New channels on MBC/MyT TNT?

Hi all, I may be somewat outdated on MBC TV, but I just discovered that there were 4 new channels on the TNT Package!

Kouma dir mone decouvert lamerik lo map ! TVR (Trappe Ventre Rier)

Then Deepa and Varsha told me that these channels are being broadcasted since some days ago…

They are:

  • Hungama
  • CCTV F
  • Fashion TV
  • Liberty TV

I have now understood why mbc has started a new show called Pepsi Sega Hungama!

They copy even names now!

These 4 channels have been added to the existing 10 channels being offered freely by the MBC…

btw, I would have known that there were new channels added if anyone among the bloggers had writted something about this 😦

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It seems that these channels are available only to myT Users through their TNT Decoder.

These Channels are not from MBC but from Orange myT…

Thnks to Asvin for these info…

These days…

Completely out of subject now πŸ˜›

Yesterday I had a nice time with colleagues and ex uni friends at Suffren & Shooters…

Followed by the small get-together held today at Bassin Canard, Reduit to welcome our dear australian friend Oudaye who is on holidays in Mauritius…

lol, in the picture above, Oudaye and Dhotah are looking if any bus is coming along the way πŸ˜›

Any feedback on the channels added???

34 thoughts on “New channels on MBC/MyT TNT?

Add yours

  1. new channel yes… but useless publicity biased channel!! Get us some new movies, get us some live football!!! then we gna clap hand for ya! those tnt channels are just show off.. at first, new movies were being broadcasted(so that everyone buy that decoder) and now?? wen was the last time anyone you saw a nice bollywood movie on TNT??

    Im not the type of pessimist blogger who finds everything on the world wrong. if you read my blog , you shud’ve noticed that. so wen i say somethign is BAD! I mean it!. mbc tv = useless.

    I hope they get us some GOOD channels to spend some QUALITY TIME in front of the TV.


  2. Same here, I did a scan on the TNT decoder but did not find them. Maybe they were on test for some days before? Anyhow those new channels may not be what most of us were expecting. This might be the moment I make a move to having a pay sat. service for something more entertaining.


  3. @s4ndeep: Perfectly true, loads of these channels are useless (for me)
    btw, ur style of blogging is a bit like mine!

    @Alisha: My pleasure! Keep tuned to my blog !

    @Tushal: To ena raison parfois πŸ˜›

    @Mike, @Carrot: Seems strange, since we didnt do any scan at home.
    Perhaps this may help : My decoder is the Orange TNT Box…


  4. @Yashvin
    OMFG! The Orange decoder…

    Never works me… I need a *perfect* quality signal to make that work.

    Anyway, dunno where it is… I’ll have to dig it up. & it’s definitely crapper than those separate set-top boxes coz you have to keep your livebox ON! 😦


  5. Rule 1..I’m always right.
    Rule 2..If I’m wrong, refer to rule 1.
    xD pe rode tap mwa! !LoL
    pa faire comsa..taler mo mort la..xD

    sinon tou krk?travail?
    Rajiv pe prnd to place..ena jour li pe vin lakaze 01.00..^_^

    hope mwa mo pa vin comsa tard..LoL..
    Sinon to kone dimoune ki rent loto?coz kot sa place mwa mo abitier prnd loto la..dimoune la un peu…in……..beser..bsn rode lot place..
    Preferance ban loto lancer glx..or ban ti loto imbecil la..coz mo pa pou rentrer meme dan sa ban ti loto la..LoL


  6. @ yashvin
    >>btw, ur style of blogging is a bit like mine!<>Never works me… I need a *perfect* quality signal to make that work.<<

    my myT decoder works perfect even with a weak signal.( i know that coz i can compare it with the analogue signal simply by switching channels. mem si analogue la p brouiller, TNT crystal clean.)

    and u dont need your livebox ON for watching TNT. Thats only for VOD. the myT TNT is quite awesme for something *free*!!

    Rock ON!!


  7. @Asvin Balloo: Oh! Tnks Asvin for informing us! You are the right person to give us more details about this πŸ˜€
    Any more info that can be leaked out? lol

    @ALL : I can conclude that you will receive the channels only with the myT TNT decoder…


  8. Asvin/Yashvin, Thanks for the update on those channels. We had heard mentioned that the MBC was planning new TNT channels for the end of year festivities. However, no confirmation as yet, maybe we will hear during the first half of December.


  9. @cm6, did u run the scan at least? and would you reveal your location on the mru map please? mayB that could be a major factor, I live in port louis and i get a visual of the Montage signaux and MT radar colons(lol). so obviously if i can see these from my location, the signal should be quite reliable.

    mayB your location is the problem


  10. yo,

    thxs for the update, did nt know about any new channels, anyways, i dont have tnt nor myt but new channels could make me want to buy a decoder…if they are worth it that is.


  11. @s4ndeep
    I live like 300-500m North of Yashvin’s house! πŸ˜›

    I’ve got LOS from Mt. Signal with almost no obstacles. Maybe I should hoist my antenna slightly higher & replace the old cables… πŸ™‚


  12. Hi Yashvin,
    Except for liberty tv with some documentaries and also CCTV, the other two are pure nonsense. Fashion TV contains lots of nudity and should be banned. MBC should have been responsible enough not to broadcast any junk channels they get rights to diffuse. This channel is not good for the society and neither for the kids. Personally, i have locked fashion tv, so that at least the kids in my house are not exposed to it and hence keep their moral values.


  13. I seem to remember having Liberty TV on my cable tv back in Brussels. I believe it is run by a Belgium/France EU based tour operator which shows nice holiday clips/docs on different countries. Just one of those free channels with continuous tour docs.


  14. “Fashion TV contains lots of nudity and should be banned.”

    I stopped reading after that. Some people still lives in Ice Age.
    No offense.I guess some people are still reluctant to talk about sex and its issues.

    **I will get flamed after this comment**
    ***Bring it on***


  15. Will there be any change in those 16 channels? There is no sport channel. There is only orange sport info which VIRE TOURNE MEME ZAFER!!! I have recently visited orange website, it has three sports channels namely 1. orange sport info 2. orange sport event1 (which broadcast football) 3. orange sport event2. I hope mauritius telecom will re-arrange these channels!!!!!!


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