Please update your blogroll!

Hi bloggers…

This post is specially for YOU, all my blogroll members!

After going through my blogroll, I found out that some (about 25) of my blogger friends haven’t updated their blogroll yet and are still pointing towards my old domain.

Dear friends, please update my link please…
You are all sending potential visitors to the wrong address :lol

btw, if some of you are not finding their links among my blogroll items, it is perhaps because you have either never added me to yours, or perhaps you have forgotten to add me πŸ˜›
In this case, do let me know and we will do the necessary on both sides…

Thank you very much for your kind attention…

Cheers for blogging…

Yashvin, pages of my life

15 thoughts on “Please update your blogroll!

Add yours

  1. @Sailesh: It disappeared since you never had my link in urs…
    But its magic, yours had just made its appearance in my blogroll again!
    Thnks for linking back…


  2. 1 kestion… what is the purpose of having les autre so blog links on yours? ( attention ein mo pa p cose sa kestion la messament)


  3. @Avishna: Nice question…
    For several reasons :
    1. Sharing links of ur friends so that visitors may discover them, else how would people know their links?
    2. So that search engines may give a better position in search results (The position is better if u have more links to your site)

    Hope I answered your question…


  4. LOL Eta yashvin, tone panne fer Koch Curve? lol…
    En passant, monne avoye zot mo devoir pou zot aide moi, zotte inne avoye moi ferfoute lol… Mone bizin manze ek sa differ la mo tout seule lol monne reussi gagne 73% seulement πŸ™‚


  5. @RocketScientist (Kunal): lol, ki eter sa? πŸ˜›
    tone gagne 73% si, mone guet question la meme mone fail mwa.
    Deja zotte tous koner mo zero dans maths, dimoune mo pas fouti compter, aster to bane calculs la lol! just imagine!


  6. Mo pou fer to latete fermal encore la :):):)

    (1) Show that the equation of the tangent line to the logarithmic spiral with polar equation r = e^? at the point (e^(?/2) , ?/2) is x + y = e^(?/2).

    (2) Let f : [0,1]X[0,1] -> R be defined by
    f(x,y) = { e^(x^3 – 3x) for 0 <= x <= sqrt(y)
    { 2xsin(?)x^2 for sqrt(y) < x <= 1
    (a) Show that f is integrable on S =[0,1]X[0,1] c R^2. You may use any known theorem/property without the proof, but you have to formulate it.

    (b) Evaluate ??_s f(x,y)dxdy.

    Fer sa deux la pou moi ou sois rode kikaine ki kapav fer sa mo donne toi Rs 500 par paypal toute suite πŸ™‚ Lerla mo update mo blog roll πŸ™‚


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