Crimes stats on the rise in Mauritius, why?

Since the last weeks, there has been an explosion in the number of cases related to law and order.

Le constat est accablant!

Today itself, the body of the director of the Mahebourg’s museum has been discovered after his dissapearance 4 days ago.

Less than 1 week ago, a few college girls were found drunk in a college.

2 weeks ago, a drunk college student jumped out of the bus when the bus headed for the police station.

3 weeks ago, a group of people kidnapped a man and had put him into the car’s boot (coffre/box loto). But instead of opening the fuel’s tank in a petrol station, they carelessly opened the boot!

After all, human errs 😛

However, this does not imply that all of them are genuine. Indeed, many of these cases have been found to be a complete set up of the behalf of the ‘victims’ themselves.

The unfortunate thief of the Naval Museum.

Some of you may not be aware, but very recently, a burglar trapped himself while trying to get away from the Naval Museum, want to know how?

Here is the part of the mail which is being sent over the internet since that day.
[thanks to Splash n Kammal]

Thief at Mahebourg Naval Museum

The suspect is alleged to have broken down the back door to the museum. The alarm went off, giving him a fright, and he ran away. He climbed a tree and then attempted to jump over the fence. However, he lost his footing and was impaled by one of the spikes on the fence. The man was discovered by a bus driver who heard his cries. The man was taken to J Nehru Hospital and it is understood that he is due to undergo surgery…

Update on 28/05/09 : This information has not been confirmed officially till now.

The youngest film director

Yes, we should call her a film director but I fear that she got only scolding in return. Aged only 9 years old, she ran away from her primary school and spent her day at Flic en Flac.

Flic en flac road

In the evening, she went back to her town and she invented a whole story in which she related that she was kidnapped, forced to enter a car and then was victim of sexual abuse.

The videos shot by the cameras of Flic en Flac were viewed by the police.

Video cameras at Flic En Flac

After the inquiry, it was found that the girl had been playing with tourists on the beach of Flic en Flac during the whole day.  She then confessed having ran away from school since her friends were teasing her and she begged to get some money to return back home by bus.

Relationship between a tourist and a mauritian woman

Tourists @ Pereybere

Everything started with a mistake while sending some texto. The tourist and the mauritian woman did not lose any time and decided to meet after only a few days. The mauritian (*who perhaps smelled money and good opportunity*) flirted with the tourist for some weeks. But when she learnt that the tourist did not want to marry her anymore, she filed a rape case against the guy.

Some thoughts from me…

The above mentioned are only a few cases, any of us can write over pages…

But who should we blame for all these?
Our society? Our constitution? Ourselves?

You may ultimately blame the government but do you believe that a reinforcement of the existing laws will solve all the problems?

I believe that each one of us are responsible for most of the happenings in this country. Unfortunately not all of us have the same objectives in life. While some are working hard to get money, others are simply sitting idle and getting allowances without any effort. (Genuine cases do exist)


Some get into drugs, and later say that they regret having done so… unfortunately after committing crimes, robberies… too late.

Put strict laws, different organisations will be in the front line to protest. Give more power to the police, there will be even more cases of police brutality.And at the end, you will hear about human rights commission…

What about your thoughts? What is the root of these problems and how should these problems should be tacked?

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  1. Nice job Yashvin.The rising level of crime is indeed alarming, does it show a degradation of our moral and human values?Perhaps…perhaps the answer lies in our institutions themselves, not only the police(law and order), the educational system where emphasis is placed only on the curriculum but in the family too who should know about its contribution in the society.You rightly said each one of Us is responsible for what happens in our society because we make this society, we form part of it.People often say it is a loss of time and energy to try to change others…n ultimately the society…I believe if only each one of us did our duty, not only our professional duty but the social and moral duty as well without fearing critics then perhaps the problems might lessen…perhaps… 🙂


  2. wahahahaha voler la zamais pu re kokin :p feraye la in traver tou! mari dimal sa…

    I heard the director of the Mahebourg museum was raped then murdered! zom p viol zom pas facil sa..kot nu pays p aler?

    the baby at Pointe-Aux-Piments…is this true or just a rumor?


