My day at Champs de Mars


Its hard to believe but I have been at Champs De Mars to watch horse races less than 5 times in my life! lol

Today, I took my camera and really enjoyed taking pics there.
The reasons are :

  • The green glass makes very beautiful shots!!!
  • Taking pics of people waiting for the horses to ride across them gives a very natural look.
Horses at Champs de Mars

After a short photo session, I went to buy some ‘mine bouille and boullettes’ for my lunch.

btw, did I tell you that I was in Office today from 10hrs till nearly 1830hrs?

The story above only took place during my lunch time…

Here is the DCDM Building, situated just besides the Champs de Mars.

However, someday I will try some additional shots since its very challenging to get a nice pics of the horses and I am sure that the result will be outstanding.

4 thoughts on “My day at Champs de Mars

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  1. And there is me thinking you went to work?
    Me, I have never been to Champs de Mars only seen it from a distance.
    Not a fan of racing but it is popular here, something inherited from the British Raj ?


  2. Not a fan of horse racing myself, but do read about them in the newspapers on Sunday 🙂
    Nice pics btw, and hopefully pickpocket pan pass r toi 😉


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