Abusive use of facebook groups/pages

Early this morning, I received an im on msn, to join a group.

Usually I don’t visit any links sent on msn, but I make a few exceptions if I know the sender.

Useless facebook groups

As you can read in the screen shot above, this group, freshly created aims at legalizing pornography and prostitution in Mauritius.

Updated : Do take note of the language used in the screen shot above.

Who are they?

Incredibly strange, you have perhaps noticed that the majority of these Mauritians are expatriates or people studying abroad.

Useless groups on Facebook

Mauritian author Facebook

Are they home sick or do they want to show their belonging?

However, I would also define another category of such authors.

I would call them “des ratés” since they are not worth anything, and trying to make themselves big, while hiding behind a computer screen.

Fake identity on facebook

Use of abusive language

Living in a democratic country, freedom of speech is one of our rights, isn’t it?

But does this justify the use of abusive and vulgar language?

Facebook Abuse groups

Recently, I noticed people commenting on a public profile (fan page) which is aimed at promoting creole swearing words, and more than 7000 facebook users (MAY BE even you!) have joined this…

Swearing on facebook

Yashvin, pages of my life

How do deal with this?

Facebook did cater for any case of abuse in its Terms and conditions, as well as in the Code of Conduct, which are available on the site.

I quote:

Inappropriate Content

While we believe users should be able to express themselves and their point of view, certain kinds of speech simply do not belong in a community like Facebook. Therefore, you may not post or share Content that:

  • is obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit
  • depicts graphic or gratuitous violence
  • makes threats of any kind or that intimidates, harasses, or bullies anyone
  • is derogatory, demeaning, malicious, defamatory, abusive, offensive or hateful

You want to make a cleaner facebook, especially for your island?

  • STOP joining these useless groups to show your support!Join
  • THINK TWICE before posting any comments on their groupsStop supporting abusive groups
  • REPORT the groups breaching Facebook Terms.

Report Group to Facebook

Report Group to Facebook

As a blogger, I do make use of my constitutional right to express myself openly, but  I believe that some people are unfortunately playing with (tarnishing) the reputation of the country.

Are you among those who hide themselves behind fake names or openly create such groups/pages causing disrespect to your country?

Join me in this fight, report any abuse use of Facebook and STOP supporting them!

The authors are simply irresponsible and showing disrespect to our language, our country!

Special thank to those who helped me by providing me links 😉

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Upon request of a few persons, here are the links so that you can report them too!

Please join me in this fight.
United we stand!

64 thoughts on “Abusive use of facebook groups/pages

  1. i also twice reported the group Yash but they are still there.That swearing groups keep appearing in my feeds. I wonder how many of my friend list are in there. Luckily, I’m not in that group.


  2. I hate these groups and I have already reported several of them. Many of them are still here though, I think many hundred users have to report a group for it to get deleted. IMO Facebook has to provide more attention to these matters


  3. Well Yashvin I am glad you blogged on this and I must say that I totally support your views on this issue. I have seen one of those groups before (the swearing one) and I think that they’ve got no valid purpose except that of insulting our national language.


  4. :O I am doing a PhD at Greenwich and I do more productive things than swearing on facebook. My blog and now the new Mauritius Blog List consumes most of my free time.


  5. If you asak me. I am FOR legalization of pornography in mauritius(not the industry. But the selling of DVD to Adults.) Anyone wants to debate on this. Brinng it on.

    But i STRONGLY DISSAPROVE the means that these *stupid people* have chosen to voice out teir concern :

    sa ban ggt porn ek prostitution bizin legalizer dan pays la

    I mean.. they dont have weight in their argument. This is not a way to try and change law. I STRONGLY dissaprove the method used.

    Also, need mention THERE ARE A LOT OF CHILDREN on facebook. i an not saying that “zot pa cone zourer”, but there are some younger ones who might be shocked by that, i hope these groups are deleted soon. I think i myself joined on of these. but never wrote on wall or contriuted. because the whole point of the group is POINTLESS.


  6. Hmm desolE not to beo n your side on this one…

    but sincerely, i believe it is their right to talk about anything they want.. they didn’t specifically targeted any person or group of person.

    They just showed their appreciation for something…

    Correct me if i am wrong… you you need to specifically join a group to be part of the group, you can’t be FORCED into it!

    It is your right to not join it.. it is your right not to like it!
    BUT this doesn’t give you the right to step on their freedom of thinking and say “HEH @sshole you are not allowed to think this way”.

