Triolet has a new MCB

Hi everyone…

The work behind this post started since Sunday, the 11th Nov 2008, when big machines were bringing down the old MCB of Triolet.


The day after, on the 12th Nov 2008, the new bank which was already built behind the old one started to work already!


And a few weeks after, the old bank completely dissapeared, giving a new look to the MCB of Triolet.


With this new bank, there are more parking slots, a much nicer view, and modern building…

Cheers for MCB 🙂

Again, for those who haven’t voted yet, please vote for me **, Dakshinee and Dhaneesha for the Mauritius Blogs of Year 2008.

11 thoughts on “Triolet has a new MCB

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  1. I preferred the old MCB…This one looks like nthg….Maybe its bigger and have parking facilities but the old MCB had a certain charm in it…


    Am The 1 Who most suffrered from the demolition of dis Antique Building
    Am The neighbour of the new MCB U Knw??
    I Feel Sooo Bad & Sad dat they’ve demolished dis building.
    I Still Remember Dat day
    i was sleeping in my room
    & Suddenly woke up by the 1st noise made by the JCB when starting to break the 1st pillar of the building..


  3. hmmm…ena imper bez la, ene building carer carer kot bn masson pane fr okaine errer…tou virage 90 degres…ki ena de beauter ladan?
    beauter lies in curves as the old one:p


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