Ene bon alouda et jus glacé bazaar Port Louis!


Hi everyone!

Isn’t the title tempting???

Sa ki bon sa!

Today, on my way back home from Reduit, I stopped for a few mins at the bazaar to drink a “jus limon/tamarin” and a “jus tropicale” while Dakshinee took an “alouda”.

My favorite one is the “just mélondo” (water melon).

Trop nice saaaaaaaa, surtout kant li glisser dans la gorce.
Unfortunately, it is not always available throughout the year 😦

I still remember the days when together with other uni friends (Vissen, Nitin, Manta or Jaya), we were often in the food court of Bazaar Port Louis  to drink a nice jus/alouda.


Even during these days, I don’t miss an opportunity to buy at least 2 glasses, specially in this hot summer period.

As I mentioned above, below is the famous food court:

btw, this pic was taken in April 2007, I think Yogesh accompanied me.
Ya, I know, mo ti mari maigre sa lepok la 😛

Ah wi, I forgot : Climatisé svp!

Mystery behind the Nomad Picture

Before ending, a lot of people seem to wonder the meaning behind the Nomad, Carrot and God” picture.

So, here is my answer:

Through this picture, I wanted to show that you must worship the modem and god, so that you may get a good connection, if you succeed to have one lol.

As for the carrot, its simple… the Nomad modem is also known as the “Rabbit”

Have a nice weekend!

21 thoughts on “Ene bon alouda et jus glacé bazaar Port Louis!

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  1. Hmmmm xD Mne zamais asT ene zafer dans bazaar PL 😛 Ni jus ni alouda… M bane kuz dia moi m rate boku mais m penkor kne chemin pu al bazaar la 😛

    And lol @ the photo 😀


  2. Jai ho Jai ho, Nomad ki Jai ho

    Ta macro, la mo bien envi ene alouda glacee… Pena ici 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


  3. Climatisé tou? tarrrr. I don’t remember this.
    I’ve been to the new ‘Bazaar Port Louis’ in 2007 but I didn’t know that there was a food court too.


  4. ohh yehh the famouss alouda e jus limon!!!
    i thk pu geT nek li fer gne soif sa snon pff..
    alouda la kpv gne diabete tou po pour narien pli bcu dimun p gne diabete dan maurice!!

    concerning hygiene, kan fini boir nek zot met li dan delo e reservi saem!!!

    climatiserrr wwoowww sa po cozer en plein dec ac off, chak fois mne alE mne zistoire!!

    coment ret dan bazar po gne letmp respirer ban manchant la cmnce crier” 1 ver pour ou manzel etcc” sa panik dimun e finalment bzn sorti dpi laba!!

    last year in dec had my last drink there coz apre mne boire jus in bzn al hospital tou lol!
    dpi sa im against this, mo prefer mort de soif ki al baoire ban truc pena lassurance!!! XD


  5. To bizin vine boire alouda ek jus dan 1 SEUL PLACE dan bazar QB- mo pa p dir partout dan bazar la mai 1 seul place kot li hyginic- delo vital- given in disposable glasses / or bottles- kot zot servi toi wearing gloves. As for AC, well u get back in ur ac car to drink li….or to alle orchard 🙂

    apres 1 verre alouda, to envie encore 1!

    next time mo invite toi bazar QB for a drink.


  6. Ya..am used to the alouda at Bazaar P.Louis.

    Asmita is right…they don’t wash it properly…”paase verre en bas delo..sa meme tou..” Some do that in a bucket, where there is no running water….yak yak yak….

    En passant..ene ti note lor mine dan Rose Hil…

    Bane ki veg ou careme…NEVER BUY FOOD OUTSIDE! They fry the noodles and meat in the same pan…I’ve seen it with my own eyes!!!

    It’s a shame!!!


  7. Apres 1 long promenade dan Port-Louis, alors ban kam et mwa in al boire 1 verre a bazaar port louis. hmmm, la soif in passer. jus la xxxxtraaaaaa top net.


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