    Hello, what’s wrong in people saying they love to swear?
    There’s nothing wrong in that… they haven’t “sweared at you.. have they?”

    As for the legalization of prostitution, this is yet another act of freedom, the person who posted that has the belief that legalizing prostitution can be a good thing for the country.. HE HAS THE RIGHT TO THINK SO! We can’t say someone should be banned [or his group banned from facebook] just because you don’t like his political views!

    If the later pointed to a community, was racial towards a community, talked shit on somone.. then it would have been a different story… but right now… these people are just expressing themselves… and as far as i know.. facebook is a social utility, where people of same interests can hook up together and share more about their common interests…
    heh, if one can’t share his thoughts.. then i wonder how they will be able to know they have common interests!

    * is obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit
    * depicts graphic or gratuitous violence
    * makes threats of any kind or that intimidates, harasses, or bullies anyone
    * is derogatory, demeaning, malicious, defamatory, abusive, offensive or hateful

    Define obscene?
    I believe that would be something that makes a huge majority feels disgusted .. but if 7000 people joined that… does that make it obscene??

    Obscenity is virtual and exists only in our mind! What we find obscene today may not be obscene tomorrow, which is why i believe obscene is just what the majority of people think is disgusting.. hence if 7000 people are happy with it.. i don’t believe it makes it any obscene.

    sexually explicit or pornographic… that’s nothing porno graphic in that, but then it may be sexually explicit, maybe on that ground you may win your argument, since it is stated on the tos of facebook, but still, if there are pages about sex and drugs on facebook :p you bet they won’t consider that as an infringement!

    As for the remaining 3 points.. those do not hold in such a situation!

    🙂 good day



    1. @Selven :
      i believe it is their right to talk about anything they want

      Perhaps my main focus of this post was not grasped properly.
      I aim at the use of swearing and use of vulgar words on those groups.
      Also, the first group I talked about has simply VANISHED FROM FACEBOOK!
      The owner who is on my msn, has deleted it since according to him “coz it’s impossible to obtain people now”.

      You want to legalize pornography and prostitution?
      Do it clean! Don’t swear in your text!
      How do you want people to take this seriously?

      That’s my main point here… Thanks for commenting.


  7. Got a comment with the link mentioned above in my blog too on the post here.

    You should also check twitter and even on digg there are lots of such stuffs. Maybe its time that these network too be informed of creole swear words lol. Maybe these people dnt know its mauritian swearings and let the content online without knowing.


  8. There is no need to define obscenity. It cannot be justified just because of numbers joining a group. Filth is filth in whatever language you like to choose. The example shown by Yashvin above is an attack on religious/faith people of Mauritius. The language is degrading and suggests further degrading Mauritian society by liberalizing that which is already having an adverse effect on individuals. Clean it up Facebook !


  9. I aim at the use of swearing and use of vulgar words on those groups.

    well.. what may seem vulgar to one may seem appropriate to another one.. as far as i know, you are not forced to read those.

    As for children being on facebook… under 13 are not allowed to be on facebook!

    well i have join a few of those groups coz i found them … funny, coz those swear words whether we want it or not … is part of the mauritian everyday life.

    Instead of letting people to say “f*ck, c*nt, j*rk” etc.. why not let em use mauritian swear words instead?

    there’s nothing wrong in that [if it is not directed towards you).

    hell, what if tommorrow in some weird country words that we consider as foul words are normal words in that language of natives of that country… then shall we have facebook to ban people from that country?
    logically it doesn’t hold.


  10. I am with Selven on this one. It’s true that it’s not really pretty to read these things on Facebook, but then you don’t need to. Swearing is NOT insulting the creole language, the swearing is PART of the creole language. And I didn’t see where specific religions were being insulted, even if they were, this is nothing. There are groups called ‘F*ck Hinduism’, ‘F*ck Islam’, and f*ck almost any religion. They have no place in Facebook, but they are there and will always be there.

    As for these Mauritian pages you are referring too, it’s good you reported them, you can block them too, I think, you are given that choice. But just because you don’t want them to appear in your feeds, not because of the language! If you don’t mind english swear words like f*ck, c*nt,…etc, then what’s wrong with creole swear words which are part of the language and NOT against the language?

    I just don’t understand what the big fuss is all about.

    The English don’t complain about swearing on Facebook, I am pretty sure the French don’t mind it, then why are we so concerned?? It’s not like no-one swears in Creole in Mauritius, is it? If you don’t like it, just don’t read it or listen to it.


