Advert shooting in Triolet

Advert Shooting In Triolet

On my way to purchase todays’ newpaper, there was an strange animation in some part of my village.

  • Unusual traffic jam along the famous Anand Square of Triolet!

Advert Shooting Nestle Traffic

  • An oxen cart was ‘parked’ along the road side, on dougle double yellow lines, only 2 meters from a policeman!

Advert Shooting Nestle Oxen Cart

  • Flowers selling stalls were set up a few places.

Advert Shooting Nestle Flowers

  • The most weird one was this:

Advert Car Trailer

There was an old volswagen minor moris on a tow vehicle, and a few people were around it, putting make up to the woman driver :S

A few meters away, I understood the reason behind all these scenes!

A Camera! A Huge one!

Advert Shooting Nestle Camera

It was just like in the film Billu Barber in which a Shooting Crew landed in a village MEGALOL !

btw, nice film indeed!

I then asked one of the crew members what was all this about? film, advert?

Then he told me that it was the shooting of a Nestle Advert by Indians.

Lets wait, I would like to see this advert (where part of it was shot in Triolet)

Update (3rs April 2012) :

@le_voyageurΒ Β (Dinesh) just sent me the link to this advert :Β Β

However, I can’t recognize any part of the advert shot in Triolet in the short video footage, unfortunately.

Thanks again to him,

39 thoughts on “Advert shooting in Triolet

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    1. @Asmit : Franc tout, la boutik sinois ki zamais ine fermer dans so la vie, today ti fermer lol!

      Vraiememe, mone penser mo si kikene ine mort, sinon kifer la boutik ti pu fermer? :S

      Plus de peur que de mal lol


  1. lol @ oxen cart on double yellow line + policeman just beside it. should the ox be fined?
    btw whats the relation between nestle and oxen cart and car being towed :-/
    maybe next, the towing vehicle will tow away the ox πŸ˜›


  2. Wawa… saw that in the morning.

    So that’s a Nestle ad?? Heard this morning that one of my classmates was enlisted to play in a Nestle ad (was told to wear fake beards LOL). Anyway, Nestle must be shooting several ads in Mauritius… too bad it won’t be broadcasted here, only on Zee TV (from what I heard). πŸ™‚


  3. @Tushal : Na, I would prefer the role of the Ox cart driver πŸ˜›

    @ReenaDKL : Fascinating? not really.

    @Sunita : Carol pas moris? can anybody confirm if he is hols abroad? lol!

    @Yudz : relation between ox n vehicle?
    lol, the wife of the ox gives milk.
    Since the woman driver has been feeding with this milk from her childhood, today she is able to drive a nice car in a dream road with flowers and oxen πŸ˜›


    @Carrot: I hope we will see it on youtube.
    As someone said on my fb status, it seems that they were in Goodlands yesterday. Perhaps they are looking for the best shot.


  4. peti rectification – double yellow lines , pa dougle ( it took me 3 secs to realise whay u actually meant.

    i guess Triolet is ideal for charet la – which looks so cool! and the shooting.


    1. @Avishna : Thanks for showing the error!
      I didnt even noticed it!

      i guess Triolet is ideal for charet la
      Do you think the indians will know that the advert is in Triolet, Port Louis or Quatres Bornes? lol!
      btw, ya, the cart was nice, with the deco on it lol!



  5. i was in triolet at 2pm. didnt see anything or stuck in traffic jam.

    note:Pictures not loading on my browser. FAIL


  6. justment mo p get sa mo p mazinn billu barber… version yashvin!

    :p yashvin bayankar :p

    mo p imagine to p raconte to bann camarad [vue ki to pena piti] ki to konn sa bann figirr dans tournage, etc.. etc..


  7. ‘he told me that it was the shooting of a Nestle Advert by Indians.’

    mo pas contre ki zot in tourne sa dan triolet mais dan l’inde zot pa ti pu gagne sa ban faciliter la pli bien kuma charette ek sa ti loto la?


  8. Hey wa, mo in truv banla kan zot ti fek reach anand square, puis sa loto la e charet boeuf in vini, but i had to reach utm early 😦 cudnt watch it


  9. hey la boutique chinois pa ti fermer ziss pu zordi,mais depi avant pa morice la.line ale la chine avek tou so famille n will be bak in 2 weeks time!


    1. @Jeetish:
      Thanks for the info dear villageois Triolet!

      **Latest News on**
      Carol ine al la chine en vacances!!!!


  10. heyy m ti pass par laba at that exact time! ti p dir m bro- ” guet sa charette la,pa gagn pou truver aster” lol. m ti bro la line penser cinema kass kasser la p re jouer fim li…. enfin triolet c triolet πŸ˜›


  11. Alla ena emper dimoon ki reste triolet dans sa blog la la πŸ˜›
    moi mo parti centre… pfff lapli too ici

    Nu bizin fer ene ti album.. zot too tire foto zot lendroit ek posT πŸ˜›


  12. Moi si ti trouve sa samedis… ti p alle Goodlands… mo ti penC loto bleu la ine empanne… hahahhaa


  13. Update :

    @le_voyageur:disqusΒ Β (Dinesh) just sent me the link to this advert :Β 

    However, there isn’t any part shot in Triolet in the short video footage, unfortunately.

    Thanks again to him,


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