Discover [unheard] bollywood films on MBC

Since a few months, you have perhaps noticed that the national tv has been broadcasting loads of bollywood films which I did not even heard the name nor any of the songs.

I believe that Bollywood should award MBC for promoting those films and artists…

Perhaps I am not the only one, but I felt the need to blog about this after seeing the small trailer broadcasted a few mins ago.

Ready for the name?

Hold your mouse firmly….

Today’s Thursday bollywood movie is “Sorry Bhai”!

sorry bhai

From what I read, it seems that Mauritius forms part of the story.

You can now throw your mouse in the air and switch off your television, or perhaps zap to MBC Movie Channel for Peter Pan.

Sorry Bhai, today I will most probably surf a bit or perhaps go to sleep a bit earlier!

13 thoughts on “Discover [unheard] bollywood films on MBC

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  1. Come’on.. its not an unheard film.. maybe you dont keep up with the bollywood world.. The movie got nice soundtracks.. i even downloaded the whole movie.. but it was so damn boring that i managed to watch only 1/4 of it.. I guess the dude gets to screw the girl of his bro.. kinda obvious..

    Its MBC.. cnt expect much.. duh.. its not recommended to watch it anymore.. Mauritian NEWS?? Oh.. twitter/facebook/mauritius blogs are have better and more-up-to-date mauritians news these days…!


  2. hey i have already seen this film..most of it was filmed in mauritius.

    Nice film…but zistoire la 1p en cuyonad.


    guet li, 1 nissa ha.



  3. MBC = Malbar Broadcasting Corporation

    Sorry mo malbar mo meme mais MBC la mari kaka!!! Vaut mieux zot montrer ene boug p kk lor so toilet ou montrer ene episode lor la peinture p sec lor muraille, pou plis interessant ki program MBC :S


  4. how can u accepte the comment from RoketSpecialist??? so vulgar and racist.

    Topic here is discovering unpopular movies on MBC. u didnt even watch the movie n always u are negative towards what?? towards MBC. MBC kine fer film la? in produce it?? guet Zee TV man, 20 coutes donne mem film ki li zoli ou villain, la kifer to pa mok ZeeTV.

    Prend 1 roket aller do ta.


  5. MBC – Mauricien Bane Couyons

    Am not saying this, it’s just what the MBC folks think we are..hihihi!!!

    MBC is total BS…running the PM’s stupid events for hours and hours, films which are of no interest, cartoons which are ou of date, like CEDRIC for instance, on TV5 it’s the new season…

    Pff!!! Liberalise sa ene fois do!!!


  6. They had the pleasure of saying “bonjour bonjour” throughout the movie. That felt so weird coming from their mouth. They abused on the “bonjour”


  7. Why doesn’t the MBC broadcast Manga-Anime like Naruto,Bleach, OnePiece, D-GrayMan…??

    I remember when i was a kid, guess the same for all of us here, after school we would rush home swith on the TV @ 3pm sharp especially on wednesday and on the weekends to watch Albator, DBZ, chevalier du zodiac, celermoon, DKTV,KD2A,MNK, etc.. (these brings nostalgic moments:-))
    Something that can’t understand instead of improving the MBC has degraded more the time passes.

    I pity the kids of nowadays who watch the rotten cartoons on by the MBC


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