  11. mo deman moi mem kifer porn illegal.
    pas bizin al loin poo gaigne li sa, nek rent lor internt en tape ene site en zot gaigne too. too categoty, too pays, enfin toooo.

    Personellement mo pas gagine ban profile sharing site moi..
    c ene gaspiyaz letemps sa.. lol

    mo prefer lire zot blog.. lol


  12. @Yashi :
    Ok, nice you agree with me that It’s true that it’s not really pretty to read these things on Facebook

    Blocking fan pages?
    Can you please show me how???
    Something is called respect, do they know this?

    I am damn sure that most of them are College students, and as we all know, they are “en full croissance et periode adolescence” lol!

    Will you go into some official meeting and swear?
    So, why do it on Facebook?
    Simply because its so easy to hide behind a fake identity and type some words…

    @Selven :
    As you already know, things have changed since I wrote this post.

    They are now doing free publicity for me on their fan page, thanks for making people discover my blog 😉

    Let them fight, while being cowards behind some hidden identity (again)!


  13. some people writing comments up there are sometimes just too selfcentered or simple immature no less that 24 yrs and who got absolutely nothing else to do. fustrated individuals who are simply not concerned about the reputation for their country or their self respect. u cant even blame their parents coz c zot meme ki penser zot tro cool kan zourer. swearing is often a sign of fustrations and the incapacity to express their fustrations with civilised words.

    1 lot laba in fini cumance divager ek a country kot swearing will be accepted! get a life. economic crise – does that ring a bell for u? these are more important actuality and is affecting us and reality.

    They just showed their appreciation for something…
    u cant even define what those people are appraciating – quantify well what they are appreciating. ofcourse tous dimounes pena les mem centres d’interest but still having a hobby about swearing??? this is not a common interest this is simply a means to say ‘ i cant communicate so i swear. try using degrating words at work- face the consequences – then u come and talk rubbish.

    am sure u will appreciate it when ur own daughter or son will say to U
    ‘ eta g*g*t, mo p alle donne F parla’

    take care and get lost.


  14. @Yashvin : Sorry, I don’t think you can actually block fan pages, it’s only people that you can block…

    You can’t expect respect on a social networking website. People swear a LOT, not only in creole, but in every single language. There are various groups for english swear words, I even found one for Gujarati swear words lol

    The fact it’s not pretty doesn’t mean we have to stop these websites. Your point was that it was insulting creole and religion, which they are not, the swear words being part of creole. I think you can report them if you want and can stop them appearing on your feeds.

    There are a lot of things I say and do on Facebook, esp in my pics, that I wouldn’t do in a meeting lol Facebook is not meant to be a formal meeting platform.

    I understand that it’s not good to look at, but then you have the choice not to look at it.


  15. tou bane hypo qui p fer 1 ta palabre ici… zamin zot ine zourer zot??? meme dan nou sega ena zourer .. alors quifer bizin outré ar sa group la.. pane atack person directement.. cequi content zourer li rentre lor la li met 1 nissa .. alors monsieur YASHVIN. casse 1 pose…


    1. @The One:
      Pour rectifier, Si zotte fine ciblé mwa lo zotte page, alors si to pane remarker, al checker.

      haha. ekrire seki zotte envie, we will see for how long it remains on the net.
      my blog is for me, but facebook is definitely not yours LOL!


  16. They are the black sheeps of Mauritius. They have no love for their country. I stopped using Facebook a long time ago becoz of such things(spam, etc). Where is ICTA ?????


  17. @ Alomoris: Swearing in your mother language means you have no respect for your country????? You think ICTA should deal with this??????????????

    I don’t get it, why this fuss about creole swear words when everyone on this page has sworn in creole, english and french before??? I can understand Yashvin, he reported the group, that’s his right, but AloMoris you are just stupid! ICTA???? What next? Ask the Prime Minister to ban facebook altogether in Mauritius? Oh wait….

    Guys, I know it’s not great to swear, this is not about whether it’s nice or not, it’s about other people swearing if they want to. Respect for one’s country has nothing to do with it! A lot of undesirable things happen around us, we can’t ban everything, people have their rights, what we can do is not follow their example! If my friend’s sister wears extremely short clothes, should I start asking for short dresses to be banned because my sister is being insulted by the image my friend’s sister is projecting? Not at all, my sister just doesn’t have to follow her example if she doesn’t want to!


    1. @The owner who deleted his fb group after my post (n who commented above):
      What happened dear? You talk so much, but deleted your group? Ashamed of ur act?

