New decrease in Price of Petrol + Journalist arrested!


It happens that I was already on bed and then I remembered that the price of fuel had to be reviewed this evening.
So, I got out of bed, rushed to switched on the computer and checked the price on the State Trading Corporation’s web site.

New prices

After this new meeting of the Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM), here are the new prices:

Petrol (Essence) : From Rs36.85/L to Rs 34.10/L
( Decrease of Rs 2.75 )

Diesel : From Rs37.95/L to Rs 35.15/L
( Decrease of Rs 2.80 )

Democracy gets a journalist arrested!


So, this is the latest news…

A journalist has been arrested today for having phoned the PM’s place since he did not agree on the end of year speech of the latter.

This happened on the 1st Jan 09 and today, he has been arrested for having used some bad words, which he denied having used.

This is an analogy of what happened:

The characters used in the following section are fictitious, any resemblance is purely a coincidence 😛

It’s like Tushal contacts my friend Carrot and tells him – I disagree with Yashvin’s posts.

They are really F-word bad.

Carrot then informs me about what Tushal told him.

Then I sue this Tushal for disagreeing with me and using the F word.

Special thanks to Tushal and Carrot for playing the roles here 😛

The questions that we may ask ourselves here:

  • Where is the freedom of speech?
  • How can he be accused if there is no proof of this?
    First of all, are the phone calls recorded? and are they legal according to our constitution?

Feel free to discuss…

22 thoughts on “New decrease in Price of Petrol + Journalist arrested!

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  1. Rs 2.75 is still low… but the oil is increasing up again – $48. no longer has a virus/trojan, does it?

    The characters used in the following section are fictitious, any resemblance is purely a coincidence

    Hehe… covered your tracks. 😛

    Oh, you do have freedom of speech to speak whatever you want… but then you must assume responsibility of what you’ve said.
    On the following case maybe the calls have been recorded since it was at the PM’s house & yeah he can sued for slander. 🙂

    More on l’express for those who don’t know…


  2. 1 pays en g*g*t sa. etaaa aret zournalist coumsa? pffft, aprE zot pou etonE kan zot pou trouve bon bon dimoune vinn psycopath ou sociopat ou sadik!
    c zot faute meme sa tou sa,

    1 lot pli bez, lessence la inn baisse par 2 roupie meme ki sa??? laba barik sorti form $146 [147] linn vinn mo croire $40 kitsoz, [correct me if am wrong], ici prix la couma dir pann bess 1 ferfoutt sa, couyonn liziE dimoune sa???

    bon mo pa p fer politik la, i hate showing my political colors outside [cozi lovek eeping my neutrality], mais laaaaaaaaa ena bezE la, coumsa do!

    enfin, c bann grand “malin” et economiste kinnn fer sa, alor, me esperE zot pann fann kk ou p kokin.

    btw, pou ena boukou contrat bientot pou massive sound recorders and huge disk space, parseki mo croire gouvernment pou mette bann hidden mike partout, the moment you say something they don’t like, it gets automatically picked and saved on some disks somewhere, you get sued for that… so get ready to drop your pants and show em your ass.. coz you’ll get f*cked all the ways.

    viva l’anarchie et la libertE


  3. Yay for petrol price drop

    1. According to what a legal advisor told a friend of mine, Within WORK premises, it’s OK to record video and audio segments as long as employees know it’s being done

    2. You have the right to record all your INCOMING HOME audio and video. Answering machines are legal for instance.

    3. Usually only STRAIGHT TO tapes videos or audio and film photos are receivable in a court of law

    4. The journalist was brought to police station for interrogation only (unless stated otherwise).

    ref: L’express article

    Court will decide whether this was freedom of speech or insults.


  4. Concerning the price of petrol, I believe the BIG HEADS are still making huge money on the poor’s head. Petrol has considerably dropped in price elsewhere and it took Mauritius months to understand that it should decrease the price..

    Had it been a raise in price, then it would have been active the second itsef…CRAP COUNTRY!!!

    Oh well I was shocked when yesterday Michel told me about the journalist arrested…GOD! HELP THIS COUNTRY! Our PM is B@#$%T!!!