  3. Fran tou, mari punition sa voleur la ine gagner!! Taa! mari endans sa ine bizin rentrer pou li pa ressi sorti!! saaa bizin montrer sa tou banna voleur!


  4. Good subject Yashvin. I think part of the problem is that in today’s society much too emphasis has been put on “rights” and not enough on “duties”. The situation is now that there is no balance and values are being openly flouted by those that feel that it is their right. Another aspect is the lack of parental guidance and also the amount of idleness and reliance on state allowances which is visible today. Probably the problem is related to the fabric of the so-called modern society. Laws will not be able to eradicate these problems entirely. It needs a change in mentality and vision as well as equal opportunities in education and employment. That said, you will never completely eradicate adult crime. However, you can do more to stop school children from taking the wrong road in life.


  5. if all human errs is zat wise to make fun or publicity about their mistake uh!!!

    wld b better if ppl dnt publish gossips news!

    aw as 4 z thiefffff ouulalalalalalaaa.. he got a mega big asshole :s

    enforced law? it is being done, crime statistics will awlyz remain bias, as all ppl bieng victime of certian crime wld not report thus no legal asction can be taken..

    hope im bless to be a criminologist 😉


  6. the picture of the thief of the naval museum is shocking and can hurt sensible sentiments. It would have been better if it was warned that “this pictue can hurt your feelings” 😛


  7. I think that the punishment for rape and murders are not severe enough in Mauritius. Mauritius is sinking and everyone is simply watching…what else can we do when we know that every thing is corrupted out there…Attorney A#$!!!


  8. ouch..for the “voleur”. that must have been one hell of a sting phewww. like many have said…he must be regretting his action and will probably end up not ever stealing again bless him. line faire erreur et gagne punition de suite. cuit vider lol

    as for the issue you raised yash hmmmm i will actually second what ur friend priya has said. i could not agree more or even put it in a better way than this 🙂


  9. to sire to pa travail dan crime reporting? u have summarised les crimes in a police-ly manner.

    The cause might be because of our changing society, our society is changing quicker than it can adapt.


  10. I believe you’re all seeing this from only one viewpoint. Crimes = Thieves = Market = Money (Profit)

    What do thieves/criminals need?
    Cheap Transportation ( Loan crappy vehicles for Rs. 100 per hour with little fuel) and pretending your customer registration system is down.
    Weapons – start blogging about how to make tasers from cheap cameras. Adsense FTW! This should be interesting for the young minds out there.
    Cheap Clothing and caps – sell clothes that hide the faces
    Open a bar in a remote area – meeting place for criminals = they will get drunk and pay you for drinks.
    Sell your unused old mobile phones to some fishy people (excluding mermaids)
    Got a free unused plot of land/house? – people look for those.

    Of course, I’m kidding. Plus, it’s kinda unrealistic. It’s kinda hard and illegal to help out criminals. Don’t do the above!


  11. kuma ou ler dimune pa kokin .. kan a port louis.. la police p ramasse articles de bane dimunes ki p RODE gagne zotte la vie honnetement while selling some clothes.. devant mo meme mone trouve la police ramasse dimune zotte articles aller.. no need to say .. kuma mone traite bane la police la de cossons !! .. and ofcourse .. they would piss off and just don’t care and go away with the articles.. fran tout.. si zotte ler ki dimune pa kokin .. bizen donne dimune travail honorable ek good salary ki permette zotte vivre !! ..

    As for the guy who is impalled on the pique la !! .. plzzz give more infos.. has he been hurt ?? :S li parette mari grave fran tou ..
    mari sagrin sa larmer la..


    1. @Ashfaq: You have raised a nice point here which is indeed a good topic of discussion.

      bizen donne dimune travail honorable ek good salary ki permette zotte vivre
      Did you think about those who studied during years to get a good work and salary, or what about the others who are “trace la vie” honestly and legally?

      The Police obeys to law… You want them to pity people and risk their own jobs?
      You forgot that there is a hierarchy to follow.
      If you want to solve the problem, then you should do so by voting the right people in the right place… or why don’t you try to govern the country and face the reality?