      I will just say something, I already said before:
      “Go into an official meeting, and swear at them, all!”
      And then, I will wait you to say “these people swearing on facebook its their right.[…]let these young express their views and its their right”
      btw, swearing on facebook is against their policy.

      @Kailash : Nice comment and way of looking at things.
      I took it light too, but through this post, I wanted to know what do others think about this issue?

      Swearing on facebook is so easy, and hiding behind a fake identity so common, isnt it Paul Patient?

      I must say, the guy Paul Patient took great care to create another profile, just to write against me on that facebook fan page.
      Afraid of using your true identity? lol
      Am not!

      @Yashi : I agree with you but did I quote their names?
      This shows that my blog is read by all. Great!

      @Facebookers who form part of the groups/pages:
      I guess that you are most still in college, it must be one of your craze. We all went through this phase, but not everyone went to extremes.
      When you will grow up into a mature person, you will realize by yourself, and tell yourself “Guet ki sa bane pitis la p faire”


  18. I would take it lightly.. i think swearing is part of my culture and I think of lots of Mauritians. The number of joins and comments on those groups speaks for itself. Think it depends on the context, we usually swear amongst close friends especially in high school (Those were the days. Sigh!), i.e in a close circle. Facebook interestingly expanded the possibilities, people who like to swear can simply join in and indulge. As for expats, swearing somehow brings them closer to their culture i believe, the g.. or p.. word are much more fun than the f.. word.

    The best thing the others can do I believe is to ignore, take no offense and let the others have fun.. Think its a pity to limit yourselves and impose constraints on others.

    Nou pas zourer nu pas sovage.
    Kan nu pas zourer nu pas sovage.. (good old days)

    Check this one: http://www.youswear.com/index.asp?language=Mauritian+Creole


  19. well i must i totally disagree with u Yashvin… these people swearing on facebook its their right.. can u stop these when it’s the parents swear a lot even in front of their children.. and on roads can u stop the one who is swearing NO you can’t then stop dreaming about a thing which you cant even eradicate …you cant make their freedom a prison…
    mauritian swear words form parts of our heritage … let these young express their views and its their right


  20. Hallowed is Yashvin, the ultimate Mauritian authority – do as he says. His views matter. Bow before him. His righteousness is your salvation.

    Man, STFU!


  21. i will say.. maturity doesn’t depend on AGE!!it depends upon what u ve lived and wat uve experienced.. and i knw wat im talking about!

    and your view about an official meeting… well i dont think you’ll wear what you wear at home to go to an official meeting init?
    soooo this means u are a “different” person when you go to your “official meeting” and when you’re at home init?Got my point?
    so you CANNOT compare being swearing on a site and an official meeting…
    heyyy maaannn helooowwww you may not agree with what WE do what WE say…thennn
    mayB a law should be adopted about swearing?
    Politicians swear
    Policemen swear
    Thus does it mean that they are
    1: immature
    2: narrow – minded
    3: doing a craze because they are going through a phaze

    so again,your point does not stand..else our politians would surely be in jail right now don’t you think?
    or how can an immature person be our leader i.e prime minister/president
    how can he be narrow-minded since he arrived there!
    doing a craze is a bit out of place coz u said that the group consists majorly of college students..but hey wait a minute the prime minister still goes to highschool????

    COZ its true you have the RIGHT not to agree
    its true you may HATE swearing
    its true you consider it useless…
    but i guess that you know each and everyone has a different viewpoint.may it be good or bad or not agreeable.
    on zoure mauricien..we DO NOT promote pornography and prostitution so you cant say and accuse us of something that we’re not doing cause i myself im against prostitution!
    kailash and yashi are right when they say that you could ignore it..
    im invited in so much fan pages and groups..when im not interested i just ignore!

    there are vegetarians and non-veg
    as you know vegetarians wont agree to what non-veg eat…
    but veggies cannot impose themselves on non-veg just bec that suits them to!that they have their belief and think differently.
    They have to accept it and just do what they think is best for them and non-vegs do the same

    so we can compare you and me as veg and non-veg.
    you can do what you want and have your beliefs..
    but it is the same for me…

    else everyone in the world would be the same!!
    each and everyone one of us is different from the other..you cant impose your belief on someone!else God himself would have imposed himself on us and we would have been forced to do as He wants!but he gave us choice..
    u chose what YOU want and the outcome depends on your choice.you may make good choices in life others less so…but still you have the choice and so its you who decide what to do of your life.not others


    1. @Dw3n : Nice comment! Thanks for sharing…
      Everyone have the right to express themselves here, I will allow all comments, except the swearing ones of course 😉


    1. @Bhooks :
      Joining a fan page is so easy, just click on “Add as a fan”
      But people don’t always realize what they are doing.
      I guess that I did my share of work, as a Mauritian.

