[Guest post] New World Order… one government, one bank…

New world Order

Together with my college friend “The Maverick“, I will start a whole series of posts on this topic…
Throughout this week, you will learn the What, When, How and Why in simple words, supported with evidence from the internet.

This post made me realized that I had no category for such topics since I mainly write about Mauritius…
Nevertheless, I will put in into the same above mentioned section…

Let’s start…

What does this term mean?

New World Order is a term used to describe an accord of the world’s superpowers to rule, secure, and maintain the premise of “global peace.” The concept is to bring the world under submission to one supreme government, enforce one controlled common religion and one worldwide economic system. (The EU has already instituted this with the ‘Euro’ currency.) In reality, it is a move toward a socialistic, controlled, and godless world.

When did it all started?

This is not a recent New Age plan or idea. Though 20th and 21st Century world leaders have talked a great deal about entering a “new era” and the establishment of a “New World Order,” the plan is said to have begun prior to the 12th Century with a group known as the Illuminati leading to the Knights Templar and The Scottish Rites Free Masonry.

First video…

The American journalist Alex Jones has created a series of videos about the New World Order or totalitarian world government, based on what he considers as the erosion of U.S. national sovereignty and its civil liberties, as well as the misuse of government power, corporate deception and cohesion between disparate power structures. His films are often encompassed around conspiracy theories. In giving alternative interpretations of various current and historic events, his films are original and unique in content. [wikipedia]

Here is his 2 mins trailer…

Do watch it carefully….

In the next post, we will give more details about who is involved…

You will then learn about how they are planning to rule over the world with the concept “One government, One bank…

And now, your turn…

Did you hear about this earlier? Don’t worry, I did not too!

What and how do you feel about this?

Feel free to express yourself…

Post Number 2 : The Conspiracy : Ruling over the world

Post Number 3 : International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the New World Order

37 thoughts on “[Guest post] New World Order… one government, one bank…

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  1. Dear Readers,

    We are planning a week long of discussions of this highly controversial topic. We all face this common danger which is the NWO. It is already in progress and it is expected to be in place by 2020, if left unopposed. Please do a little bit of research on the net and then we can have some meaningful discussion.


  2. “In reality, it is a move toward a socialistic, controlled, and godless world.”
    I always thought it would be more communistic that socialistic. ^o)


  3. I like conspiracy theories ;P I’ve read many books about the Illuminati, The Freemasons, The Templar Knigts and all types of secret cults. 🙂

    Resistance is futile. Google will become evil soon. 😉 You can only hope John Connor uses Yahoo! =]


  4. Congrats on picking a controversial topic. This conspiracy theory has been going on for sometime now. However, there are elements of this that suggest that some powerful people are pushing for a NWO. For example the Bilderberg Group. Some say that the current economic crisis has been orchestrated to this end. You will have to break down the discussions due to the fact that there are several elements to topic, political, economic, religion, human rights, etc.

    See this link for Bilderberg Group


  5. I am quite happy about the response. Guys check it out… Go to google news and check out FIAT. They have just bought Chrysler and they are now eyeing up vauxhall and chinese car assets. Do a search on Fiat’s Owner. He is a prominent member of the Bilderberg group. Obama has forced Chrysler to declare bankrupt so that Fiat can forge an a partnership with Chrysler. The next move is to pump billions of dollars into this merger in order to “save” it. This is daylight robbery of taxpayers money. Spread the knowledge!!! Of course Mauritian ministers may follow course… nationalise private companies, pump millions into them….

    To Morinn:
    It is going to be more of a dictatorial regime where “you are free to do AS YOU ARE TOLD.” Imagine, one world central government. One currency. One Bank (The IMF 😉 ). One army. The country as we know them today will be considered as “provinces” each having a puppet administration. An Orwellian society as described in 1984. CCTVs, biometrics, everyone chipped. Everything you watch, hear and see is controlled.

    A “theory” is a an assumption, a speculation, abstract principles. This “conspiracy” we are discussing is not “theory”. It is a “conspiracy” full stop.


