Something new + Discussion sousou

Today, I was at home, waaaaaaaaaaaa!

But I did not do anything much different from what I do in office lol, except that I woke up at 930am 😀

After brushing my teeth, I had a look at the paper mum left for me on the kitchen table.

lol, yeah, thats my food list for the day!

Then, after accomplishing the first part (my breakfast), I sat in front of the pc and started to facebook, approve comments, write codes for my blog!

Indeed, since some days, I wanted to pull the images from my photoblog to my blog.

So, first of all, I asked mr google… the plugins available were not nice and most of all, they did not pulled the images, but only posts.

I check out several sites and finally I decided to write my own code. I also decided to remove the “Featured Posts” from the home page since they were not of great use, only duplicating my latest posts.

After abt 3 hours, I finished!

But wait, they are not refreshing and that’s not so nice!


I took my lunch and came back to complete the work.

This time, I added some ajax code which refreshed the images every 15 seconds.

That worked wonderfully well after abt 3 additional hours since I have several other small problems including the need to create 2 different wordpress installations so as to run my dev work locally, on my pc.

I updated my “Milestones” page on the photoblog to mark this special day in the history of the blog 😛


Late in the evening, Morinn, Jevin and myself did a small virtual meeting to finalize a few things for the bloggers’ meeting scheduled for the 11th July 2009. Till now, we have 16th confirmed bloggers and a few friends told me that they will join us for some fun. Don’t forget, everyone is invited!

At around 5pm, I switched off the PC and went to meet my next door cousin Neha for some daily gossips lol!

So that was my day… at home, how was urs?

17 thoughts on “Something new + Discussion sousou

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  1. sousou! mari en ggt pou manzE sa!

    moi semaine dernier akoz lafievre i had 2 days off.. thursday and friday … mais inn bizin rest lor lili em!


  2. wai mo truv breakfast la seryer moi, mais to manger bien surtout farata(roti),papaye,pomme biscuits,yoplait tousa mo meme mo pa mange tousa zou mo breakfast frere…. to dan bien!!!


  3. While Mrs Awootar was writing the little note, only one thought must have come to her mind: “Fouf..vaut mieux li alle travail ki li reste la caz sa..moins tracas”


  4. LOL u get fed alright, mum’s regular home cooking, well I guess you are still growing and a working guy needs his nourishment !!


  5. geutte sa bez la .. tou pe dire kitsoz lor sousou ek to la liste manzE..
    personne pas pe comment lor to Ajax 😛


  6. mo trouve ene bel discussion lor sa blog la akoz ene sousou!! 🙂

    wep dernier foi ti ena competition international la cuisine dan moriss, bel bel presentateur manzer, par example ene dans “Cuisine TV” depi Canal+ ti vine moriss pou manze sousou et papaye!!

    Sans badinaz, mo ti guette so retransmission lor canal +

    Seki ti ressi faire sousou la pli bon, limem ti vainqueur!

    pa guette sousou la koumsa zot, bizin konne assaizone li et sans oublier, consommer avek moderation!!? 🙂

    Wawa Yashvinblogs rulzz!!!


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