      Indirectly, I have the impression that you are trying to say that we should tolerate “marchands ambulants”/hawkers on our busy streets of Port Louis.
      Just to remind you, even hawkers need a license, else why would there be laws in a country?
      Perhaps you might have ignored the following facts, related to hawkers on streets
      – Increase risk of pick pockets
      – Increase risk of accidents

      Do you think that number of thieves will decrease even if the police allowed illegal selling on streets?

      No, because some people wont be able to work honestly, they were born to steal… (née avec ledents voleur :P)

      [sorry for not commenting in creole]


  12. UPDATE

    There hasn’t been any official confirmation if thief in the the picture above was actually taken at the said location.

    Any person having some more precised info can leave a comment 🙂



  13. @yashvin – “Did you think about those who studied during years to get a good work and salary, or what about the others who are “trace la vie” honestly and legally?”
    Yes, i have been thinking about them and more anyone thinks about this matter, it will lead everyone to the same point..i.e Education. The education system in Mauritius in the 70’s,80’s and 90’s has put too many persons out of the system. It is during the last decade that a broader system of education has been adopted with IVTB and pre vocs.. It is a good system now compared to before but loads can still be done.. however, those drop outs from the ancient systems should not be left apart and left to “trace la vie” but should be reformed and given incentives to find their way in life. As for the degree holders who you are talking about, they are surely the better offs of our society already, i do not think an technical trained person would grab those degree holders jobs, would they? Everyone should get a second chance in life.

    “The Police obeys to law… You want them to pity people and risk their own jobs?
    You forgot that there is a hierarchy to follow.”
    If pity means humanity, if risking their jobs can let people survive, i think this the fundamental of our sociey, else i am mistaking, but if we take away humanity from our society, we would become same like soudan, zimbabwe and north korea !! ..

    “If you want to solve the problem, then you should do so by voting the right people in the right place… or why don’t you try to govern the country and face the reality?”
    A muslim named person won’t ever govern this country. This country is too racist for now. and i cannot see what will change that mindset. Voting is something, electing is another thing. 1 vote don’t elect anyone as far as i know. And as much as i know, the deputees in mauritius all have the bad manner of forgetting who elected them once they are elected. This is a fact. And also, for 4 decades, 3 parties have ruled this country, with 3 families. For 1 man, to fight again those 3 powers of Mauritius is rather to say, impossible because those persons have networks which have become like mafia networks. and they pull the strings in the dark.

    “Indirectly, I have the impression that you are trying to say that we should tolerate “marchands ambulants”/hawkers on our busy streets of Port Louis.
    Just to remind you, even hawkers need a license, else why would there be laws in a country?”

    Yes, we should tolerate them. Give them licenses, take back licenses of those who are not working anymore. You want to take them off the roads, make plans for them to recycle themselves. Doesn’t the government has money ? it has given billions last week to big industries. Is there atleast 1 penny for the hawkers?the poor?the middle class?
    Laws are made to do justice.Taking off food from la bouche malerer is not justice.Laws are made to make a society to become fluid and flawless, but unless the poverty problem is tackled, the biggest flaw of the society remains and it is not to prevent people to feed themselves that laws should be used to.
    “Perhaps you might have ignored the following facts, related to hawkers on streets
    – Increase risk of pick pockets
    – Increase risk of accidents”

    Risk of pick pockets-The pick pockets are not the hawkers, the pick pockets are everywhere, at concerts, on streets where there are mass people coming and going. Hawkers don’t induce the presence of pick pockets, it is the circulation of mass number of persons who do.
    Risk of accidents- Till now in port-louis, there has been no accidents yet due to hawkers! by definition a risk is a probability, if their is 1 case which happened, it is a propability over the total number of cases of accidents which could have happened..but none happened, so the probability is 0 !! Don’t indulge people in error!