      Up to everyone to decide what’s the best for you.

      I already won part of my battle when one owner closed his group, and now when hundreds of hits are being redirected to my blog post!


  22. yes but u still cant counter to what i said..so your complete post is out of order and all what you’ve said


    1. @Dw3n :
      I admit, you said nice things.
      You did mention something previously “on zoure mauricien..we DO NOT promote pornography and prostitution so you cant say and accuse us of something that we’re not doing cause i myself im against prostitution!
      Correct me if I am wrong, but at no instant I said that on your page.
      I took yours as example for the swearing point.

      I swear too,but do you swear in public?
      Is it to the same extent as in your page where ALL of the sentences are made up of 75% of rude words?

      Perhaps some of your friends got my intention wrong…
      I make errors too, after all, human errs.


  23. @I don’t know who that idiot is—-> You’re defending the swearings and that facebook group, but does it feel nice when that particular group keeps coming up your feeds with all its swearing? I do agree that I swear a lot in English but dude, come on, I never swear infront of elders or my parents. But one thing I will surely tell you. Take your middle finger and screw it into your arse for being such an idiot. I hope that facebook finds a way to block these feeds. It’s getting annoying. Oh wait, some one said 13+ to register on facebook. Which means if you have a sister of 14 years old, IT’S NORMAL FOR HER TO SWEAR and to learn how to swear??

    I will be very happy when your children will one day tell you
    “Dad, ale faire b**r twa.to 1 p*l*n”

    my two penny worth opinion. Flame me or not. I still don’t give a shit about you idiots.


  24. @tushal.. i didnt say im better than you..YOU are saying that you are better than me when you say that “I don’t know who that idiot is”..
    and let me tell you that it is not our fault if facebook changed in a bad way whereby you cant fart without everyone on your contact list knowing abt it!it was not like that before…
    AND who told you that I do swear in front elders?again you indirectly say you are better than me coz u dont knw me so how can u knw wen or not or in front of do i swear?
    and if you really didnt give a shit..will you have post a comment??i think the answer is no..if you didnt give a shit then you would have completely ignored this matter..

    @yashvin…but you did say that “those kinds of groups” including zoure mauricien
    and either you accept that you do swear or not…
    so you are ashamed to do it in front of people..but u do it in private?wtf… sorry but i think thats being hypocrite!
    its just like…
    well someone goes to prayer in front of everyone,does all the stuffs required to SEEM a pious person.. but when he gets out on the road or at home he does not do that at all


    1. @Dw3n:
      I have started to like your way of thinking, you should be coming here more often to share your opinions 😉

      More exactly, I said : I noticed people commenting on a public profile (fan page) which is aimed at promoting creole swearing words
      Perhaps a misunderstanding? Then I am really sorry, but I did not associate your page with prostitution or anything else.
      The Prostitution group was closed, and I ‘know’ the owner.

      I swear, but I have respect toward others…
      I won’t walk down streets swearing at everyone else… Its not being ashamed, nothing of that sort.
      Loads of ppl said it “Swearing is part of the mauritian language [or things like that]”
      You should only know when, why and with whom to do it.

      @Karem Smith : WOW, from Texas!
      Was nice to chat with you *thnks to Google Chat*!
      Keep visiting and sharing your views!
      Cheers from Mauritius 😉


  25. I would like to voice an opinion from Dallas,Texas. I read many of the posts. Living in a country where “Foul Language” may be the 1’st language,and “Porn” the second it is nice find Yashvin taking a firm stand. Debate is always good. Can inappropriate conduct on the internet be stopped? I do not believe so. As individuals we have choices to make each moment of each day. Your voice and your choice. I intend to keep reporting on the Spaces I am a member of. Block and Report. My choice.

    I am glad I found Yashvin’s blog. There are no accidents.Smile!


  26. @Dw3n–> woow. Now you’re officially an idiot. The reason why I wrote “I don’t know who that idiot is” is because I did not look at the person’s name and I did not even targetted you. But since you accept that you’re an idiot, a moron and the blueprint of stupidity, then who am I to contradict you.Congratz.

