New prices of petrol (Feb 2009)

Just announced a few minutes back after the monthly review of prices…


It might be interesting for you to read the forecast which I blogged about a few days back 😛 and

Most of us got it wrong except Tushal, Amit and Reena!

Congrats to them, especially Tushal!

Yashvin, pages of my life

Damn it! My tank is nearly on Empty and is blinking TVR!

9 thoughts on “New prices of petrol (Feb 2009)

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  1. Yashvin, walk to work! 😛
    Request your employer to include a bathroom in its building since the employees will now decide to walk to work, and when you people will reach the office, you’ll definitely be in need of a bath! Or why not stay in the office 😛

    No wastage of money in petrol or diesel 😉



    Hail Drowning Mauritius !


  2. Lol! Com dab, our leaders are kicking us and what do we say? “Cool! We love the kicks! Oh please kick us! again! and again! oh yes! Kick us!”

    Oh God! I hate these guys! Actually, our s*%&t “leaders” do not live with the same reality we do..they don’t pay for their petrol or diesel so they care s&%*t about the prices!!! Ayo! Can’t we kick them out??? I so much hate these a&$*holes!


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