  6. Maverick, good thing you spoke about George Orwell. 😀
    All these NWO issues bring me once again to think of E.M. Forsters’ The Machine Stops, where a single machine rules over and controls humanity banishing all religions and making the machine become the single power people truly believe in. Those authors truly anticipated that kind of threat.
    The question remains as to what should be done by us now to overcome that and never see those feared days (as described in those books) dawn on humanity.


  7. Morinn-

    Have you ever watched V for Vendetta? This is a good movie to watch. Its theme is a totalitarian UK in the near future and one man emerges to make a difference. Well, we cannnot really wait for one saviour to come and save us. There will be no messiah, no superman. We need to make a difference.

    Awareness is the key. Awareness is the solution. People needs to be aware of what is happening. We cannot jam our brains with MTV, Tv serials, Fashion etc.. As Alex Jones says: There is a war on your mind. We need to break free. Stop believing the mainstream media. Avoid distractions in the media. Question their motives. I will never trust the government to safeguard my freedom and rights. They are a bunch of self serving dogs. Find Alternative news sources. Google and youtube are powerful tools. Use them to find those sources. In the next post we will talk about Alex Jones and his fight for the truth. For me, he is a true hero.

    Please join the discussion….


  8. At the end of the day, all these are conspiracy theories. We can only speculate about what goes on behind the doors of the Bilderberg meetings. I for one do not believe in any New World Order in full throttle behind doors. It is one hell of a job to get the major nations and businesses on Earth to reach a consensus. Plans to take over the world have been around since the advent of homo sapiens. But the farthest anyone ever got was the formation of the EU (or even earlier, the Roman Empire maybe), and the EU is not exactly the most cohesive organisation in the world.

    I do agree the fate of the world lies in the hands of a group of powerful people, but I don’t think any NWO agenda can realistically happen, certainly not by 2020! It would take a massive change in circumstances and mentality. With upcoming crises in water supplies, fossil fuels and other resources, it could be possible, but the human being is one hell of an adaptable animal.

    Call it blind faith or ignorance, but I tend to see what’s there, and I don’t like speculating on the unseen, I don’t say the unseen cannot exist, I just don’t speculate what it could be. At the end of the day, we can take any 1 and any other 1 and add them to get a 2…

    And, the current financial crisis is massively unlikely to have been orchestrated…


  9. Honestly speaking, I’ve never heard of this. Thanks for sharing.

    I think it’d be quite difficult to do so, because there are so many factors to take into consideration, cultures, politics, everything that makes us “us”. Even if they do manage to do that, I doubt this would stay for long. Monitoring all these people would be an amazing task and of course, rebellion would be the result. History being our witness, I doubt we humans can stay in a world, where everything is imposed on us. The result to attaining this peace would simply be violence…


  10. The only plausible way where a NWO might emerge will be a cohesion between the various superpowers. The Arabs are an asset for the US (It is obvious. We remember the silence of the Arab world when the US would no longer send aids to Iraq, triggering the Desert Storm). Russians are powerful but are opposed by powers such as Pakistan and China (No intrusion in Pakistani and Chinese territory reported). The Koreans want to improve their position (Missiles fired in the sea of Japan. Remember?). They will have to cooperate if a NWO is to exist.

    It is very difficult that a NWO will occur and in the future, democracy will still exist in many parts of the world.


  11. Some movies that can help you in understanding the World Conspiracies:

    .Conspiracy Theory
    .Die Hard 4


    .All Dan Brown

    True stories:

    .World Trade Centre and Pentagon attack (9/11)
    .Berlin Wall
    .Irak War
    .Assassination of J.F. Kennedy

    That’s an interesting discussion topic. We should never believe what we always see.;)


  12. Yashi –

    You have heard of European Union. Ok, have you heard of African Union? I guess so. But have you heard of NAU? North American Union which is the process of realisation. It is going to be a merger of Mexico, USA and Canada. The new currency for NAU will be the AMERO. Have you heard of NAFTA? It is a super highway linking mexico city and Canada. It crosses the heart of Texas. This is all happening all underneath our noses.