    Swearing in private is hypocrite?Get a grip idiot. I usually swear when I’m alone in my room and I can’t find the right answer or I completely miss it. But does that put me as hypocrite? Oh you idiot, go and open your dictionnary and read the meaning of hypocrite. Why are you so firm about posing yourself as the perfect idiot?

    Anyway, I always say “Make it idiot proof and some one else will make a better idiot”.
    I wonder how far you will go in proving yourself as the blueprint of stupidity.


  27. I still don’t get the fuss, it’s just a group which you could report and maybe diminish the feeds of friends who are in it and then you won’t see the group ever again. People have worse groups online, directly racist groups, distasteful groups, groups about Nazi appreciation and here we are making a big fuss about people swearing… It’s good you reported this Yashvin, but now it’s becoming a bit exaggerated… We all know swearing in public is bad, swearing at elders is bad, but we all do it, and we all know when not to do it and a facebook group is not really a big issue, we are all adults here, I am almost 100% sure people in this group know when to swear and when not to. And Facebook is a public space, people can do whatever they want as long as they are not directly doing harm to anyone.

    Think it’s time to get over this.


    1. @Yashi:
      I blogged about this, and now people are reacting…
      I am just replying to the comments, and explaining myself.

      Anyway, seems loads of people reported the group/page 🙂
      Cheers and have a nice week ahead!


  28. @Tushal

    Anyway, I always say “Make it idiot proof and some one else will make a better idiot”.
    I wonder how far you will go in proving yourself as the blueprint of stupidity.

    oh yeahh?? ure jst going miles to prove ur better than Dw3n mate, jst by calling her an idiot repeatedly doesnt make u smarter…

    i sense misplaced anger from u due to ur high ego…Dw3n struck u where it hurts..ur ego!

    jst because u think ure smart, doesnt make others dumber….

    ohhh yeah u’ll snap back at me init lmao!!!


  29. @tushal..
    you are against swearing but you do have great fun of treating other people of stupid..
    and you posted just after mine so i assumed you were directing your post towards me..
    mayB its stupid to comment without reading what has been put forward init?
    and i didnt mean swearing in private was hypocrite read clearly man!wtf
    i said that people who do swear and pretend to be against it just to “seem civilised” are hypocrites..
    hey maybe your brain has stressed too much in treating other peole of stupid etc when you can’t be better than anybody..and then you claim that we claim that we’re better?what the heck.
    grow a bit.maybe if you didnt stay at home or just behind your books and stuff you’ll get a grip of how life is difficult and how pep have to strive..
    other matters being mor important than swearing and such.what about people who don’t have food?what about abused women?what about beaten women?what about women who become widowed and have to catter for their own child by themselves?
    With everybody judging and THINKING they’re better than others?
    Is a woman that swears in public normally a slut?i don’t believe so.
    and again ive not insulted you…you are the one who’s doing all the insulting

    you said you wont post comments that involve swearing..
    or did you mean that you will post comments that involve swearing as long as it is not direted to you or suits your advantage?
    one more thing.. you corrupted the information about the “who are they” section about the “legalisation Pornography et prostitution dans morice” group or was it all the information gathered from the different groups???O.o
    And i well do not go on the streets to swear at any one just i feel like it..damn that’s not my kind.
    and i agree with you that you should knw when where and with whom we’re using it.
    but in our group we dont insult 3rd parties such as:
    1 politicians
    2 groups of people such as VOH of others
    but we do counter when someone judges and jumps to conclusion when knowing nothing.
    and i repeat myself..
    it is not our fault if facebook changed in a bad way..
    wat i mean is..before it changed we could sign on somthing,page,group etc and it would have been shown but the content wouldnt
    but now the content is shown and i do understand that it is a real pain in the ass to continuously read abt a group u dont care a damn about or that u h8 to the core
    but now the content is shown and i do understand that it is a real pain in the ass to continuously read abt a group u dont care a damn about or that u h8 to the core
    i myself apologised to my contacts for spamming their feeds but the fact that facebook has become this way that WE should pay


  30. @yashi…
    i think the same too..
    there are other things to make a big fuss about..more important and which attempted to,would have greater positive impact that just a group whereby people swearing


  31. I’m completely with you on this one. I really hate seeing those things. Enkor truv sa bane zafer la depi dimun ki declar trop morisien, cki fer moi pli degouT enkor, as if our culture comprises only of violence.


