Wonderful rainbow…


Early this morning, while returning from gym (ya, lol, ressi gagne courage pu aller), someone had drawn a magnificient rainbow in the sky.

Very distinct at the start, it faded very rapidly and disapeared after some 30seconds!


I managed to take out my mob to catch this view to share on my blog…

Dont forget to vote me for the Mauritius Blog of the year 2008!

And also a small vote for my sis, Dakshinee, without forgetting to vote for Dhaneesha too…

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7 thoughts on “Wonderful rainbow…

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  1. Nice photos! It has been a while since I last saw a rainbow.

    Something unrelated to this blog entry but … If you know the person who organized this Mauritian blog of the year thing, can you please ask him to read my comment and then remove my blog from the list? I guess that he didn’t notice the part where I made that request. I didn’t find a contact form in his blog. thanks ! πŸ™‚


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