    “Do you think that number of thieves will decrease even if the police allowed illegal selling on streets?”
    The number of thieves might be not, but the number of thefts surely. The reasoning is simply.. if you let people work, people get money, if they have money, they do not have the NEED to go into illegality.
    However, the money thieves take are damn small compared to the money that white collar thieves take.. specially those have degrees, having studied a lot and those have Dr. in front of their names.. They are surely the wisest thieves because they do it in PERFECTLY LEGALITY but a theft is a theft. It is taking what is not yours. Go and see how many notaries each month take lands which are not theirs. The procedure is legal. They look for lands which no remaining heritier! they fence the said land, they put it aside and wait for 20years, by law if a land is occupied by someone for 20 years, it become theirs, but they did not occupy the land, they just made it that no1 go their. and they send a notice, and make the new papers. and send it to court. This is PERFECTLY LEGAL, but it is nevertheless thefts.


    1. @Ashfaq : You talk a lot about government, laws, racism, humanity, Education but words won’t do anything…
      We need action… but you are not even willing to “govern” the country.



  14. @yashvin ..

    Mite be my objective is to talk.. my USAGE is to talk .. each one of us is here for a reason .. my reason mite be is to inspire others..
    Why always talk about actions ? do actions ? do something concrete ??
    Why should i govern ? why should i be willing to govern ? i am a born leader but my objective is not to get power ! ..i am beyond that stage where you want to make concrete fings and want others to judge you and make yourself in the position to govern.. that is pure absurdity.
    A leader who wants power, is a leader who will misuse the power.
    Someone who wants justice, equality, humanity does not start in doing “concrete” things but start making people asking themselves questions. Start making people think twice. Put a smallest seed in people’s mind so that they start questionning themselves. And the question is. What if there was an alternative ? . we are far from that. when that moment will come. i will be here. Don’t worry bout me. Some are born to be thieves. Some are born to govern. Some are born to stay in the dark and pull the strings. But all have be born with ideas of a better tomorrow. Teachers are made to teach but do they do concrete things ? ofcourse not. It is the students once done with education who do the concrete things. Mite be i am born to be inspiring person. Mite be i am born to be the leader or the thieve. L’avenir nous le dira.


  15. Thers a time for action and a time for talking .. when talking leads to nothing .. then action shall prevail.. but chaque chose en son temps.. faut pas tout melanger..
    which is wat you want to do .. talk and do !! .. sa marche pas ! ..


    1. @Ashfaq : So, now you are comparing u to me…
      A few minutes ago, you wrote that
      “Why always talk about actions ? do actions ? do something concrete ??
      Why should i govern ? why should i be willing to govern ? “

      and now you are stating that “when talking leads to nothing .. then action shall prevail”

      lol, contradictory comments…
      Anyway, thanks!


  16. Not contractory at all.. as i said chaque chose en son temps..
    i cannot see for now .. why should i do all that !! ..
    Mauritians are hopeless… same like u .. u r asking me the question why don’t u govern ?> everyone ask each other the same question !! .. i can as well turn the question to u ! .. why don’t u govern.. but see that leads to nothing .. it is futile discussion ! .. you do indeed excel in that domain..
    i said that why should i do all that ? i dunt have the least need to do anything ! .. thers a time for talking ..
    i shall act MAYBE one day !! .. i guess you did not see the MAYBE ! .. i mite do actions or i mite not .. but still what would make me do so ! .. why brings us back to the fact that i want to change the mindset of people by talking not by doing actions . You are trying to surround my personality, surround my thoughts.. but .. mite be , just mite be .. i am not the kind of person who is made to leaded 😉 but to be a leader.. the day MITE come wen i will lead it all.. but for now .. i will just talk about it .. that’s MY choice.. and i do not have to answer anyone about MY choices.. but the choices of government and politics are and should be answerable to everyone.. which is why i have the right to talk and will talk and will criticize.. because that’s my right as a citizen.


  17. hey me p travail lor enn projet la.. about the director of the Mahebourg museum who was raped and then murdered.. its already very late and am still searching info about that murder.. got to return that tomorrow at school… think am gonna do Lougaroo ce soir!!
    Hey have seen ur profile and all your webpages.. i must say that you really good at that…yours was wonderful! well got to continue with my project…sinon pou gagne bezeted demain avek prof..! see ya and have a nice day in advance.. mo cre fini une heure la! got los of work to do now….@


  18. Bring back Hanging. Human rights only get abused by criminals ( clever lawers twist it around to defend criminals ).Hanging is not the only solution but I think its the best one of all available deterents for serious crimes. This world do not need to have bad people rotting in jail ( why do we keep these people alive ?). Nobody can answer that. Most people would prefer the like of ‘Peter Sutcliff’ and ‘Robert Napper’ dead. So whats the problem with our law , doesn’t it want what we want? Victims of crime are left bleeding ( they dont benefit from the so called Human rights. Are victims Humans too? or Just Criminals that qualify as Humans.