  32. but they ain’t swearing a person or a community and they doing it in our language then why ashamed of what we are…
    it may be against their policy but its in creole and not targeting anyone…
    you’re against them let it be and just live your life..

    you said ““Go into an official meeting, and swear at them, all!”
    i don’t have to do it cause in the meeting some of them are already swearing so… dear Mr Yashvin don’t pretend to be god or don’t pretend you don’t swear…


    1. @Agony:
      Let me introduce you to some principles while participating in blog conversations.
      We are not in a bazaar or any facebook group/page.

      First of all, when you address yourself to someone, write his/her name like all of us do here.
      Secondly, before replying to any comment, take some time to read what others said.
      This would prevent any duplicate replies, like here, on the “official meeting” point.
      Thanks for abiding on a few rules, which ensure respect towards others.

      Anyway, by mentioning “it may be against their policy“, you said it all.
      Thats what I wanted to hear, Cheers!

      @Nussaibah : Thanks for joining in, but take care, I am getting loads of enemies, most of them without hiding behind a fake name LOL.

      As I replied to Yashi, I already said my part.
      However, being a platform for discussion *Yashi knows that well*, we give others the opportunity to share their opinion.
      I could have well written this and closed the comments section, you wont be having any way to discuss this, is this what you want?


  33. Hmmm….

    I do swear a whole lot….sincerely…I do for a girl and it’s not always beautiful I admit 😛

    BUT! I do not like it when am walking on the streets and some stranger just shouts something vulgar at me..”guet sa s@@$%% la! check sa l@@##$$ la!” Oh no! Am way against that. Though I swear, I do not swear at people around me, unless someone really, badly hurt me…la! grave net! lol! Most of the time I swear when am driving. See, Mauritian guys are real machos who cannot have a woman driving in front of them. Proof is yesterday itself. Some driver behind me starting honking and making menacing signs from his car behind me. Reason??? I slowed down where the speed was 40 and there were obstacles on the road. I couldn’t fly over it, could I? So when he overtook me, I stared cursing him like hell…he did not hear anything coz my windows were all closed etc…yet, I could not stop myself from saying it….bref…

    As for the foul language thing on facebook, well, I do agree that it’s not that nice but see, you are free to join or not. If you join it’s up to you, if not fair enough..let them do what they want. It does not mean that every single Mauritian is like that.

    @ yashvin, though if they swore at you, then man, GO GET THEM!!! Lol!

    P.S The car of yesterday was F255. i f anyone knows the driver, please let me know. Thnx…


  34. @All–> Did you notice how members of that group are defending their friends!

    @yashvin—> Is it possible to post images in comments?

    @Blueprint of stupidity–> I will reply you at night. I’m off to my exam!


  35. Just before going,I know some above who commented in defence of that group.Yashvin, I can tell you that those idiots are people from the crap generations. For them, you need to swear to show that you are the “mari” and all those not abinding are weak people. I wonder where this country is going.

    They are people who cannot formulate a sentence with swearing.I was discussing that with my mum and we wonder how those youngsters treat their parents at home. Do they go and tell their dad “pa, bouse to l*k*.mo pe ale vend mo f*ss* asoir”?

    If I had a child like that, I would had killed him/her. One needs to learn good manners in life and not being full of crap.

    I, along with some friends were reading that group and in all their replies, there are foul words. I did not see anyone replying like a gentleman or like some one having at least the basic good manners.

    I have 1 more hour before I leave home. Let me try to reply the blueprint.

    dinZ said:
    oh yeahh?? ure jst going miles to prove ur better than Dw3n mate, jst by calling her an idiot repeatedly doesnt make u smarter…
    i sense misplaced anger from u due to ur high ego…Dw3n struck u where it hurts..ur ego!
    jst because u think ure smart, doesnt make others dumber….
    ohhh yeah u’ll snap back at me init lmao!!!

    First, I did not call him/her an idiot. He/she took it as if I was referring to him/her because I replied below his/her comment. Now, if some one thinks that he/she is an idiot, well I can’t do anything for her/him.
    Misplaced anger?I’m allergy to stupid people. They always hit my nerves.

    @Dw3n —> I’m sorry. I need to stop calling stupid people stupid. I’m sorry again.

    grow a bit.maybe if you didnt stay at home or just behind your books and stuff you’ll get a grip of how life is difficult and how pep have to strive..

    How life is difficult?and what is the relationship between the difficulty of life and the ulter rubbish swearings?
    You mean to say that people having a DIFFICULT LIFE swears like hell?Well, this is an interesting stuff from you. I wonder why many will disagree with you.

