
    How can a parent fail to recognize that their children might actually contracted the virus if their is NO SYMPTOMS !!!
    As you said 2 days when the child gets the virus .. no symptoms.. the virus will germinate in the child’s body before symptoms can be seen .. then on the morning when the child goes out to school .. and makes some effort going to school and all, that’s when the virus becomes active when the body makes efforts and the immune system pulls off the guard..

    To be honest, just writing comments to defend the government which has delayed to take a prime decision is really boring. Furthermore, you are taking everyone for stupids with your points which do not hold any logic. And you expect us to grab this !!
    All what politicians are doing are politics. When they are at the govt house, it is politics. They are not doing medicine to keep their minsterial chair. And the mauritians are not as that stupid as u mite think to swallow that. I might furthermore understand that some people from the Media have committed some fault, shall there have been one. But all the Media couldn’t have wrongly interpreted informations.


  2. @yashvin – i did not say that lessons should be kept .
    i just mentioned that the risk is lower. In that case, The UoM should have been closed first, with atleast 5000 students daily there, it is around 8-9 colleges together !! ..
    All of the students of different parts of mauritius converging to one point (to get infected) and then going back to all the different parts of mauritius(to propagate the virus).


  3. @Ashfaq:

    The hedging thing was only an example stating that the PM takes example on other countries only when it suits his personal desire…


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