Amazing twin rainbows!

This evening around 1720pm, there was an amazing view, one which I have myself seen for the first time!
At the back of Champs De Mars, Port Louis (somewhere in Tranquebar), there was a pair of rainbows.

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Twin rainbows, yeah!

These 2 rainbows lasted a few minutes, the right one faded first, followed immediately by the 2nd one.
As usual, I was quick enough to take out my mobile and shoot this exceptional view!

btw, the twin brothers (or sisters lol) were accompanied by a quite important “la pli soleil” for a few minutes, and some parts of this range of mountains in this area became cloudy!

Was anyone lucky enough to see these rainbows?

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12 thoughts on “Amazing twin rainbows!

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      1. ah ben moi jte crois Yash! comme jt dis dans mon commentaire j’ai vu la même chose en Juillet et c’était trop beau ❤


  1. Scientific explanation: 2 very isolated showers in the same field of vision of the ray of sunlight, most probably falling in 2 different directions (through 2 different direction of wind) causing a prism effect on the water droplets, causing 2 visible rainbows…


  2. Guys come on. Twin rainbows are very common feature in mauritius. you can almost spot them at least once a week in areas like forest side.
    provided look upwards to the sky.


  3. ohh moi aussi j’ai vu ça, enfin pas le même que toi Yash, moi c’était fin juillet, et j’étais dans la Citadelle je regardais la vue et pareil ti ena la pli soleil et j’ai pu en avoir deux aussi d’arc-en-ciel! je crois que ce phénomène est exclusif à Port-Louis! Ah un jour à Maurice même j’ai vu un arv en ciel horizontale lolll mais je n’avais pas mon appareil snif snif


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