    He thinks he is God and can do whatever he wants…Be aware bloggers..we might get arrested for our views too…who knows!? Remember the RADIO ONE episode…WHERE IS OUR FREEDOM!???

    I believe Mauritians are too lenient when it comes to politicians…

    AND I HATE THE ACTUAL PM because he is such a manipulator….his awful smile always posted on his face sounds like that of a sadist…eeeekkk!!! And his habit of kissing every woman around him in public is simply YUCK!!!

    Please!!! Lets’ hope the new generation will be intelligent enough to kick the politicians where they deserve to be kicked….



  5. Blogger: Veena’s dress is ugly.
    PM: I shall sue you! I picked the dress!
    Blogger: WTF?!

    Journalist X: I dislike your speeches. They lack inspiration.
    PR Staff: You’re not speaking to the PM but to the PR staff.
    Journalist: WTF?! Forward him the message.
    PR Staff: OK.
    …PR Staff: Here’s a message from Journalist X.
    …PM: WTF?! Nobody should disagree with me! Sue him!
    Journalist: Sued?! WTF?!

    VPM: Colonialist!
    PM: *mouth shut*
    LOO: Cat’s Tail!
    VPM: WTF?!
    PM: WTF?!

    I don’t have time to draw comics but that would have been funny.



  6. Its good that the price of petrol and diesel are going down. But will the other things that depends on petrol and diesel go down as well?? For instance, Bus Fare, the #$%^&*() did not hesitate to increase the price when petrol price was rising. Now what? They have to attend a dozens of meeting then decrease it?? ( sasi pa sure)

    Electricity, Soft Drinks. Everything increased because petrol price rose. Now they should decrease. Waiting to see what the government does about this.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`The Journalist~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    I watched the speech myself, and some points the Honorable prime minister raised were totally FALSE! I’l give u just one example and that will b enough, HE SAID THE PRICE OF THE INTERNET DECREASED

    Yes he said it. and i heard it. No mistake about that. I am sure of what i heard. So dear Mauritians… Our Honorable Leader is living really in such ignorance or is he just lying?

    pffff…. sanC internet price in decrease.. MY FOOT!!!


  7. The price of petrol should had been decreased by a larger percentage.
    WoW. I’m now an actor. Carrot, I don’t agree with anything Yashvin wrote. May I use the F word?LoL. This is Mauritius. The PM behaves like god though he is nothing special like a god. God don’t even exist.xD.


  8. [God don’t even exist.xD.] <—–

    @ Tushal:

    And who would i be if not God?


    i have experience a certain sense of pleasure seeing people who venerate that guy get pwned and manipulated by him…. suffer suffer people!


  9. @Shah: Thats too funny 😀 You should really start writing comic ezine lol. 😛

    Btw the petrol price decreased by these few rupees so that nou capav omoin aste 2 gato piment mange lol et em mem temp GRAND MISSIE la li boire ‘la soup” in ‘m*c*ren* powered parties. wlol 😛

    Concerning journalist la… mo penser li ti bizin sou sa et lin al dir kitsoz pabizin. Else if he is innocent and only expressed his views without any foul words then there are the recordings which he can request to proove! The heck… he now got to spend money with a lawyer! Pfff….enfin sakun son tour sa dan MBC….ena ki protege kan MMM o pouvoir et ena ki zot F**** casse kan travaillist o pouvoir.

    C’est notre jolie petite ile!! 😛

    Quatre Bornes Police Chicken Award


  10. No wonders journalists in MU are so biased like this, i.e. tou zafer pass lor ramgoolam m xD

    Where the heck is freedom of speech ? Is this example of democracy ? Even if he sweared to the PM, I believe others would have been wanting to give the same compliment to the PM too :D; so indirectly he served himself as a public instrument to voice out their grievances 😛

    Last, but not least, bane zournalist defi la bzin check sa 1 coute xD


  11. :p eski linn zour premier minis… we have no proves yet.

    this icta thing is being misuse i think. c pas normal ki kan to gagne telefone 1 couyon zour toi li bizin al bez fermE, kan c toi kinn leve telefone la!

    its like you went on irc, some morons is asking you for sex, instead of banning him or blocking him, you just continue on replying him telling him that s/he sucks. the whole system needs to be reviewed.


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