    When you say this is not realistic, i smile at myself thinking, EU IS a product of NWO. OK, one quuestion for you Yashi, can you please tell me what is the G20 and why they met in london last month. I am awaiting for your reply.


  13. NAU + EU + AU + (eastern block possibly) = New world Order. This is the cohesion you are talking about yusuf


  14. The Maverick, I don’t need to tell you what the G20 is, you can do your own research, I just came here to give my opinion. It’s your job to research the G20 and tell us all how it’s linked to the NWO and please, do not speculate. Hard facts please. You are doing this series, not me.

    NAU is just a theoretical union of current North American states. You could fabricate any kind of conspiracy about it.

    It is not realistic because the EU is a glaring example of how incohesive a union of nations could be. Now please don’t tell us they ‘make as if’ they are not cohesive to show us mortals that everything is fine. And the EU contries do follow some EU laws but a major chunk of their laws are national laws which are in no way influenced by the EU. Huge examples are the UK and Russia.

    NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement right? A trade agreement between North American countries (unless I am confusing it with a highway…). If you start labelling each trade agreement as a conspiracy, then you might as well believe anything you read.

    There is a limit. We all know world powers are restricted to a small group, but that doesn’t mean they are all thinking alike in terms of their philosophy about taking over the world. It doesn’t mean there is any kind of cohesion.

    It’s good to speculate about what could be happening. There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s not hard facts.


  15. @Maverick
    I sincerely believe that this is a subject that people really need o be aware of. Great job, keep it up!

    Now I know why Google wants to buy Twitter ;P

    I don’t agree, not all Dan Brown books are about conspiracy theories. Considering he has written only 4 books, half of them aren’t about conspiracy theories. Only Angels&Demons and The Da Vinci Code.

    BTW There are many books by Robert Ludlum which are about this subject:
    The Matarese Circle
    The Matarese Countdown
    The Sigma Protocol
    The Chancellor Manuscript
    The Icarus Agenda

    There’s also one great book by Jack Henderson(sadly, it’s the only book he’s written until now) called Maximum Impact(which also goes by the name “Circumference of Darkness”)


  16. Yes Yashi, i have done my research. The highway is called the NAFTA super highway. Google it my friend. 😉


  17. Maverick, NAFTA is NAFTA, the NAFTA highway is the NAFTA highway. NAFTA is not a ‘a super highway linking mexico city and Canada’, the highway is a proposed extension to a current high which links Indianapolis to Canada. I don’t see what’s NWO about it.

    Looking forward to your forthcoming articles.


  18. Maverick, well there you go, non-cohesion. Russia is not the only country within the european region which is not part of the EU or doesn’t strictly consider itself an EU country, UK for eg has resisted the Euro and doesn’t consider itself as an integral member of the EU, it is merely there because it is a big international player.

    The EU is not a very united organisation. They recently made a mess of their supposed commitment to the organisation when only some of the EU countries walked out when Ahmedinejad made his controversial speech at a UN conference.


  19. The G20 was formed in 1999 and it regroups financial ministers and central bank governors. It has for objective to discuss key issues in the global economy.

    The G20 is not a vicious institution and the reason for its establishment is basically to provide a platform which will discuss on key economic issues. The avoidance of financial crises is a common objective that is set by the G20.

    To promote growth and investment, it is important to have a solid financial landscape. Discussion on how to develop effective policies and on how to improve financial institutions is carried out.

    There can be no prosperity if there is to be restrictions on trade in an era of globalization. In this respect, discussion is made to ensure that there is cooperation among members. International trade is an important source of national wealth in terms of GDP and agreements have to be made to ensure that growth can be sustained.

