Digital Gateway Monument in Mauritius

You read it right!

Did you know the existence of a monument called the “Digital Gateway”?

Well, I did not.

I discovered it last Friday night during my ‘visit’ to Caudan.

The Digital Gateway Mauritius

In fact, its not exactly Caudan Waterfront, but rather Port Louis Waterfront.

I was trying to get some night shots when I landed in front of this “Digital Gateway”, at the back of Port Louis Waterfront.

Google Maps hasn’t pictured it yet & even Google results have no idea!

The Digital Gateway Mauritius

Nothing to be proud of, its something like the Millennium Monument at Curepipe(Wooton).

You might also be interested to learn about a new discovery made about aliens pyramids located in the south east of Mauritius!

Yashvin, pages of my life

So, remember to pay a visit to this unknown monument the next time you are going there!

Did you know the exisitence of this thing or you just discovered it today?

17 thoughts on “Digital Gateway Monument in Mauritius

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  1. about the pyramids.. me and my friend roushdat discoverred those and made lots of theories about those when we were kids! :p remarkE :p zot en retard!!!!


  2. Well I have seen Aapravasi Ghat and the area where the contract workers were processed. So is this Digital Gateway like a new electronic processing arch using ERS ? Or just a teleportation port for the new Mauritius hub policy?


  3. @Muzzammil :

    led screen?
    lol, I was pretty sure something was missing from the monument!

    I think its the “digital” part.

    Thanks for providing the info, which I hope is a true one.
    btw, pas pu dir toi ki mo ti p faire there 😛

    lol, ya, lo zotte simé meme sa 😛

    The aliens used this as a stargate-like transportation port for their visits around the galaxy!

    The dashboard (with the controls) has been converted into a table in the resto found besides it.


  4. thats tellman longtemps it has been there people has stopped noticing it !! hahaha .. bien bien longtemps sa.. as for the pyramids, they exist on the way to plaine magnien , to airport, to flacq, to goodlands .. partout ena sa around mauritius, when they do derocking, zotte entasse bane roche la ensuite .. !! lolz..


  5. @Avishna

    En tou k he was not wiz me …grrrrrrrrrrr


    Na, i didn’t know about this monument :S thks for the info dear, lot cou to amen mwa visiter hein 😛


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