Discovering the north-east coast of the island

After a hard week at work, today Dakshinee, my mum and myself set out for Goodlands. The shopping part was too good for my sister and myself since we had got clothes without too much difficulty. We then decided to drive along the coast of Rivière Du Rempart.

Wow, there is so much of the island which we have not been since so long and I am sure, many Mauritians have not gone in this region yet!


The views are simply magnificent, so many spots to hang out with friends.

Here is the timeline of the following sequence : Me climbing on the fallen tree at Bras D’eau.

Check out my flickr page for my photographs.

Next family trip : West to South Coast πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Discovering the north-east coast of the island

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  1. Nice photos and discovery of beautiful region.
    The map is a nice idea for anyone wishing to follow your route.


  2. hehe the last picture. check the background..thats the rocky state lands i’ve been adventuring into πŸ™‚


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