  19. @nazim – look out for the boumediem case !! if their weren’t human rights wouldn’t have been able to get out of guantanamo bay.. look for the boumedieme case… ur point of view mite change .


  20. Nice your subject. I would like to have some statistics in forms of chart so that I can state that crime is in progression.
    Thank you


    1. @Christelle : Hmmm, some stats?
      I do not really have any numbers, but I guess that anybody reading newspaper might confirm the increasing number of crimes.

      But if I come across some stats, I will surely write about it 🙂

      Thanks for your visit!


  21. Mauritius is no longer the Paradise island it used to be. We are more worried ,of what will be the outcome in years to come, In some countries people are dying of hunger, Famine, Aids and other natural calamities, while in mauritius ,every week,there is a new crime or rape or agression, recently a 84 year old taxi driver was killed, another 80+ year old woman found dead in her home,burnt,which is sure a foul play.More shocking is a prostitute pregnant of 8 months was killed by young boys of Tranquebar.
    This was the most “Atroce” of all crimes, perhaps not even seen in movies. The lady was tortured, raped, mutilated on whole body, all her hair removed,burnt by cigarrette and lighter, stabbed while having sex from behind, sodomised and many more atrocities,which she would have sufferred. And the criminals tried to cut her belly to remove the baby of eight months old.

    Our authorities only concerned with collecting tax from people. This is mere to happen,since our minister of Justice is always in favour of criminals, He is fighting for those types of people. Never showed a concern about the rise of criminality in our country. Everyday tourists are robbed and our Joie de Vivre is no longer, As most of us live in a permanent fear. This is the real situation in Mauritius.
    Some people fed up with robberies, Not even safe to leave our house for one hour.Must keep someone on watch.

    What to say of a very old woman, who was killed in her house for only Rs 50, Had the stomach crushed by boots.

    Our ministers have the guts to say, our country making good progress,We have reached world ranking level in informatics,while most of our people are living in fear and agony.
    Still we call it paradise island.Soon it will be called hell island.
    Nobody’s concerned of this very fast growing crime rates.This is sure to happen until we have goon ministers in powers to safeguard goons .No concern for commen people.


  22. I think its time to understand the game played by the elites. They promote violence through the media, make life harder for the low and middle class through higher cost of living and as they are expecting, crime will be on the increase. The general population will ask their masters [gov] to give them back their security through high presence of police on the streets, increase police brutality, cameras in public areas, check point, .. thus enslaving themselves unconsciously … this is exactly what is actually happening in the US since 9 11.

    When we give up our liberty we don`t get security, we get tyranny.


  23. I’m probably to late to respond to this.

    My father is from Mauritius and my mother from England. Having been luck to see both countries over the last 40yrs, it feels by what I remember as a child and see as an adult, Mauritius is heading the way the UK has.
    When you chase a capitalist ideal, clearly corruption increase. Those that can will work hard those that can’t will suffer and those that can’t be bothered but want, will ultimately take from others.

    I work in an industry in teh UK where I have watched the morale decline in our young people. It is now accepted that knives will be carried (yes only a small percentage but they make the headlines), only when a child is stabbed to death by another child, then does it make the headlines. Visit the hospitals and each night they are fixing many children that have been stabbed and survive, this you wont read.
    Everyone wants more, bigger, better but at what cost
    Be aware Mauritius, look further and you will see what is to come.


  24. Yeah you are right..Crime in Mauritius is going over the top..I was on holiday to Mauritius last year…because of pick pocket and drug addict,I’ve been carrying weapon throughout My holiday just to protect my family from anyone dare to touch her handbag …But If you study further England is worse on crime and to live…3 Times I’ve got arrested for fight and road rage…heavy punching..well nowhere you safe…whose to blame??


