Winning an award & LOL equivalent in creole

Winner of a mauritian blog competition

I was awarded the EMPEROR BLOGGER AWARD organised by IslandCrisis where mauritian bloggers were required to vote for the best mauritian blogger 🙂


I wish to thank all the blogger friends for voting me 🙂

Special award to Avinash Meetoo, for  “being one of the earliest Mauritian Blogger still blogging.”

For anyone interested, you may read this post where nearly 2 yrs back, some of the local bloggers met for the first official meeting

Our topic of discussion…

So, lets start…

I have just been reading a post written by Kailash, about some people who (I quote)

Mo pas conner si sa arrive zots souvent, mais moi boucou fois kan mo coz ek certains dimounes en creole zots repone moi en francais

Its so true!

As Linzy Bacbotte rightly says in her sega “Reprend mo mari anglais”, some people “declare plis ki anglais” and this applies to french also…

Talk in creole with them, they will reply to you in french, as if they dont know creole.

“Tu sais, hier j’etais blabla bla bla bla bla”

Please note that here I am not talking about official conversations etc, but rather when you talk with somebody else about a subject which has nothing to do with work, or any official matter.

While replying to this post, I realized that we didn’t have any creole equivalent for the famous “LOL“.

So, why don’t we come with something ourselves?

I was thinking about TRR, which stands for “Touffer r rier

Suggestions are the most welcomed!

31 thoughts on “Winning an award & LOL equivalent in creole

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  1. LMAO..I love it the way people replies to you when you talk to them in creole..or specially those students who talk “French” as if they can’t speak creole when they are in buses, bus station and so on..

    “French”–>because they talk mixture of French and creole..

    ban kone tou..TRR


  2. P profit impe pu comment. Conektion nomad la in ok..dnt know for how long wlol. It took 15 minutes just pu open sa page la. Nomad indeed!

    So I was saying…read plutot.

    21.11.2008 – 16:15 – CNT Bus Route 141

    Girl in red: Ayo laisse moi te dir uncout tu conai sa garcon ki dan mon class la hein…ayo keske ZEVAI TAI dir?r”

    Girl in white: “Kin arive li enkor? Li p re propose toi?”

    Girl in red: “Ayoo…tu conai pa toi mai la merde lin REU propOOze moi OUjOrdui! Il ma mem donee un piti cado… regard je temontre.. C UNE LA CROIX (ps:she meant a chain having a cross)

    Enfin…. UNE LA CROIX hein!!! Indeed we have special french in mauritius.


  3. Hmm… I will first of all congratulate Yashvin!

    (Standing ovation for my mentor in blogging,,,)

    BUT I have to add that I speak french all the time with mu husband (real good french by d way) and it’s no mean to show off people…when we talk to each other we are in our own world and I simply don’t bother about what others think…

    Normal when others speak creole with me am gonna answer in creole…like my parents….


  4. @Tushal: En plus, si to guet bien, c plutot bane etudiants ki faire koume sa

    @melissa: TRR!

    @Kurt Avish: Une La Croix, MDR!

    @Deepa: 🙂

    @Reena DKL: Thnks for taking me as mentor TRR!
    Well, I dont regret having mentioned that this post is rather for people who dont know how to reply in creole 😛


  5. “”Well, I dont regret having mentioned that this post is rather for people who dont know how to reply in creole “””

    :p Yashvin si to lire to bane lezot blog bien to pu remarker ki mo ine deza ekrir en creol…c zis ki mo langue preferé c anglais e ki mo extra contan lire, ekrir e coz li…

    Si mo coz français ek mo mari c parski nu ok ek li…li help nu dan nu ek sa bane blanc cassé dan so travail la… moi ek mo bane clients…

    Voila :p

    En passant, mo prefer pa coz Creole si mo ena pu ale dir ‘DUMONE’ au lieu dir dimoune…TRR!!( HEIN MONE MEM servi to TRR…hope li marser!)


  6. Following up with what Deepa Said,

    i speak in french most of the time at work, (being offshore and all ) its is MUST. sinon zot risker pa comprend toi…. ti vois la ein?

    mai generalement kan cose creole r moi mo repone en creole.

    foder pa blier si dimoune ecrire en creole, mari bez pu alle lire sa coz li compliker pu lire.

    n then we should not forget that we were colonised both by french and les anglais, donc li pu dan nos meurs de converser en francais et anglais… o faite on est 1 pays rare ki francophone et c pour sa ena business fer morice juste parske nous conne cose le francais.ti vois la ein?

    suggestions pu LOL c RTT= Rie Toi Ta ( ki est tres creole creole )

    lolly yours,



  7. The other way now…

    How about asking someone a question in english or french and that person replies you in creole.

    Are we going to “evliize” that also???

    I believe it’s all about “Attitude” rather than language only. If i ask someone a question in french and he replies me in “creole” or “english” in a very polite and respectful way, i think i just won’t mind…

    My opinion..



  8. @Hans: haha, new entry in the list of suggestions, thnks!

    @s4ndeep: TVR! wi, literally its RFF, mais mo penser ki TVR is still the best till now, isnt it?

    @Ritesh : Merci!


  9. what’s next….? 1 cou mone pense to lol equivalent quand ti p al uni dans bis…and i thought : pou signal som1 that we will talk on the phone, nou met pousse cot zoreil et oriculaire cote la bouche….that was since the old days. Aster ena voice-video tousa lor internet. Maybe bizin develop 1 sign language equivalent pou sa si non?


  10. Maybe for ROFL we could use Corder r rier I know it is not what you expected but we can’t translate literally like this TVR

    I can’t translate the other words because of the word ” ASS” in it

    We got a kid audience here 😛


  11. Bein mem twa to po coz 1 creole parfait
    la plupart bn seki pran zot pou trop anti-francais la, zot mem zot txt en 1 anglais creoliser

    lor la kan to koz en francais ou txt en francais, zot repon twa en creol ou anglais

    kan mem, po tout etudiant dclarE, ena mem cav montrE zot prof francais…

    et wai, si to 1 fam et to coz francais r 1 zom, ala to geT bnla commence draG r toi
    zis dman bn ceki travail cm teleoperatrice…(wei en creol: bn fam repon to cal la)

    bn sak1 so choix ki li servi…cav francais plus classe


  12. mo pas pe coner si mo besoin ekrir lol ou bien lmao ou sa trr la :p coz ur post just made me laugh big time :D:D:D:D:D ill stick to lil emoticons :p


  13. ive just thought of one PRF= pe rire fort :S LOL=laughing out loud so its literal translation in creole wud be that right? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


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