End of festivities, lets resume our normal life!

Already reached the end of my holidays, and just like most of the Mauritians, each one of us will be back to work as from tomorrow.

I did not even get the time to get bored during these last 2 weeks, so much to enjoy, everyday!

December 2008 was the months with the largest number of blog posts (22), hence lots of happenings/events!

Most of the time, I was with my friends from Switzerland on the beach of Pereybere… either diving, playing or simply swimming…

lol, I have been tanned due to the long hours of sun exposure. Sure, it will take some time before I get back my “original” color.


Our worst experience was last Friday (night of 1st Jan 09) when we discovered that the car we hired had been robbed while we were in Stardance and Buddha Bar, Grand Bay.  The vandals had crashed one of the windows and stolen a hand bag which fortunately had only a make-up set.

After an election which lasted several days, yashvinblogs.com  has been voted as the Mauritian Blog of the Year 2008 by bloggers and readers.

I hope that 2009 will be even better for bloggers!

The day to Chamarel Adventure Park wasn’t bad either, lots of fun!

On the 29th Dec, I spent most of my day before my pc since Tamasa had been hacked cracked. I had to restore everything back and secure the vulnerable point of the system. A police complaint was made on the 30th Dec and lets hope that the cracker will soon be find out, especially since his IP was logged by the system.

I have also been contacted by the webmaster of a newspaper agency who accused me of innuendo and that he said, I quote “I will definitely going to sue you.”.

and I replied to him:

SUE ME, koz at any instant I never wrote ur name nor the name of ur company lol!

In fact, you risk your job, carry on and show me!
I wont lose anything, I will only get fame…

If you want to start a fight with me specially, I put a dare on you!”

I will very soon take contact with his management because seems that this guy has a problem with some bloggers but I dont know why he is so interested with me. As I mentioned above, I did not even knew his name and he contacted me after the “crack” of Tamasa since he thought I was targeting him.

Yashvin, pages of my life

On the 31st Dec 2008, Nitin, Vissen and myself had our lunch in Shooters and were later joined in by Mantasha, Jaya, Geshwin and other friends.

On the night of 1st Jan 2009, I was around in Grand Bay, the 2nd we were invited to celebrate the new year at my cousin Rishta’s place.


On the 3rd, I was at Kitan’s place for his birthday and just before, I took dinner at Dhaneesha’s place.

Finally today the 4th, I was at Pereybere for a last swim since as from tomorrow,  I won’t have much time lol!


I am working 🙂

Again, this evening, I will be at my cousin’s place (Deepa & Neha) for dinner…

That’s what I have been doing in my hols and as from today, back to office and of course, to the everlasting fun with colleagues and friends.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy 2009 !

9 thoughts on “End of festivities, lets resume our normal life!

Add yours

  1. Yash, I think that once I wrote a disclaimer concerning the part which your readers self assume that you’re targeting one of them. Some people are just amazing.
    They make as if they’re god and everything turns around them.


  2. Good luck 4 this year!

    I can’t say I’m happy or even excited about going back to school next week, I had 2 months of holidays but they pass so rapidly when you are enjoying yourself. I’m doing F5 this year, I don’t like math classes and my rector really sucks!!



    1. @Nabila : wow, lol, thnks for noticing the error. Just corrected it!
      Its wonderful to know that some of my blog readers/friends take so much care while reading 🙂


  3. Hey no thanks!!!
    It’s always a pleasure reading ur posts, thx for them!!!
    Hey lucky u, to have been to the beach soo many times..me havn’t gne once this dec..maybe in z cuming days b4 my course resume!!!


  4. Yashvin isnt that December 2008?? 😛 you wrote december 2009 😛

    “December 2009 was the months with the largest number of blog posts (22), hence lots of happenings/events!”


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