J-3! We are nearly there!

Only 3 days…

Morinn said it yesterday, we are going to be at Flic en Flac, somewhere near Manisa Hotel or the high-activity area where there are loads of restaurants, Shotz and Shooters etc… I dont see how I can give more details lol.

Perhaps this picture can help? 😛 or head over to coordinates 37.509726,-95.712891.


For any further information or if you feel that you are lost this saturday, give me a call : 781- 1109.

I hope to see you there, and don’t forget, everyone can come. We will be delighted to see our readers (if any).

14 thoughts on “J-3! We are nearly there!

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    2) Google Chrome OS
    3) Mauritian blogosphere
    4) Michael Jackson’s web effect
    5) About the Mauritian Blogs/ Twitter lists
    6) Mauritian Blogging Code of Conduct (enfin…you get za idea)
    7) Next Mauritian bloggers meeting and improvements, suggestions
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