    I do agree that you group has +6000 people but I wonder how many are active and I wonder how many accepted the group request just for the sake of accepting.

    I’m proud to say that I hail from a GOOD MANNERED familly unlike you non-stop swearing idiots.

    Seductress Agony et check mo reply moi. mo ti p envie bat sa pilon la tou :

    but they ain’t swearing a person or a community and they doing it in our language then why ashamed of what we are…it may be against their policy but its in creole and not targeting anyone…you’re against them let it be and just live your life.. you said ““Go into an official meeting, and swear at them, all!”i don’t have to do it cause in the meeting some of them are already swearing so… dear Mr Yashvin don’t pretend to be god or don’t pretend you don’t swear…

    Did you just get an award to show to the world that you’re an idiot, full of shit and craps?

    I don’t care whether you come in packs of shit to flame me but at least, do have a decency of coming like PEOPLE and have a discussion.

    Sorry yashvin for being rude on your comment but I feel with such people I need to show the evilish side of me.

    Cheers and have a nice day.

    PS: yashvin, I wonder what they will do to you if ever they find you somewhere alone..ROFL..use bodyguards yashvin..xD


    1. @Tushal :
      Dont worry abt them, they are only kids, using fake names… and swearing… nothing serious abt them
      lol, You saw the funny picture I posted na?

      btw, GOOD LUCK!


  36. I see nothing wrong with this group, if you dont like it simply dont visit it or view it watever the case might be…i dont see what you see wrong in this…pa dir moi ki toi zamais tne zourer la!!!

    and if this is appearing in your feeds blame your friends and facebook!
    stop whining and complaining…it wont get u nor the group anywhere…
    and keep good contacts…coz you mentioned receiving links on msn…lol!

    btw tushuxx to bien content zourer ek to al report group la lol…enfin FBT!


    1. @V!N$H!:

      pa dir moi ki toi zamais tne zourer la!!!
      Perhaps you are new in the world of blogging, so let me remind you to check previous comments before writing anything!
      This has already been discussed several times, we are not on your swearing page here.

      btw, the one I mentioned sending links, he is on your page too, contributing to your wall posts.
      you will be astonished to know that he is currently carrying his course project on Blogging and Social Networking, and is also a blogger!
      haha, I wont reveal his name, but some of us already know who he is.
      He does not even care about your page, his main aim is to collect info about how people behave on internet!
      Cheers to him!

      Li p met difé zis pu faire zotte vine bane lerats laboratoire!


  37. y say all this now? wen u cud have just said it in ur post!
    new to the world of blogging…haha…maybe!
    mne just join…no harm in doing that i guess!
    btw y didnt u mention that before? and why dont u reveal who he/she is…or is there something to hide??…i dont get it now!


    1. @V!N$H!:
      I won’t reveal his name…
      Its up to you to find out, since I guess loads of you are supporting him in his ‘project’.

      Why I didn’t mention this fact?
      Nice question, but what you should ask yourself, and yourselves:
      “Would that have changed something in the way you are targeting me on your page?”

      Someone is deliberately causing all this, for his own benefit, for his own survey.
      I only said what I think about swearing on fb, I did not mention any of your names.
      Unfortunately, your page friends have taken this a bit too seriously.
      Just go through my pages to learn more about my blog posts. I don’t usually talk nonsense.

      Anybody can disagree with me, that’s why I am open for discussion in my blog.
      As you have perhaps noticed, every comment is approved and displayed, with pros or cons against me.

      Anyways, you will always be welcomed here in my blog and encouraged to participate!


  38. why wont u reveal it? i dont support him nor anyone!
    whos targetting u, as far i know i didnt…and you cant just my page friends…wen i only know one persone on there!

    yes i know that you dont talk nonsense…i didnt mention it anywhere did i?
    btw i heard a few good things about u from tushal…got nothing againts u!
    just voicing out…well more like typing out what i think!


    1. @V!N$H!:
      Unfortunately, I promised not to reveal his name.
      Its so obvious to find out his name and kick him out of the fuss he created.
      Just share this info with the admins there, it might be easy for them to trace the spy/”la taupe”!


    1. @V!N$H!:
      I don’t really know the story of that somd** guy, but I would not be surprised if its him behind all these happenings.

      So, be careful !


  39. Facebook was meant for professional purpose… That’s why it allowed only people elder than 18 yrs to register… But as u can see even these “mature” people have gone crazy 😛


  40. Exclusivity :

    The facebook page (on the swearing one – zourer) has been deleted!!!

    The truth always wins!

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


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