    There is no assurance for peace and prosperity if terrorist financing grows. The G20 discusses on ways to reduce the risks of financial systems to be abused. Fiscal paradises relates to those economies with inadequate legislation which allow unlawful transactions such as money laundering to take place without sanctions being imposed. As such, it is imperative that such practices are stopped.

    Taxation represents a source of income for governments. These taxes can be direct or indirect, depending on what is imposed in various nations. This income is redistributed. It is often injected in the form of government spending to promote growth. However, this income is endangered with tax avoidance practices. Discussion on how to implement a more healthy financial system is carried out. Standards of acceptable practices are also on the agenda of this arrangement.

    The world financial market has faced a financial crisis brought by inadequate credit policy. A rationale on this crisis is the fact that banks have grown to an extent that is much higher than a country’s wealth. As a result, it is difficult for the country to save the agents of the financial sector because the national wealth cannot compensate for the heavy losses made by the banks. There are economies that have gone bankrupt. Discussions are made on how to make healthier financial systems and how to promote growth.

    Unless such initiatives are carried out by groups like the G20, there can be no security for private citizens and there can be no hope for global prosperity.

    The abovementioned activities of the G20 are in the interests of the nations around the world and humankind. The G20 is not a group that conspires for a post-colonial expansion and there is no eligible ground to argue that the G20 aims to promote a NWO.

    Conspiracy theory is pretty much like what you see on the newspapers. Tragedies sell a lot because they create attention among people. Conspiracy theory is good for novels. The Da Vinci Code is one such example. Conspiracy theory has also been used in video games such as Assassin’s Creed. A.Creed is available on the major platforms, that is, PS3, XBOX360 and PC.

    It is also used in entertainment. I still remember the NWO in wrestling. It was the greatest clan ever in the sport. There was Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash. Their theme music was cool and Hogan used Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Child as his entrance theme. Hollywood rules! 😉


  20. Yashi, i like your spirit brother. Your comments and opinions are most welcomed. Yes i agree with it but remember that UK, even though it does not have the Euro currency, is the largest financial contributor to the EU. IT participates in the European elections. The British public does not want to be part of the EU and be dictated by Brussels. It is being forced on them. Why do you think the UK government has refused a referendum on the EU?

    On what Ahmeddinejad has said: He participated in a forum on racism. The diplomats were wrong to walk out. They are DIPLOMATS. They must engage in dialogues. They cannot just walk out. This is wrong. This proves their mentality of supremacy. They should have stayed back and discuss the issue with the iranian president. If they preach freedom of speech, they have to practice it.


  21. Yusuf –

    You missed a key point. The G20’s wealth = approx 90% of world’s wealth. They met and decided to drastically increase the powers of the International Monetary Fund which of course a consortium of private banks.

    So think about it, when Mauritius goes to IMF and takes a loan, it is the private banks which is funding a country. Well of course, being a private institution, there is obviously an interest on the loan taken. How much is the interest? I dont know.

    Ask yourself the question: what happens when a country cannot pay back their load?


  22. Maverick, that’s true, the British don’t want to be dictated by Brussels because some EU laws are not exactly in tune with what is preferred in the UK, especially in terms of immigration laws and economic regulations. The Labour govt didn’t think a referendum was required even though they said they would call for one in their election manifesto, but the Conservatives and Liberal Dempcrats are all for it. And the public will reject the signature of the EU treaty and the constitution. It’s got nothing to do with NWO, it’s just UK politics. Conservatives are well on course to form the next government. Everything can change again, it’s all politics.

    My point is not that there can’t be any NWO, my point is that there is a lot of divergence for a NWO to be formed. And the EU is a big example of it. The only good thing they have ever done was stand head to head with the US on some trade tariffs and threatened to ban some exports from the US.


  23. Concerning Ahmedinejad, whatever he said doesnt matter. It’s the divided EU response to it which was significant. Still, if my country was a supporter of Israel and someone came up with an incendiary statement about Israel, I would leave as a sign of support, Nothing wrong with that.


