Price of Petrol (May 2009)

It’s no secret, has been putting the price of petroleum products as soon as it is announced by the State Trading Corporation.

No Price Change

Dear Mauritians, as you can see, the prices have remained UNCHANGED !!!

Diesel : Rs 34.70/L

Essence : Rs 39.35/L

Yashvin, pages of my life

1er May p faire so l’effet lol!

What do you think?

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  1. 1st may? if polictics has even 0.0001% influence on the price of petrol in mauritius.. then im sorry.. those guy sitting at the STC should donate their salary to the poors.. so dear mauritians.. do not be fooled.. the price increased last month.. now its freezed.. will be freezed for the next two month.. and will increase again.. and no1 will see the increasing slope of the price.


  2. Like ive always said, the swines at the head of the country don’t care much abt the rise in petrol price for they never pay for it…they get it all free! The cars, the petrol and the driver!!! So why should they care???

    Leaves us poor people out there struggling to run our ‘cachak charlie…’…


    1. Hello. Unfortunately, I have prices from quite some time, but I don’t know exactly since when. I definitely have the prices since perhaps mid 2008.
      You will need to look for them in the archives section. The prices will be on the first posts of each month. I remember having included a graphical chart for the prices at some instance. I am sure that this will be of great help to you.

      Thanks for your visit.


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