  25. @ahamad !! lolz.. you carry a weapon and you got arrested 3 times for fight and road rage .. heavy punching !! lolz.. and you asking whose to blame ! ..
    I guess you can blame yourself firstly !!.. why do you heavy punch people and carry weapon with u !! Just be safe and there’s no1 to be afraid of !!
    I have never been attacked watsoever in mauritius NEVER !! .. nor have been my family !! i guess its something chemical … the attacker sense that you are the right prey to attack hihihihi lolzz

    A bit like some virus that don’t attack everyone but only some people ! it’s jus nature or god’s will 😉 have faith and leave the rest to god


  26. Ashfaq…Mate I ain’t carry weapon to threaten any1..but only in the united kingdom I did and willing to stab any1 cross my path for any reason watsoever..I ain’t lookin for trouble to any1.. I used to stay late at night on me owned..but I ‘ve learned too many idiot are lookin for fight ..Just for fun..No one can judge whose willing to live longer…life is short and you have to be ready for action…Well in Mauritius I didn’t hurt any1 so far..Just for precaution I have to carry …..I read out on MAURITIUS Website there is lots of incident Tourist has been atack and rob…Every1 has a different views.I understood wat you trying to say…..but sorry ..road rage is very common in the United kingdom..U should be aware of it…probably you never com across such situation like I did…I wish I can change but will take time ..even my wife said let them go but I can’t…lots of people lay hand on their wife,but when come outside…They are useless..I had gun being put against my U.K…but U have to deal with it…specially thief carry knife and gun..Think about It and let me knw your views…regards ahamad


  27. I think it’s because of change in mentality and lifestyles. We, Mauritians are becoming materialistic, it’s always about having more or other people’s property that is increasing the crime rate. But i do agree on the tourist stuff. Don’t you think laws should more strict in here?


    1. @ALISHA: Yes. I am for death penalty for serious crimes might discourage ppl from killing or doing anything considered bad.
      Criminals are no more afraid of spending a few months/years behind bars anymore.


  28. United kingdom is worse than Mauritius..crime rate is soared..and u guys asked me why I carry weapon…I came here when I was 16..I’ve learned lots of things and fighting is always I do not asked for..if someone attacked you wat would you do…sit back and wait for the police to come and arrest this person and released within 4 hours..I’ve been inside police cell and easy to get away with crime those days..I’ve heard in Mauritus .few idiot is praying on vulnerable young girl..which is stupidity to do..


  29. well honestly speaking, crimes and misdemeanours are interminable but atleast one can take reasonable steps to decrease those amounts of crimes from occurring.
    Mauritius is not the only place in the world where people are committing crimes and if we compare Mauritius to countries like England, Ireland and America, our population is so small compared to theirs.
    As a matter of fact, i have been in Ireland for the past 4 years and i have not heard of so many criminal offences in Ireland as i have heard about Mauritius. Often i ask myself why is that so? In my opinion, Mauritius should reinforce it’s law by referring to the English law and Irish law. It’s unbelievable to see the crime statistics of Mauritius and it’s more shocking that our prime minister(Navin Ramgoolam) who has lived abroad for a certain amount of years and yet he is not being able to get a solution for these problems.


  30. Mo ti envie coner kine arrive sa cas ki 3 moriciens la ti assasine sa tifi ki ti vine fer honeymoon dans 1 grand lotel morice. Zot ti pe kokein dans so room lerla tifi inn rentrer et line truv zot p kokein, après banla inn assassine li. Couma inn fini sa casa la?? Zot kav donne moi info s’il vous plait?


  31. u have indeed dne a very gud jod yashvin… zese notes have really helped me out in an important project i was doing in Level of criminality n due to zese i receive gud comments from my teachers,,… thks a lot… BHAVNA…


  32. well when a criminal commit crime he shuld definitely be punished 4 it…watever he has done….nobody shuld have pity on them…the G.M shuld not regard to this matter of who the 1 who is innocent shuld escaped from the laws… and i think the rate of crime is increasing as the unemployed & poor people do not hesitate to commit a crime as various kinds of facilities are available such as providing them their basic needs & in jail they do not have to work…therefore they do not care about the society


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