  24. @ SJDVDA
    Even Deception Point and Digital Fortress… Both are about conspiracy theories. Though not as much as other ‘loaded’ ones. But Brown includes great research though fictitious at times but factual.


  25. I do not want to be sinister. If they cannot enforce this concept lawfully, do you think they would it by force. Would they? Hmmmm…


  26. Yashi-
    Nothing wrong with that?? Have you listened to his speech by any chance? Which part would you find incendiary ? The fact that he said Israel killed 900 civillians in 2 weeks? I see nothing wrong with that. It is 100% true!!! It is their act of walking out on a free speech forum which I find incendiary! Their finger in ears tra la la mentality shows that they are not prepared to listen to what the opposing side has to say. They did not walk out because they had a pact with israel. They walked because they bowed to the powerful Israeli lobby called AAIPAC. The latter was recently caught trying to influence a US congresswoman . But Obama the all powerful demi-god decided to drop all charges.


  27. Let me make myself clearer. The countries have valid reasons if they think Ahmedinejad’s comments were incendiary, I am not here to discuss whether they were or not, this is a diplomatic issue, I am not saying if the countries were right or wrong to leave, I am just saying they had their reasons and if the EU were more of a union, they would have had more of a unified response.

    Btw I found the part about Israel being a racist nation most incendiary, particularly at a conference meant to be about tackling racism. By incendiary I mean inciting hate. Please don’t tell me the US and Israel do it too, we all know they do, but I don’t think Iran would have sat down and listened to Hillary Clinton spouting hate about Iran being an axis of evil in the Middle East. Not saying Iran are indeed an axis of evil, just trying to say that no country along with its allies would like to sit down and hear racist jibes aimed at them. Fair enough if it’s contructive criticism, but the speech was full of pure hate. The fact that he had already said in the past that Israel should be wiped off the map of the world doesn’t make him more interesting to listen to.


  28. You mentioned “racist jibes aimed at them”. I watched him delivering his speech on TV. I cannot remember him saying anything which you can consider as racist or anti-Semitic. Is this correct?

    Did you know that Iran has the largest population of Jews in the middle east (outside Israel, of course)? That’s an interesting fact, isn’t it?



  29. @Maverick:
    “You missed a key point. The G20’s wealth = approx 90% of world’s wealth. They met and decided to drastically increase the powers of the International Monetary Fund which of course a consortium of private banks.”
    Agreed that the G20 hold that much of the world’s share of wealth. As far as I know, the IMF is an organization of 185 countries. It does not describe itself as a consortium of private banks.

    “Most resources for IMF loans are provided by member countries, primarily through their payment of quotas. Concessional lending and debt relief for low-income countries are financed through separate contribution-based trust funds.”

    The funds used to provide loans to countries that need to restructure their systems to correct disequilibrium in their respective balance of payments come from the above source.

    The IMF has a quota system that helps to determine how much countries can borrow. It is also true that quotas reflect the size of each member’s economy. Therefore, the US has the biggest quota in the IMF.

    Quotas and equal votes to member states determine voting power. Therefore, the higher a country’s quota, the greater the influence that it has in the IMF’s decision-making.

    😮 Alala….Difé lor nou…NWO under construction 😮


  30. The Maverick, ever since he has been President, he has repeatedly criticised Jews of Israel and has threatened to ‘wipe them off the map’, his speech repeatedly stirred hate against Israel, in fact he never mentioned Israel but preferred to metion Jews and Zionists, Israel are by no means saints, but you can’t say those things in a speech at a UN conference and expect people to stay and applaud. It was totally inappropriate behaviour and it was rightly frowned upon by the international community. I don’t see how he can be defended for his speech, his hate for Israel is understandable, but making a public speech in front of diplomats about it in a very hateful tone is NOT acceptable in my book.

    Having a big population of Jews doesn’t make him less hateful towards Jews.

    I am not going to come to this again, you are free to hold your own opinion, I respect that, but my opinion differs from yours and my respect for Ahmedinejad didn’t increase after his speech. That’s where I stand.


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